Friday, December 17, 2004

The sub-conscious is an amazing thing.

Sorry forgot to post this in last post.
An experience I had recently really gives me more incentive for an augmented reality with brain integration. Anyway what happened was that one of our clients had a problem with processes running on one of their linux servers, it was retired anyway, so no loss just unplug it from the network to stop the follow-on issues that were beginning to happen. But I had thought afterwards that I should have checked it out. But it was shell only and my theory is if it has a gui you may as well use it, not really the best theory especially with linux.
Anyway not that night but the next, I had a dream. I was back in the server room, standing in front of the same dreaded server, it was on, logged in, and at the bash prompt.
I leant into the keyboard and typed 3 characters "top". WTF I thought to myself, I hit enter and a stream of text filled the screen, it was the running processes, then I switched to a different dream (I'll put 'em in my dream diary promise), the point though is that this is the command I ran the very next day, rather suspicious if it would do anything, and low and behold it worked, did I mention I was suspicious if it would so I actually ran it on one of my home servers first :P
Amazing stuff really, I tracked down were I had read it months earlier in a bash command list I was skimming over to find some other command I must have read it there, needless to say I will never forget it now.
Yes Cameron if you're reading I cust sick with BASH. At least I actually know what that means now. I am a bourne again linux
But seriously, people ask me all the time now. Is linux really better than windows, or blanket statements like "it is more stable"... it isn't, it is free... umm it probably has more crashes than windows nowadays, but did I mention it is free, yeah sure as a server that never get touched or upgraded it is as stable as a rock, but so would windows be, except that some script kiddie would find the gaping hole that has been left open in an unpatched windows, sooner than he would find the gaping hole left open in an unpatched linux system.
It is the same debate with, wel firefox is better than Internet Explorer, umm, not really, they are both free, firefox isn't as susceptible to spyware due to it being simply not as popular, when linux becomes as popular as windows now is, there will be as many if not more viruses and spyware out there for it, and as many holes found, and I will switch to BSD, or BeOS who no-one uses :P
Peace out all.

Thursday, December 16, 2004

We're all living in Amerika

Zlatko and I used to joke/partly hope(except for the guns) when we were in high-school that Australia was the 51st state of America, today it has been emphasised by a comment made by George W the 3rd aka our leader, little Johnny Howard and I quote "Australia isn't going to sign the kyoto agreement, because America didn't" WTF. Now I agree the kyoto agreement probably isn't strict enough, but it is a start.
It is a bit of a scare tactic but I happened upon a site that tells you how many planet earth's would be required if everyone lived like you. I used to be jokingly proud of my 3.5 earth's required for me, but it isn't sustainable people.
I suppose I am geek with hippy blood, hence the reason I really can't stand seeing pc's thrown out (all that lead & mercury) and when I can afford it I am going to replace my gas guzzler with electric or compressed air powered vehicles.
Oh for those who don't know I started going to UNSW gamers a while back and I was determined to bring a game everyone could enjoy, I never managed to get solarquest or cluedo out of the car, they seemed to puerile, and were missing pieces so no point. Instead I decided to make a deck of Hot Death Uno cards, so I did, we have since had some glorious games, I added some cards as I felt the need for more special cards, and at a family do this weekend we had lots of fun testing these new cards...till 2am, very much fun, thanks goes out to all the Hot death Uno People and to Zlatko who thought of a Majority of the new cards, as well as the willing testers; Matthew, Leanne, Anthea, Michael. My Rules are here. I found that just writing on the cards is much better than the methods described at the hot death site, except for the fact that my writing is illegible and disgusting, aren't you glad my blog is typed :P
Peace out all.

Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Do not disturb

Why must people enforce their idiotic views on other people? I suppose it makes them feel justified.
The reason for my outrage? See I like to listen to music when I am out and about especially while on the train, that and my sunnies help me to slip into my own little happy place, a refuge from the high (it seems higher every day) proportion of idiots and arseholes in the populace. See I take my sunnies off when appropriate or I have need of interacting with one of the populace, count yourself favoured if both my sunnies and headphones are off.
But I am getting annoyed with people telling me to turn my music down. What right do they have, I have taken them out of my ears and listened to the low static that is the only audible noise coming from the headphones, what gives? I feel like replying back well I wasn't going to say anything but your morbid ugliness is disturbing me, so quit it... No I would never say this it is mean, but I am going to find something annoying about them to point out why they should STFU.
I don't intrude on their world they shouldn't on mine.
While I am on my gripes I am thinking of making a page for all the Storey's out there in the world to have as their own, I have been thinking of this for a while and I know on my little page on there I am going to have a little piece similar to the start of Amelie (my favourite movie of at present) saying what I hate, and what I love doing.
(Start french accent, or just french itself) He 'ates it when people decide to stop in an exit entry or in the path of everyone (picture of two fat ladies I saw at the train station today who decided the top of the stairs at the busiest train station in Australia during peak hour today to have a chat), he 'ates it when people stand still on escalators blocking the path of every one behind (keep left people). He loves to run down escalators taking two steps at a time, he loves gadgets all of them. Heheh I can see it now.
Oh yeah last post I said to check here about a rant I was going to do on kenises, specifically I think technokinises, the ability to affect technology with ones mind, I think alot of us have this to some degree, I think the ones who know how to use it on a subconscious level are the ones that go into IT and actually enjoy it, like me :P
No I am serious I went to this customers and this has happened several times (I can hear Zlatko saying yes and there are several times when it hasn't happened and you have had to spend time fixing the problem) I get there a problem they have had for weeks vanishes as I sit infront of the infected pc, and then it is fine for days sometimes even weeks. I have seen others who have the negative version too, they are the unfortunate people who will never want a pc at home, cause they seem to just die around them.
Oh I have started a moblog of sorts, too lazy to list them so just click this link, or the one I should be putting on the left eventually, it isn't much at present just directory listing, I'll set it up in php so i can put comments etc.
Well that's it from me, 90% of this post was done on my PDA in the heat of the moment, after being told to turn my music down...
Peace out all, even those with super sensitive hearing, who are rude enough to disturb someone sitting there being as un-imposing as possible.

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Haven't blog in a long time

This one is going to be a long one, as so much has happened.
Were does one start... at the beginning I suppose. I am writing this on the train on my new work supplied pda an iPAQ 3870. Funky, but ppc is so slow compared too palm. But has some funky freeware apps.
It is easier to write it on here and upload it later.
So what has happened since my last post... well one major thing was Fiona's birthday, which was awesome go checkout the pics of a Bear (my childhood nickname) feeding a bear. See we went to Canberra zoo.
We had fun getting there too, I had had my car serviced by the fine people at Jim Wall Automotive in Mittagong (shameless plug, also maybe this will prompt them to put up a website address here Jim Wall Automotive/Mittagong Brake Centre 51-59 Hume Hwy, MITTAGONG, NSW, 2575 Phone: 4871 2940 ) so I didn't think my car would be the issue. But I think you would have needed at least a level 9 mechanokineses(speaking of kineses check my next entry)to find/fix this problem, for all you comic book geeks I doubt even forge himself could have :P
So anyway coming back from that slight askew, we headed out a little late as in my excited rush I ran down the stairs at town hall deciding it might be a good idea to take three steps at once I usually take two... my foot landed oddly and I hobbled onto the train, I managed to get a seat and the guy next to me asked what happened, my mp3 players batteries had just died so I was able to reply, he replied back saying to treat a twisted ankle it was best to in the first 4 hours ice it for 15 minutes on then 15 minutes off, I thought that might be difficult with our imminent 3+ hour trip to Canberra, it ended up pretty easy, Fiona had already got most of our stuff ready so while I played the council worker (directing somebody else’s work) and iced my foot for 15minutes, then when that was up I got dressed did another 15minutes of ice, then we left, on the way buying a bag of ice to follow the aforementioned procedure.
We decided we would stop at Hungry Jacks on the way we tried to stop at where I thought Hungry Jacks was, it wasn't there, but we decided to go into the petrol station to check the water and tyres, Fiona wanted to get out and help, but her door wouldn't open. We had, had this problem earlier in the trip and had, had to wind down the window and use the key at the same time as trying to unlock it from inside, it eventually worked when I walked around and helped, as soon as it opened there was a click sound, and the door would no longer shut. Ahhh try as we both did even borrowing a screwdriver from the petrol station to try and pry the mechanism free, this didn't work, and we call NRMA (No real mechanic available, I am told is what it stands for :P) and this guy who happened to be from the southern highlands, and talk with a Scottish accent which I though was a classic, came and fixed it, but now it won't open, ah well.
We headed back on the way to Canberra, we eventually found Hungry Jacks but it had closed 10 minutes earlier, ffs, back on the road again, heading to Canberra, we found our room, which was supposed to be a luxurious 4 star hotel... it may have been 4 star in the 60's but has dated since then, the spa barely worked, and everything had a sleazy feel to it.
Ah well, we slept pretty heavily after such a busy day, then woke up early to get ready for the zoo and our ramble around Canberra. I put some ice on as my leg was still hurting, we had forgotten to charge the camera battery so we stalled the hotel staff by faking checking out, then saying "oops we forgot something in the room"... hehehe.
Then we went to a new mall in civic, it is huge, very surprising to see this in Canberra... we had some really nummy sandwiches, and sat watching the strange people of, that Mall must have had some cash too, in their food court they had about five 42" plasma displays, nice... damn public servants with their disposable income.
We then left the odd mall(they had a candle shop ffs,, candle meet light bulb, light bulb candle). Deciding that we would drive around Canberra a bit, it is something that still rings true I used to know some rovers who said Canberra driving is you can see where you want to go but can't get there, and I added to this, Wollongong driving is where you can't see where you want to get to, but you can get there, and Sydney driving you can't see where you want to go and you can't get there.
So anyway we had to literally drive around in circles till we found were the houses that Fiona had lived in, we took some Photos, one had been unfortunately lost during the Canberra bush fires, the other had survived.
We then drove back to Canberra to visit a museum possibly, we eventually got to a funky looking building that was new, that's built on the foreshores of lake Burly (sp?) Griffin it looked very cool but I realised when I got there that I wanted to save my leg and money for the zoo, the whole point of the trip.
We decided to head for the zoo.
We got there, but only after calling for directions...
The tour didn't start till 3pm so we had some time to have a little look around, we didn't get much past the aquarium section, especially watching the sharks quickly devour rather large fish.
When we did finally break our attention away from them we only had a little over an hour to look through the rest of the park before our tour. I knew the tour wouldn't cover all of the park so I wanted to look around anyway. We had a pretty quick look around actually missing a lot of the animals that we missed on the tour...ah well.
We came back to the meeting point to wait to meet our zoo member and also pickup our camera batteries that they were thankfully charging for us.
Eventually another couple showed up who where doing the tour as well, it ended up being just the four of us too which was good.
First it was down to the otters, which we had already seen but had been much more placid earlier, I suppose cause they knew they were going to be fed... But they bounded up to the small wall we were standing behind and stood up, I am going to put this and some photos in my Jaunts section promise.
Then we went up a little bit then down into the Sun bear feeding chamber, she told us Sun Bears are actually the most vicious of all the bears even though or despite being so small and cute looking (except when walking, it hunches over like a bulldog), we fed it using a fork which was very cool.
Then it was down to feed some Horsie looking creatures, except they had straight antlers, can't remember their names, but they were pretty cool, the tour guide said they are actually pretty tame but the reason they don't allow people in there is they are unco, and may accidentally clip you with one of their sharp antlers when trying to get food from you. She said these ones were just babies, they were as big as a horse with antlers that were about 40cm long, she said they can grow to about 7/8ft at the shoulder and their antlers can grow to 1m in length... yikes.
We then were shown were to walk on the path as we were about to pass the predator cages.
First we went past the Lions, it was a nice sunny day and as cats they were having a bit of a snooze in the sun, the guide explained as she tried to call them over that this is just really a snack for them, as they eat a whole carcass every day it takes them about 15minutes to finish it, damn I am hopping it was just a sheep and not a cow cause that'd be scary. The two males in the enclosure she explained where the sons of the one that was now slowly walking over to us, she explained further that she used to play with them when they were cubs but no one can go in there now as it is there territory.
She showed us how to hold the pieces of chicken in the tongs so we could feed the Lions, and told us not to make them stand up too high as they can get their claws caught in the fence which would not be good. We all had a go at feeding them I went first, and the lioness leapt up to the height that where I had put the food (boneless chicken necks) through the fence, grabbed it and flicked her head back swallowing at the same time. Then one of the other people on the tour had a go then Fiona, by this stage I think the Lioness was full, and her sons were still over in the middle of the enclosure having a snooze, one rolled on its back very catlike. So anyway Fiona put the piece of meat through the fence at about the same height I had the Lioness by this stage had lay down, looked up at it with disinterest and then looked back down to the horizon, Fiona moved the meat to halfway meaning the Lioness would still have to get up, not even a response this time, I was joking in the background saying we could probably run through their basting ourselves in BBQ sauce and we'd be right. Fiona gave in and put the meat right in front of the Lionesses face, who leaned forward and snapped it up.
Then it was onto the Tigons, a half Lion half Tiger mix, that had happened accidentally at a circus 20 years ago. Tigons as explained to us are where the Lion is the mother, Ligers are where the Lion is the Father (or have I got this the wrong way round, no don't worry googled it I was right). The guide also said they don't happen in the wild, I am sure I have read of one that was discovered in the wild...(See here, although not likely that they existed in the wild, it does say they might have as reports match).
That site also has the li-ligers as they call them, or as the guide advised us a liger/tigon female is fertile (the male is not) and if a liger/tigon female mates with a full on lion the cubs will be li-ligers (which if then goes on to mate with another Lion) and there cubs will be li-li-ligers and their cubs will be just lions… interesting, I wonder what happens if it is Tigers all the way or tiger then lion, tiger then lion and so on, would it just stay a liger…hmm ah it’d be fun to play God you gotta admit… wrong but fun.
Another interesting fact is that Tigons are multi-lingual, they speak tiger and lion, interesting.
Then after the Tigons we walked back the way we came and up to the top of the park to visit the Cheetahs, who were by far the laziest not wanting to get up, eventually they did, still my second favourite land animal (after bears of course), we actually got to pat them through the fence which was awesome. We learnt some interesting facts, like cheetahs don’t growl they only pur, and when they do it loudly it sounds like a bird chirp, that they can increase in speed from 0-100km/h in about 2.5seconds, which would beat the worlds fastest supercar off the line (yes even the quad turbo 16-cylinder Bugatti Veryon).
We joked in our group that them next to the kangaroo paddock is interesting, I said they would probably sit there thinking hmm that’s looks tasty then the kangaroo gets up and they would think F$%^ that…
From the Cheetah enclosure we moved on to the Dingo enclosure, which we actually entered, as dingos are pretty passive, we could pat them etc, they are also a lot clean as they are somewhat like cats in that they clean themselves, they also will only eat the best meat.
Then from there we walk down almost to the other side of the park to see the Bengal tigers. Unfortunately their enclosure was being repaired (the animals are solitary and male and female will attack each other except during the mating season so they are kept separate) so they were in their tiger dens, we went in to feed them, the tiger in the first den was a little bit disturbed so the guide wouldn’t let us in. We walked down the stairs to the other den, and were told to keep right up against the wall, the tiger was pacing, like you have probably seen in movies, it was huge. We fed it, like the other big cats, only this one was bigger. When it leapt up against the wire I would have sworn at full height it would have been around 8.5ft tall.
When Fiona went to feed it yawned, of course a yawn by a large tiger in a confined space sounds like the world is tumbling down around you so of course Fiona jumped a little bit :P
It was a very impressive animal, huge.
Then we walked back to near the entrance, and to the European brown bear enclosure, now they are big. The big one Brutus weighed 500kg… we had a goop put on our fingers that they like to lick off, and they did, there is an awesome picture were the guide stood up at her full height with the tub of goop held over her head at her full arms length standing on a step on tippy toes and the bear still towered over her licking the tub clean.
All in all it was an awesome day, and I would highly recommend it, I hope I didn’t spoil the surprise too much for too many. But I hope I give a vivid picture to those who wouldn’t be able to go.
Other things that have happened since last post, after long deliberations I am switching to Linux, sure I started writing this on notes on a windows pda, and now I write it on word 2003, but it is at work, I have Linux as my main pc at home and am going to switch over an old laptop I picked up. Gotta update my pc section too as I scored some antique hardware from work.
I also got my dream phone, and Fiona got the same phone a Sony-ericsson Z1010 it rocks, only a couple little niggling sucky things the external camera is in a bad spot, your hand covers it, and the memory card is only duo not duo pro so no 1gb cards :(, also there is no random on the music player which is a bit sucky.
Oh well finally I posted, off to a clients now
Peace out all.

Friday, September 03, 2004

Is this the future of television

I know 2 posts in one day, but this is a quicky... just saw the interruption of regular broadcasting... Bourkes, with a quick CNN interruption seems gun fighting has broken out in the school in Russia that was taken hostage (wasn't that like at the start of the week, if it had been any other country the SAS or swat would have hauled in there and kicked butt... maybe russia are smarter and don't want the massive child casualties associated with that) anyway, you have probably all seen the news reports on several sites that is not the detail I was interested in, the CNN reporter looked like he was being filmed by either a webcam or a 3g phone, now either of these are relatively new so my question is, is this how news is now going to be cheaply recorded, some reported holding his new 3g phone send video over ip to his news station... is this really wise, like I mean I knew it was a reporter but without sound I would have thought eww impressionist film interesting... or another ad for 3...
I hope the kids and the special forces and even the terrorists over there are ok.
Peace out all.

Naughty Morgan, Naughty Morgan....

Haven't posted in ages, sorry all my fans....hahahahah there is only one I know of...
Anyway I should post Zlatko has a new journal that is updated... I was, I am not mentioned there yet but he has only had 3 posts... check it out here.
Now onto the main part of the post. I have settled into my new job pretty well, connecting to servers all over the country and even other parts of the world, though the latency sux... I also scored a red router and hardware firewall that was going to be chucked... sweeet, I am so the networking junky, but I haven't even powered it up in a week I have been to busy, good busy though, I love playing with servers and computers so it is all good. I have also been playing with my home server, now have a vpn and have narrowed down what I thought was a network setup issue but was in fact a crappy built-in Network card in kitt...ffs I hate HP laptops...
Surprisingly after 4 weeks of peak-hour train travel I have only blue-jacked 3 people.... obviously not trying hard enough :P
Oh yeah remember earlier, possibly last post I said google is god... well I can see why I am one of the chosen people from this site. Basically it archives websites, it has been archiving since I purchased it in 2001...damn, oh you gotta go to that site and do a search of hotmail see the first link their back in 1996 that is when I originally signed up back when they had a measly 500,000 customers and weren't owned by the microsoft jugernaut... ahh memories...
Going to post more regularly I promise, I am only doing this one cause Fiona wanted a post, so I decided not to disappoint and made one just before I left work...
Peace out all.

Tuesday, July 27, 2004

So long and thanks for all the fish

I am leaving optus, I suppose I should mention that before I actually go, it has been a while since I have posted, I haven't really felt like it but I feel I should post below is a post I was going to post weeks ago that I had emailed home then back to work to do more work on it.
I got a new job, I am going to be doing what I have always wanted to do and is befitting of my geekiness, network support... W00t, damn I am happy, a bit sad that I won't be working with Fiona any more but it is a step into my carrier that I want to take.
I updated my honeymoon blog a little more, more to come. You'll just have to scroll down to it :P

Google is GOD...of the internet.

If google is God of the internet then I think I am one of his chosen people, I am on my way to the Geek promise land where internet access is free, and everything is governed by the
But seriously I was looking through my server logs and through the extreme tracking thingy on the side of this page and it shows how often people search weird and wonderful (and freaky) things in google and other lesser gods (if you can call them that) like ninemsn and altavista and manage to get to my site. People have searched everything from homemade fan controller, and backyard basketball ring to something about sticking a tongue where it shouldn't be (wtf?).
On another and more sane note, more pictures have been added to the honeymoon, and I have added more to the wedding/honeymoon blog entry as well.
Peace out all.

Friday, May 14, 2004

Happy Birzdays too me

Suppose I'd better blog that I am having a good birthday still in the Whitsundays, had a good day went para-sailing that was awesome and scary at the same time, I think Fiona put it best saying "Part of me wants to stay up here forever another part wants them to bring us down". Then we went on the jet ski, 900cc's, about 100hp of grunt, goddamn they go fast and have good acceleration I got it up to 73km/h which may not seem like much but when your in something that little on even slightly wavy (the waves were about 20cm high) water it seems a lot quicker... I want one, Fiona had a go to, and after doing her wifley duty telling me not to go to fast, she went about 73 too :|
Fun though, then I could make fun of her later :P
Doing this from a webcafe in Airlie Beach, had thirty minutes left from when we came in the other day to check our email and transfer some money to our card account, so I better go.
Oh yeah the post bellow will be slowly updated till it is up to date of our honeymoon, all the pictures we took should eventually be put in the folder too, at present they're in the wrong directory, you need to look under misc.*correction I moved them VNC is a wonderful thing, they are now in the reefworld directory
Peace out all.

Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Well I promised so many people a blog entry and I am sorry to disappoint and make this so late, been so busy had little time on the computer where alone.

Wedding blog

The wedding day started out nice Fiona and I got up early, I could barely sleep, but I had 5 hours, can't complain. I'd stayed up late doing the finishing touches on my speech.
I had my pills, guarana to keep me awake, actifed cc, to keep my cold at bay, and some panadol to sooth the head and stomach.
Fiona and I spent some time together having breakfast, which we rarely have but decided to on this day so we wouldn't pass out with all the stress and standing up. Then we got the fatal call, something always goes wrong, Stefan's plain had been delayed and Mum and I had to make alternate arrangements to get me to the boat on time.
We had a shower and I got dressed to go over to Mums to get into my suit.
I did my hair then Sharon, Fiona's hairdresser arrived to do her hair, I got her to put some hairspray on me, and I got the stuff ready for when Mum got there. I waited on the computer, doing some housework on it so the server would keep going till we got back from our honeymoon, meanwhile Fiona was getting her hair done, hence me being told to stay put in the computer room.
I called the flower people as they were supposed to be there at 9 and running late, the courier was stuck in traffic, and I waited.
Impatiently I said I would get the stuff ready to go and wait for the flowers as the courier was only minutes away now according to the Roses only, I waited outside, then the flower man came and I helped him unload, passing the Flowers off to Marion for checking before I got the ones I had to take into the box of stuff I had to take.
I called Mum to check where she was, the impatience now starting to show, she was only a block away so I started moving the stuff out the door, Fiona was now either getting the Finishing touches on her hair done, or was now onto her make-up I don't know because I didn't want to see her till the moment she walked on the boat, so as I went inside to get the last of the stuff I averted my head, we packed mums car with the chocolate, flowers, cake, bubbles, speeches, guestbook, foxy and bear and my suit.
We raced over to Mums place, where Stefan had just arrived, and so Had Anthea and Michael. I raced in with the chocolates in my hand as the sun was shining on them, I put them down and Anthea handed me my suit, I was then directed by Mum to get changed in her room. I had one last trip to the toilet as a single (but engaged) man and got dressed.
I walked out and showed everyone they said I looked nice, thanking them I said we had to go, Mum wanted a photo first in their garden, I obliged, and we jumped in the car and headed for the boat.
I got a call from Dad on the way on his new mobile, saying that the boat had just pulled up, this helped my impatience along nicely.
I asked Mum to go faster, she of course did not want to be pulled over but we soon got there.
I jumped out and Matthew helped me inside with the stuff, then I handed out the corsages to Mum and Nanna, and the button holes to Dad, Poppa Bear and one for myself.
I hopped on board and arranged some stuff, Anthea offered to handout the bubbles and tell people to sign the guestbook, I thanked her as I still had so much to arrange and had to help Warwick (Fiona's cousin) point out who was who so that he knew who to photograph.
Fiona's grandmother turned up and I gave her, her corsage (I was stressing that I had too many, and that Fiona and Marion where one short, but it worked out ok) and handed her the scarf for the hand tying ceremony we were going to have.
Is everyone on board felicity from the boat company (skippers afloat) asked. I said yes, and the boat left the wharf.
Mum came up to me and asked me where Fiona was I said I wasn't going to tell her, several other people asked I didn't tell any of them, some speculated she was already on the boat, was going to arrive via helicopter, speedboat, jetski, parachute, and the correct answer via water taxi. Others speculated teasing me saying that she had chickened out and got cold feet, I said meh we'll just have a fun day then.
I then spoke to the captain about how we were going to do the music, I had burnt some tracks we had and put spaces in between bits, I told him when there was a space to pause it, then to press play when we went over to do the registry.
The boat had got into towles bay, picked up a mooring and spun around so the sun was in the right spot.
I saw the water taxi probably before most people on the boat. I looked over at the captain who pressed play on the wedding music I had arranged, then realised I still had a Vicks vapo-drop in my mouth I turned and threw it over the stern of the boat, the water taxi pulled alongside and the music started.
Then I saw Fiona dressed in her beautiful pale blue dress that I had not seen till this point, the whole outfit was amazing. Tiara, necklace, bracelet, make-up and hair, I was so happy.
She walked up to where myself and the celebrant John Hill were standing arm in arm with her brother Bill.
She looked so radiant and beautiful. John grabbed her and Bills intertwined hands and put her hand into mine, I felt so full of joy and love.
John told us what he was going to do then let Bill sit down.
Fiona was shaking, so was I, we were both nervous and a little light headed with all the preparations.
He read some things as an introduction that we had picked out, while he was doing this I realised I still had the engagement ring on that Fiona had given me I put my hand in my pocket and removed it making it look like I was going to get my hanky as my nose was dripping. Then John Hill asked who had brought this woman to be married to this man, Marion stood up and faced everyone and said I do.
We said our vows, Fiona saying I do and myself saying I do, I was already getting choked up at this stage.
Then came my brothers reading, which choked me up a little further. I thanked him with my croaky voice before he sat down.
Then came our little verses that we were going to say to each other, I really let lose at this point, I could barely finish the verse, and my nose had started to run again which really didn't help how I was sounding.
Then John had us read after him the words to the exchanging of rings that I had wrote. I cried a little, but I was so choked up, and I felt my love for Fiona being expressed in the words.
Fiona at this point in time came in and gave me a hug, I apologised for being so weepy, and we broke again.
Then came Marks reading, which made me cry a little more. I thanked him as well as he sat back down.
John Hill asked if Beryl could come forward, he then explained the significance and the ritual of the tying of the hands that we had chosen, very similar to hand binding, which was done in medieval times.
We went through the ritual then John said that we were man and wife, and we may now kiss, I leaned over and met Fiona and kissed, and hugged for a moment, I cried a little tears of joy onto her shoulder.
Then we were directed over to where we signed the registry, and signed our wedding certificate. We posed for a few photos and then we got up, John presented us to the congregation, and the music that I had picked for the recessional began playing (the blue Danube, we had to be geeky it is from 2001:A space odyssey and Elite). As we walked back down the isle, hand in hand, Anthea prompted to everyone to start blowing bubbles, they were everywhere it was beautiful, Fiona paused at one stage as she didn't want them landing on her dress.
We walked out and up onto the top deck of the boat for photos with our parents, then back downstairs to chat with people.
The boat arrived to take John Hill back to the dock, we had forgotten to pay them when Fiona had arrived so I paid them then.
We then paused the music for the speeches, I went first I knew I would cry again, but I was so happy, I couldn't even read my notes nearing the end and forgot to say how Marions selflessness had rubbed off on Fiona.
Then we cut the beautiful cake many photos were taken, and it was taken back to be cut up.
Then came the food; which was good, there was kangaroo and beef, lamb and salmon. Then came the octopus and we got a photo of Michael eating it...heheh, he did promise though.
Then we wandered around talking to everyone, I forgot to turn the music back on, so ran over and turned it back on.
We kept talking to people and I made sure Jenae got given one of the many disposable cameras we had lying around, to take some interesting shots with.
We eventually grabbed one ourselves to take some shots over our shoulder.
Then we realised the time and had to start handing out the chocolate boxes Fiona had made, as my grandparents where about to leave on a water taxi to catch the ferry back to their place. We decided to hand out the chocolates to everyone else, and by the time we had done this it was time to get off the boat.
I went to pickup some stuff, then Anthea said that I shouldn't take it, and that we should get off, so we did, entrusting the stuff to everyone else, we walked off the boat, had a few more photos and one big group shot that was very nice.
Then Fiona and I went to the car, I had to lean down and take Fiona's shoes off on the way as her feet were killing. We got in the car had some more photos, wound down the windows and waved goodbye to everyone.
Driving away to our honeymoon.

Honeymoon Blog

We left the wedding went home and finished packing our bags, I had left my joggers in Mums car and we had to drop the suit, hooped petticoat and bridal bouquet off at Marions, so the hired stuff could be dropped back and the flowers sent off to be made permanent in its own frame. Then we went to the airport hotel to drop off our bags, deciding on arrival that when we got back from dropping off the car we would get room service. We then drove to the airport and found out we had paid up to the next morning so we decided to keep the car and use it to get to the airport in the morning.
We went back to the hotel via a petrol station to fill the car up so we didn't get charged through the nose and we got some chocolate and some drinks and some ice creams for desert, we got back to the hotel and got room service, yumm, deciding not to have our petrol station drinks and had some cans of Diet coke and solo from the fridge.
We woke up early the next morning and had our drinks from the petrol store and packed our bags and left the hotel got down to the car and drove it back to the rental place in the airport (Avis).
We crossed the road then realised we were in front of terminal 2 and we were supposed to be at terminal 3, we hurried down the road and went in, booked our luggage in and went through the security, where I had to unpack this laptop etc from the back into its own little bin to be scanned.
Fiona went through the metal detectors with no problem then I went through, ehhh, I thought I had emptied my pockets, damn cargo pants, went through again, ehhh, damn it, the evil security lady told me to take off my shoes and said "this is not a joke sir" I suppose I was laughing at the time, through I went again, ehhh, bugger, I looked down and saw my nice shiny metal belt buckle, off it came I walked through, YAY, no problem.
I waddled over to Fiona holding my pants up. I put my belt back on and looked for a place to sit to put my shoes on, Fiona pointed out a bright orange chair near us, obviously for the security people, I said nah it is for them we don't wanna get in more trouble, she directed me to it and pulled it out.
We got our stuff together and headed for the terminal. Which happened to be right next to an Australia-post store, we bought some postcards to send to our parents, a silly thing to do to say hi from the airport. Then our plane started boarding and we rushed and dropped the postcards off, and got on.

Our first day here in the beautiful Whitsundays.

We got here pretty tired after a long plane, another plane, bus trip. It was a fun trip. On our first flight sitting next to us was a girl obviously afraid of flying she was sitting there the whole time in the foetal position rocking slightly. It was a smooth take off and a smooth landing, because we both hadn't been on a plane in a while we took lots of photos, so you can see her in the background of some of the shots. There are also plenty of sill shots of each other excited as we were.
Then we wandered around Brisbane airport, I tried to bluejack but couldn't find anyone, we wandered out into the beautiful Brisbane day and took some more photos as you can see our trip up is all in the same folder.
We then hopped on the Plane from Brisbane to Proserpine I have now found out that is as far from Brisbane as Sydney is from Brisbane, Yikes 2000 kilometers all up...
There was another odd couple across the isle from us, him in his Holden racing team shirt and hat, and tattoo covered arms, and her with her pink coper hair and metallica hat, Fiona pointed them out, they had new wedding rings on too, Fiona joked about what there wedding would have been like, we did take more photos in the same folder as the other trip up shots.
As we came into Proserpine airport we came in from the north of the airport and came in awful low, I could see the individual leaves on each tree for crying out loud, it was a very cool landing, the right wheel touched down first which is always good.
Day 1 click for pics
We got out into the sweltering heat, it actually wasn't that hot, but I had already taken my pants zip-off legs off.
We walked from the plane, pausing to get a photo off both of us infront of the plane. Then walked the short bit of tarmac to the "terminal" which was basically a large fenced off corrugated iron shack, about the size of house, with two desks on one side for
more to come including photos of our trip, too busy to finish at the moment. any pics I have the time and bandwidth up to transfer some pictures they will be on here

Wednesday, May 05, 2004

Wedding Day

YAY, I am so excited, Fiona is out in the dining room getting her hair done, I of course am not allowed to look so am in here in the computer room, typing this entry to keep myself occupied.
Damn, damn excited.
We got the cake, goddamn it is good, everyone in the store was commenting on how good it looked when we picked it up, we also got the hire car, which is good too, they gave us a free upgrade to a calais, very nice to drive even if it is an auto, auto everything, though, the lights auto come on when it is dark enough, the aircon auto adjusts to the temp you set it to, as quickly as possible though, cruise control, 6 stacker cd with little buttons on the steering wheel to adjust volume track/station etc. I want one :)
But back to the cake I'll post some pictures later, possibly from where we are going on our honeymoon, if I don't have internet access till I get back I will type out the journal while we are away and post it when I get back.
Everything looks gorgeous, of course the whole day is not going to be without it's hiccups, my stepfather's plane from Singapore was cancelled so he has had an interesting time wheeling and dealing his way back into Australia in time for the wedding, of course this means some minor re-arrangements, but it'll be ok I just know it.
Feel like I should be doing something but there is not really that much left to do, just gotta get ready and I was intending on doing that at mums place. Might fire up a game of quake 3 or something, kill some badies to get my stress out.
Peace out all. Except orbb cause you suck.

Tuesday, May 04, 2004

Too busy with the wedding

I have finished the list of music for the wedding, if you don't like it meh, it is our wedding and we like it, it can be looked at here in plain text format. Eek it was a trouble getting it all together and deciding whether songs flowed on from each other.
I have been so busy that even when someone who presently will remain nameless is being a little shit, should he decide not to remain nameless and air his grievances I know about 40 other people who will happily throw said party overboard.
I still have yet to write my speech, and tomorrow we have heaps to do, up early to pick-up the hire car,then morning tea with Fiona's Cousin who is doing the photography, then to parramatta to get some good luck silver coins that we got on eBay, supposed to have them in your shoe or so I remember. Then off to Burwood to pick up the awesome wedding cake, then home to write the speech, pack our bags and collapse, I think that will about do it thanx :P
Peace out all.

Monday, May 03, 2004

Well I survived

Scared you huh?
I can see myself never going back there, except maybe if there were another bucks night, or to rescue some of the attendees of my Bucks party from their new-found expensive addiction.

Bucks P-A-R-T-WHY, because I gotta, its tradition...LOL

So it started with Fiona shooing me out the door telling me to "go have fun", I really was apprehensive and scared as my last post said.
I walked to the train, called chook to ask where he was and where we were meeting and got on the train, I did a quick scan for any bluetooth victims, ah well, none. Then sat there thinking why am I doing this, why did I tell them the strip club wasn't that expensive...FFS, I should have kept my mouth shut.
I got off at Wynyard and slowly meandered my way towards the club and our meeting point, got there and only Chook and Figo where there, dressed pretty schmick too I might add. Luke and Nathan eventually showed up and drove past us, as there were no spots, but driving in the city on a Friday night is never a good idea, Luke got out to come meet us and I said "stuff this the butterflies in my stomach are throwing up I am going to get a drink..." Chook and Luke followed, and there was banter about Luke being a westy for drinking VB.
Damn I was stressed, now I don't drink much but I downed 2 bourbon and cokes pretty quick.
Then we crossed back to our meeting point to wait for Edward and Nathan, Figo who had been standing near the entrance to the club had been asked if he was bouncing that night by one of the patrons, he laughed and said no.
Nathan showed up first and I called Edward who had already walked past us up Martin Place, I walked over into martin place wondering how many people had relived the matrix scene where I was standing in front of the fountains...There was Edward.
We went in and it looked like a little seedy, darken hole...with a meet and greet We were shown to our "private room" in the back...ewww
There was a table with seven seats one at the end obviously for me, but I couldn't get out of sitting there, and short little catwalk in front of the table.
I was handed a sign and told to wear it, it said Hello my name is Morgan, I am attending a Mens Gallery Bucks party, if I am hungry...Feed me, If I am drunk... excuse me, If I am alone...Keep me company, and If I am tired, put me up for the night. I quickly did a scan to check for anyone with a bluetooth-enabled phone I could send a message too, no luck, and then sat back and waited for my meal.
Eeek not going to say much more but every stripper who saw this zeroed in on me, god-damn I felt scared and dirty, people kept telling me to smile, strippers all asking me when I was getting married, at least a couple took the hint and left me alone.
One had the nerve to ask me whether I still wanted to get married, I said "definitely", another which I found rather amusing saw my engagement ring and went, your already wearing the ring, and I went nah, my Fiancée bought it for me,(she sat bolt upright) cause she got an engagement ring from me, she gave one to me, I said it's the lord of the rings ring. She had my hand at this stage looking at it and went, ohh that is so sweet, she then left and danced in front of the other guys, she was actually the best entertainment of the night, holding a handstand for a good 30seconds and doing the splits standing-up and while doing a handstand, Chook jokingly held up his hands like an Olympic judge giving her a 10.0 I gave her a Every stripper thought we were a quiet bunch for a bucks party, I think it was cause we were all fish out of water...this was not our place.
So we finished our meals, I didn't finish any of mine cause I was feeling so nervous I couldn't eat, and got kicked out of the back room, and were sitting in the main and seedier section for a little bit and I went stuff it lets leave, Chook, Figo and Zlatko (WTF?) stayed.
Across the road to the angel hotel we did go, I scanned again but didn't find any. I joked I still felt hungry so I had a guiness, and after a couple of rounds I called to see where the other people where, they came out just as we were kicked out of the Angel, 12:00 closing time on a Friday night in the city WTF?
We walked over and met up with the rest of the group, chook had his car parked at Sutherland and seeing as Figo and Zlatko both wanted a lift and Chook had to go home for work at 7am, they piked and left early.
Nathan and Luke suggested a pub in their neck of the woods, in Lidcome(why I was confusing that with Leichardt I know not), it had pool tables and was open to 4am, so off we headed, and after getting sick of pool and the local Leichart wildlife of angry old drunk men picking fights with an angry drunk chineeseman, we decided to leave. We went back to Nathan and Lukes place where I had intended on staying the night not to inconvenience anyone, and Nathan insisted on giving me a lift home. That's about where the story ends, scary huh?

Hear that clickety clack in the background

That clickety clack is the sound of it is the sound of the roller coaster that Fiona and I currently are on, the wedding roller coaster that is currently winding its way up to the steep summit, I can feel it, any moment now I am going to lose my stomach as we come rocketing down buffeted left and right and going up and around in the loop de-loop of pre-wedding jitters, madness and mayhem.
The organization has been good, Fiona has worked hard, I have worked...I want to post every day till the wedding but I don't see that happening so busy, so much to do so little time.
Two days to go now...Gotta write a speech...eek, and organise the wedding music, gotta get the cake and pack our bags and well get my butt in gear.
I hope it is a gorgeous day, but we'll see, I'll make sure post-wedding that I post the whole ceremony here for general perusal.
On a side note, as you do, well if by you, you mean a geek with interest in all things networking, you scan. I found one a wi-fi network, location, well that's my little secret, I found it on the way to my nephews birthday, left them a little non-malicious note about how they should secure said wireless network.
I also like the geek I am Bluejacked all the way to my bucks party, got some good ones, see below.
Nokia 6310i, Sony-Ericsson T610, Nokia 6310i, Nokia 6310i, Nokia 6310i, Unknown Device (Just a mac address probably a laptop), HP iPAQ 1950(?), Sony Ericcson Z600, Nokia 6310, Sony Ericsson p900, Nokia 6310i, Sony Ericsson t630, Nokia 6310i, Sony-Ericsson T610, Sony-Ericsson T610 (funny one the girl went over to a mobile phone stand and asked what is bluejacked heheh), unknown mac address, Piss_Off(pretty sure it was a sick-bro with a fully sick 6310), t610, t630, I_Hate_PPC (this was my cousin keeping me amuse after we had left the strip club and we were bored over the road in a little cramped pub), 6310i, t630.
Peace out all, sorry about the damn long post.

Friday, April 30, 2004

EEEK I am Scared

This may be my last, nah I trust my mates, it is my bucks party tonight you see and I am scared.
Yes they are taking me to a strip club, my innocent mind is reeling... I keep thinking of several quotes. See I have had butterflies in my stomach for weeks about the wedding I am so excited and today being the bucks part I must say "My stomach's full of vomiting butterflies." (Homer Simpson).
Of course the other song I can't seem to get out of my head is Bloodhound gangs "A lap dance is so much better when the stripper is crying" hilarious, and Fiona keeps joking with me saying if she farts I have got to give her a tip.
All I can say is I am scared, I am sure it will be fun but yeah you know. Ah well will post tomorrow with the events that will follow, gotta go now, don't even know where we are meeting but suppose I'll see.
Bluejacked: Nokia 6310i, Sony-Ericsson T610, Nokia 6310i, Nokia 6310i, Nokia 6310i, Unknown Device (Just a mac address probably a laptop), HP iPAQ 1950(?), Sony Ericcson Z600, Nokia 6310, Sony Ericsson p900, Nokia 6310i, Sony Ericsson t630, Nokia 6310i, Sony-Ericsson T610, Sony-Ericsson T610 (funny one the girl went over to a mobile phone stand and asked what is bluejacked heheh), unknown mac address.
Peace out all

Thursday, April 22, 2004

Less than two weeks till I'll be married I couldn't be more excited, not much to post not really in the mood, just and update and my bluejacking.
Bluejacked: Nokia 6310i, Sony-Ericsson T610, Nokia 6310i, Nokia 6310i, Nokia 6310i, Unknown Device (Just a mac address probably a laptop), HP iPAQ 1950(?), Sony Ericcson Z600, Nokia 6310, Sony Ericsson p900, Nokia 6310i, Sony Ericsson t630, Nokia 6310i.

Monday, April 05, 2004

Must post, must post.

Been busy getting married in a month so that will happen I suppose... Everything is getting organised and we are getting on top of things. Gotta go see the celebrant again tomorrow and hand in our homework...
I just been getting into a new webcomic Queen of wands will definitely be making my link list some are going to be removed though as some have lost me... queen of wands is fabulously drawn, witty, and the story-line is so compelling and relateable, well not the bit about living with your wife's best friend who happens to be your ex... odd... Got some classic one liners in it as well. The only problem and it makes me sad is that I got up to date with it.
Been rather annoyed at Saturday scruples they look like they are never going to post ah well, and looks like my server at home will get an upgrade in speed, we'll see... as commindico has decided that it would like to abandon the broadband market and speed cap its plans :P
Well should go home now I was supposed to have already finished
Peace out all.

Friday, March 12, 2004

As if you can't tell the server is backup, yeah I am lazy and haven't posted in ages, but lots to do.

Wednesday, February 18, 2004

Welcome to Blogger ner ner

Blogger Idol week 5 is here and as I am want to do I am going to relate to a recent real world incident.
Picture this
We finished packing and moving from the Shire, don't feel so Hobbity anymore...
Anyway just before filling the car with the junk from the garage, we decided to go to the post office to set some stuff up.
We meandered down Flora St and luckily Fiona woke me from my daze, and said aren't we going to the post office I snapped from daze and went to cross the road, I saw a red car coming on my right and a white van on my left, I decided as I have done hundreds of times to walk to the middle of the road like any psycho that has been crossing major roads for all their life and has been "bumped" by cars occasionally. It just makes you gamer cause you learn how to judge it better Darwin's theory at work.
Anyway so I crossed to the centre promptly stopped, Fiona waited on the kerb behind me, she isn't as foolhardy.
Anyway the guy in the van slows down leans out the window and says to me I better be careful cause his car would hurt, I said I am fine mate and thought nothing of it, of course Fiona saw someone having a go at her baby and stuck her finger up at him.
Well obviously this guy had had a bad day life, and felt that because he was so right he would make his point to us and everyone, nice and abusively of course.
So he gets out of his car and storms over everything he is wearing is screaming newbie tool, fake bluetooth headset, we exchange views for a minute me calmly saying I saw him, him yelling that he could have run me over. I noticed his phone, a nokia 6600 overprice ugly and cruddy, but it had Bluetooth, hence the fake bt headset being even funnier, so I pulled out my phone for a quick Blujacking revenge...heheh I am a funny man. But he sees me pull it out and thinks I am going to write down his number plate. By this stage cars are queued up behind his car beeping as he parked in the middle of the road.
He pulls out his phone and says "well if you wanna write down my number plate", he pulls out his massively ugly phone and goes to take my picture, I say "I don't give you permission to take my photo" he takes it anyway, Then takes Fiona's who by this stage is fuming, she steps up to him and says that what he has just done is illegal and he should be careful who he deals with, I agree, don't get on Fiona's bad side, not unless your crazy and stupid, who would want to make her mad :)
Anyway this little guy then storms off and we do our stuff in the post office and get a ham and cheese roll, then we hop in the car and I go I think he didn't go far we have a look, we drive like 100meters and there is the fan, well picture this F&#(er we ain't got no crappy half megapixel camera, we have some nice 5mp shots of your car outside either your house or mistresses house :P
Got damn revenge is sweet, I don't like the fact that some little whiney bitch who obviously has a fuse loose decides he wants to pick a fight with someone, who out numbers him in size, strength intellect and well personage.
Peace out all, except whiney little newbs.

Wednesday, February 11, 2004

Post Reloaded

FFS I hate when that happens I really do. It has happened twice I am about to post my Blog and the computer I am on crashes in some way In this instance I was just about to hit post and publish on my Blog when my browser Firebird crashes (Downloading Firefox at the moment). So don't blame me if this post is crappy cause I just can't remember everything I said in the last post, this post would've probably been crappy anyway.
On a side note out of sympathy for me, Fiona deleted one of her posts that made me rather sad as I know it is just a Blog, but really we are the only ones who read each others Blogs so that sort of makes them like our love letters, they should not be deleted or tampered with ever... she is reposting as I type. Now onto the post I tried to do earlier.

Long couple o days

Yesterday we signed the lease for our new place and as with us, it was not without incident. We signed for this Beautiful new place with wood floors... YAY.
Then after we signed we proceeded to set up the fish tank. But before we could get the fish tank in the house we couldn't open the door. The real estate agent had earlier had problems opening our lock, but not like this, I went and got some WD40 from the car and bobs your uncle (and marries your aunt, suppose it does depend on who you are though) the door opened in we went and setup and filled the fish tank, but the perfect place for it was not near a power point, besides we needed 3 in reality, so we went out to get a power board and long extension cord so that it wouldn't be in the way. On the way we picked up Marion to show her the place.
We drove there parked and went to open the door and YAY it wasn't opening again, only this time in my infinite wisdom I left the WD40 inside the house.
Great, so we stuffed around with the lock for 20minutes then called a locksmith, and over he came, checked the place said there was no way in but the front door, which is reassuring.
So he gets out his drill and drills away. During which Fiona said "so much to blog" she such a cute little geek-grl isn't she (check her blog out she has already posted). Then bam he has it open.
In we went and showed Marion around and set the tank up it is damn nice with its new filter. Needless to say we now have a new front door lock.
Then today I went back for my first day of TAFE this year. Interesting group of people in the class, but it happened again, someone leaned over during class after I made a smart arse correction of the teacher and said to me, why don't you get up and teach the class. HEHEH. I replied with well your being a smart arse too and I said damn three smart arses in one class (looking over at the other one behind him) I pity our teacher.
The MBR on the Hard drive I was given for my practical work was stuffed, which got my first day of class off to a nice start, I suggested to my teacher that if I could borrow a floppy disk I would be able to quickly fdisk it's mbr etc no probs, she just grabbed it off me 20minutes later I get it back to find it has been wow fdisk' Oh on floppy disks, the teacher made a classic statement, "Being all IT professionals you should have a floppy disk on you" I felt like standing up and holding my thumbdrive high in the air while singing the death knell of the floppy... but I didn't.
But she was trying, she first taught us network topologies like LAN, MAN and WAN, but where, oh where was PAN... I mean seriously it is still a network, however small.
And well some of the concepts where, well a little bit badly explained, like peer to peer networks which she explained as a network without any servers on it...hang on I thought and voiced to my classmates afterwards (even though I had the gist of what she meant) "Doesn't that mean any computer that is on a network sharing files instantly becomes a file server and hence in is no longer a peer to peer, meaning the only thing you could do on a peer to peer network of this definition is ping the shite out of another computer on the network" but I realised then as I do now that she means it doesn't have an authentication server. She also tried to teach us something she called server based networks which I know as client/server networks, but yeah same gist. All in all an interesting day, well see if it ends up being fun as I hope it will be.
A little more competition on the home front, competition has somewhat died down about folding@home, but I am sure blogshares a fictional game that makes Blogs worldwide shares, with fictional values, my old Blog page is worth over my current page is only worth 1000 ah well. Fiona's page is also only worth a 1000 so this could be This is why you should see over on the left the blogshares link, for a little while till I get bored of the clutter.
Adding a new section to my Blog that I will always sign out with my Bluejacked section, read my archives for more info. Hope I get some nasty emails via the address I sent via the Bluejack.
Bluejacked: Nokia 6310i, Sony-Ericsson T610, Nokia 6310i, Nokia 6310i, Nokia 6310i.
Peace out all.

Monday, February 09, 2004


Now I know it is an interesting title, the point to it is that I am now in Blogger A little blog game where I post on a subject every week. The theme this week is yep you guessed it Ooops. Now admittedly I have missed the first three weeks and this is week four of ??? meh we'll see should be fun. Now on to the post.
Very apt them methinks seeing as what happened today when we took Fiona in for her first day of tafe, being the caring fiancée I am I waited to make sure everything was alright, big F'ing ooops, no teacher, they had decided to change the class to an 11am start instead of a 9am start ah well, but then this guy comes in and say sorry but all your classes are belong to us. There all different now... ffs.
What couldn't the teacher get their ass out of bed by 9 in the morning ffs... we aren't all just professional dole collecting, austudy allowed tafe students, some of are paying taxes.
Now I know this theme is probably in relation to the whole ooopsy that Janet Jackson did, what showing her tit and all, but Myself and Fiona don't think so... we thinks she did it on purpose why else was her nipple decoratively pierced... skanky...sorry all you Janet Jackson fans, but it is true, either she was going to expose her bra to a billion people or as I believe she meant to show herself as a true Silicon Sister. Again I am sorry to those who think she is talented, hey I think Michael Jackson is talented, but I know he is a freaky freak... I should stop rambling. Here is the link back to the Blogger Idol game.
Peace Out all, even skankies.

Thursday, January 29, 2004

Must post...Must possst

I sit here at work bored and playing a game of get the wad of paper in the bin with Gavin and I look over and there is Fiona writing a post... I can't be left behind.

Who said competition is a bad thing

So yeah were competing somewhat in our post.. well sort of. She is checking out hits to my site, and checking out hits to hers. All the while our PC's are running folding at home. I am winning btw :P
Here are her stats. As you can see she is close on my heals despite me running it on R2D2 the web server that is a dual 1.3ghz and on spidey the same pc as her Alfa, and i am running it on Kittmk2 a 2ghz celeron... so yeah it is a little unfair... I am going to switch over KittMk2 to her login, and probably if stu ever gets up and running it will be running on her login 24/7 so that should even it up a bit...
Get into folding people it is for a good cause just have it running so when your PC instead of your PC sitting there doing nothing it can do some good. I don't agree with people who build specific folding boxes and have a tumultuit amount of pc's all setup and on making they're power bill astronomical all in the name of folding, that's just silly...
Peace out all it is home time.

Tuesday, January 27, 2004

Updates Galore

As you may or may not have noticed I have updated this page so now it has no frames yippee... But there are other updates going on, if you have a look in our links section I have added some links to my lrp page, which is also going through some updates. I have also added my companies page, no I am not talking about the man, I am talking about my very own company Anytech. But the main and most astonishing update is Fiona has updated her page majorly, different background, no frames and an integrated blog. Yay!
Saturday scruples still hasn't updated... So I am going to link to an interesting blog entry.
<rant>Supposedly this guy got raided whether because he did or didn't steal some code to a game that is coming out, from what I have seen of the trailers a damn nice game called Half Life 2. Now I own Half Life 1, but as some have said in comments relating to this, if this is the way they are going to treat one of their fans whether he did or didn't do it I will have a long think about buying the game when it comes out... But I mean look at how they have treated their current fan base, bringing out "Steam" a program that is supposed to make it nice and easy to update several half life mods, and make it easy to connect to online games... That is the point though online games, Half Life and its various mod's used to be played hugely at lan parties now that "Steam" has been released people look for something else, something that doesn't require an internet connection to work... They destroyed a huge fan/customer base when they did this and as far as I am aware the fix has not been released and even if it is/has, the people who where playing it have moved on. So lets see went from the most popular game at Lan's to the least popular. I suppose they decided they had sold enough copies and well this is the way to ensure everyone goes out and gets Half Life 2... But most gamers are going to think what's its Half life going to be (pun intended)...Give it a year and they'll do the same thing, so they have been scared away... And it looked like such a good game as well... Ah well. On another point in the comments to this guys blog, there is actually reference to a site where the owners admit to having the code... They have it poster on their site... wtf, why don't they go after these guys... or not... and go well hey they have the source whoop de do, we are going to have copyright measures in place that mean they need to own a copy anyway... don't attack your fans or else you will have none, something the RIAA and MPAA should heed as well. Go open source and GNU. </rant>
Peace out all.

Thursday, January 22, 2004

Sorry this post would have come sooner/been better had a customer not wanted to get some dodgy site that crashed my ie :(

Notice anything wrong in the previous post's picture

The thing wrong which well I found funny was the little R with the star in the top right those of you who are addicted will know this as Rockstar, the esteemed creators of Grand Theft Auto... A game where you drive round the city running over pedestrians and completing crime jobs... rather funny really that a site that gives you directions and a map on where to find your quarry. heheh.
Oooh onto the rest of the post.

Geek Section

So I was reading through some sites today, not feeling to well at work, and peeling (I got badly sun-burnt on the weekend). I was reminiscing my old wardriving days, Anyway I eventually came upon this site. Of course I have been doing this for a while, all geeks say that when something comes into fashion in our world, but it is true: a post ages ago I spoke about doing it at cebits while eating lunch. My idea was though slightly differently I only attempted to pair with peoples bluetooth devices from afar, really ineffectual. Now these guys, they send an inflammatory contact because you see you can send some things via Bluetooth without paring, such as my contact that I sent to one Nokia 6310 today; Name: Bluejacked by a SE
Mobile: 1337
email: blah@domain deleted to stop spam
Goddamn I am lame, but it was fun... Maybe going to see underworld tonight with my mates ew fun more in cinema opportunities to Bluejack...YAY
Of course after i sent the business card to the victim I saw him, he saw me I ran away like a frightened school girl... that and my break was up...(oh yeah and simpler minds watch on :P). PS I so gotta get me a camera phone with BT now :)
Peace out all.

Wednesday, January 21, 2004

Notice anything odd...
Hmm I can see it but then again I know, I'll post the answer later just to get whoever thinking...

On a side note dad came over today after I did some more running around to get my business a little more setup, we now have a business account and cheque book, w00t.
Oh I went to a new Live Role Playing on the weekend, much fun, it was only for the day... and I should say much fun except for the burning and the sunstroke and the pain in the glaiven... linkage here there is even a picture of me there fighting and walking into battle, I played a monster meaning the baddies. See my LRP site for more info on LRP (aka Live Role Playing). Determined now seeing the success of these guys to have my lrp up and running in about 12 months...yeah a long time frame but I'll get there.
Still waiting for Saturday scruples to start backup, wtf is going on, 10th of January has been and gone people, put that margarita down and get back to work :P
Well Peace out all.

Saturday, January 10, 2004

Yes Sir
I had a customer today that demanded to be called Mr so and so... haven't had one of these in a while. I politely called him Mr so and so, and he was very polite after this. But seriously I prescribe to the theory that I am Morgan Storey hence the domain and I want to be called whatever the person calling me feels comfortable, don't really care all that much when they mishear and call me Matt or James (how do you get james from Morgan), anyway so getting to the point of my rant names. Why do we place so much importance on our names there just our label, just a collection of our ancestry, they don't need to be abandoned people just need to relax about them.
I read an article the other day on smh that really makes the whole name game seem very odd to me, people seem to be placing way to much importance on it, don't get me wrong a name is important but caring so much and so little at the same time that when a couple gets married they hyphenate it or merge it. Fiona and I discussed this, it brings about a nightmare for these peoples children I seriously think my name is too long at the moment God forbid it was Morgan Parker-Barrett-Bowen-Storey... or even worse no one would ever visit my site, not that many do at the moment. I have to say I agree with Marion my mother in law, that if people care this much that their maiden name be preserved it should be used as one of their children’s middle names.
On another note as you can probably tell the page has been updated yet again, this time to remove the pesky frames that I added oh so long ago, I have kept the pretty formatting though so now i think it is just what I want... well at the moment anyway.
On another note again, when people stop hammering the Saturday scruples website I will be able to post a new scruple...yipeee... but they have breached there bandwidth usage...
Oh yeah I am nominated for Australian weblog of the year, of course I nominated myself...heheh... but wtf I thought, go here to nominate for people. Yeah I know I am vain but I nominated others.
Dear God will this guy please find his Windows 98 cd i have written most of this while I sit here still waiting...geez.
Peace out all, even those plebs still running Windows 98.

Thursday, January 01, 2004

Happy new year
There are some changes going on around here, a new year and some changes being made.
You may remember a while back I said I read an old article saying how frames are bad and how I said that I used to think the same thing well after finding out most bots that find sites can't read frames, and that older browsers can't and that they take longer to render for the computer that is looking at it and well can just make things look nasty I have taken the time to remove them at the moment there maybe some downtime while other parts of this page are updated to conform :P
On another note my company is up and running with its own website, not much there yet been too busy, have a look
Oh yeah went and saw Return of The King at "La Premier" Yesterday, movie was awesome, La Premier was ok... popcorn, drink machine and toilets should have all been closer though and the seats weren't uber comfortable, next time definitely going to Greater union gold class.
Anyway bed time now before it is the 2nd...
Peace out all.
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