Friday, September 03, 2004

Is this the future of television

I know 2 posts in one day, but this is a quicky... just saw the interruption of regular broadcasting... Bourkes, with a quick CNN interruption seems gun fighting has broken out in the school in Russia that was taken hostage (wasn't that like at the start of the week, if it had been any other country the SAS or swat would have hauled in there and kicked butt... maybe russia are smarter and don't want the massive child casualties associated with that) anyway, you have probably all seen the news reports on several sites that is not the detail I was interested in, the CNN reporter looked like he was being filmed by either a webcam or a 3g phone, now either of these are relatively new so my question is, is this how news is now going to be cheaply recorded, some reported holding his new 3g phone send video over ip to his news station... is this really wise, like I mean I knew it was a reporter but without sound I would have thought eww impressionist film interesting... or another ad for 3...
I hope the kids and the special forces and even the terrorists over there are ok.
Peace out all.

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