Wednesday, November 27, 2013

The state of the internet nation

This one is a little IT heavy, but is more an indictment on our society, so I decided to put it on my personal blog. Besides I have been blogging a fair bit at my other two blogs, links on the right.

So I was looking at the new top level domains (the current ones are .com, .gov, .net etc) that are coming out here;  and I though it was a bit interesting. There are a lot of car companies; who really needs or worse, but also who needs which was applied for by a German Car club.
But the thing that really got me, the lack of science type names in the list. There is no .lab for example, no .physics no .math. There sure are stupidly long ones like JPMORGANCHASE, NORTHWESTERNMUTUAL, and TRAVELERSINSURANCE. But no one thought a nice short multi-use one like .lab or .labs would be useful. Heck there is a discussion here, about it from 2000, 13 damn years ago.

This is why we can't have nice things, this is why the world is in a mess, because we spend money only to make money, any advancement is incidental and only made by people altruistic enough to spend their time and energy to better mankind.

Science is what made the internet, and now they are almost forgotten, which is kind of sad.

Oh and the below one is interesting, I am wondering why that applicant applied for it as Google will surely come down on them with all their might should they register

Proposed new domain name         Applicant
YOUTUBE                                  Charleston Road Registry Inc.

Peace out all, except scientifically illiterate, corporate shills...

Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Google goodness and Birthday

Sometimes Google is just too cool... I saw my phone had backed up a few of my photos and it had detected these photos seemed to go together and auto stitched them together. This from Geoffrey's recent birthday. Thank you Google.

Peace out all, especially those awesome software devs and support peeps at google.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013


Finally something to post that didn't fit in the other two blogs.

I was invited out to see a play, and it is a comedy about a dystopian future. I then realised how much I like dystopian future stories and decided to lookup a few
I realised not only have I seen a vast majority of these films, I have liked every single one I have seen... I even liked Waterworld...I am sorry that I was the only one Mr Costner.
I don't know why I like these films. Is it the sci-fi element, is it the world in ruin, is it that I want to see how not to fix things?

I don't know, it is very odd. I like the idea of a utopia as much as the next person, I will talk at length about utopian ideals like freedom of information and expression, that I believe everyone is intelligent in some way and that Gene Roddenberry and his utopian picture is glorious :)
So why do I watch anything dystopian that comes my way, as one of my mates used to say "team of therapists, round the clock, Morgan". Hmm, maybe I am just being subconsciously contrary?
Oh well now to collect then watch all the movies on that list I haven't seen, does anyone know where you can get "The World, the Flesh and the Devil" on DVD?

Peace out all.
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