Monday, May 03, 2004

Well I survived

Scared you huh?
I can see myself never going back there, except maybe if there were another bucks night, or to rescue some of the attendees of my Bucks party from their new-found expensive addiction.

Bucks P-A-R-T-WHY, because I gotta, its tradition...LOL

So it started with Fiona shooing me out the door telling me to "go have fun", I really was apprehensive and scared as my last post said.
I walked to the train, called chook to ask where he was and where we were meeting and got on the train, I did a quick scan for any bluetooth victims, ah well, none. Then sat there thinking why am I doing this, why did I tell them the strip club wasn't that expensive...FFS, I should have kept my mouth shut.
I got off at Wynyard and slowly meandered my way towards the club and our meeting point, got there and only Chook and Figo where there, dressed pretty schmick too I might add. Luke and Nathan eventually showed up and drove past us, as there were no spots, but driving in the city on a Friday night is never a good idea, Luke got out to come meet us and I said "stuff this the butterflies in my stomach are throwing up I am going to get a drink..." Chook and Luke followed, and there was banter about Luke being a westy for drinking VB.
Damn I was stressed, now I don't drink much but I downed 2 bourbon and cokes pretty quick.
Then we crossed back to our meeting point to wait for Edward and Nathan, Figo who had been standing near the entrance to the club had been asked if he was bouncing that night by one of the patrons, he laughed and said no.
Nathan showed up first and I called Edward who had already walked past us up Martin Place, I walked over into martin place wondering how many people had relived the matrix scene where I was standing in front of the fountains...There was Edward.
We went in and it looked like a little seedy, darken hole...with a meet and greet We were shown to our "private room" in the back...ewww
There was a table with seven seats one at the end obviously for me, but I couldn't get out of sitting there, and short little catwalk in front of the table.
I was handed a sign and told to wear it, it said Hello my name is Morgan, I am attending a Mens Gallery Bucks party, if I am hungry...Feed me, If I am drunk... excuse me, If I am alone...Keep me company, and If I am tired, put me up for the night. I quickly did a scan to check for anyone with a bluetooth-enabled phone I could send a message too, no luck, and then sat back and waited for my meal.
Eeek not going to say much more but every stripper who saw this zeroed in on me, god-damn I felt scared and dirty, people kept telling me to smile, strippers all asking me when I was getting married, at least a couple took the hint and left me alone.
One had the nerve to ask me whether I still wanted to get married, I said "definitely", another which I found rather amusing saw my engagement ring and went, your already wearing the ring, and I went nah, my Fiancée bought it for me,(she sat bolt upright) cause she got an engagement ring from me, she gave one to me, I said it's the lord of the rings ring. She had my hand at this stage looking at it and went, ohh that is so sweet, she then left and danced in front of the other guys, she was actually the best entertainment of the night, holding a handstand for a good 30seconds and doing the splits standing-up and while doing a handstand, Chook jokingly held up his hands like an Olympic judge giving her a 10.0 I gave her a Every stripper thought we were a quiet bunch for a bucks party, I think it was cause we were all fish out of water...this was not our place.
So we finished our meals, I didn't finish any of mine cause I was feeling so nervous I couldn't eat, and got kicked out of the back room, and were sitting in the main and seedier section for a little bit and I went stuff it lets leave, Chook, Figo and Zlatko (WTF?) stayed.
Across the road to the angel hotel we did go, I scanned again but didn't find any. I joked I still felt hungry so I had a guiness, and after a couple of rounds I called to see where the other people where, they came out just as we were kicked out of the Angel, 12:00 closing time on a Friday night in the city WTF?
We walked over and met up with the rest of the group, chook had his car parked at Sutherland and seeing as Figo and Zlatko both wanted a lift and Chook had to go home for work at 7am, they piked and left early.
Nathan and Luke suggested a pub in their neck of the woods, in Lidcome(why I was confusing that with Leichardt I know not), it had pool tables and was open to 4am, so off we headed, and after getting sick of pool and the local Leichart wildlife of angry old drunk men picking fights with an angry drunk chineeseman, we decided to leave. We went back to Nathan and Lukes place where I had intended on staying the night not to inconvenience anyone, and Nathan insisted on giving me a lift home. That's about where the story ends, scary huh?

Hear that clickety clack in the background

That clickety clack is the sound of it is the sound of the roller coaster that Fiona and I currently are on, the wedding roller coaster that is currently winding its way up to the steep summit, I can feel it, any moment now I am going to lose my stomach as we come rocketing down buffeted left and right and going up and around in the loop de-loop of pre-wedding jitters, madness and mayhem.
The organization has been good, Fiona has worked hard, I have worked...I want to post every day till the wedding but I don't see that happening so busy, so much to do so little time.
Two days to go now...Gotta write a speech...eek, and organise the wedding music, gotta get the cake and pack our bags and well get my butt in gear.
I hope it is a gorgeous day, but we'll see, I'll make sure post-wedding that I post the whole ceremony here for general perusal.
On a side note, as you do, well if by you, you mean a geek with interest in all things networking, you scan. I found one a wi-fi network, location, well that's my little secret, I found it on the way to my nephews birthday, left them a little non-malicious note about how they should secure said wireless network.
I also like the geek I am Bluejacked all the way to my bucks party, got some good ones, see below.
Nokia 6310i, Sony-Ericsson T610, Nokia 6310i, Nokia 6310i, Nokia 6310i, Unknown Device (Just a mac address probably a laptop), HP iPAQ 1950(?), Sony Ericcson Z600, Nokia 6310, Sony Ericsson p900, Nokia 6310i, Sony Ericsson t630, Nokia 6310i, Sony-Ericsson T610, Sony-Ericsson T610 (funny one the girl went over to a mobile phone stand and asked what is bluejacked heheh), unknown mac address, Piss_Off(pretty sure it was a sick-bro with a fully sick 6310), t610, t630, I_Hate_PPC (this was my cousin keeping me amuse after we had left the strip club and we were bored over the road in a little cramped pub), 6310i, t630.
Peace out all, sorry about the damn long post.
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