Saturday, October 18, 2003

Haven't posted in a while, as you see I have moved my site over to the dodgy hosting of web1000 gonna maybe just put the journal on better hosting and have everthing else hosted elsewhere till I get my web server setup.
Done so much since my last post, went to an lrp game, and am working on the journal at the moment, I'll post it soon.
Goddamn I have been lazy but what with LRP and training and tafe I haven't enough time to scratch myself. LRP was awesome. I got my new motherboard, now gotta get some ram for it.
I missed 2 saturday scruples so here they are. I know how much you all missed them, hey it is even Saturday at the moment.

1. You feel you're underpaid. Do you still give your job 100%?

Certainly, I am in IT so like all people in IT I am severely underpaid for the skills I have LOL, but I would probably want to move to a more satisfying position hence Optus.

2. You wrote a brilliant essay but only got a C. A friend repeated the professor's lecture and got an A. Next time, do you echo the professor's view?

Hell no, if I can't get an A for my own *correct* views then damn it, meh a C is a pass, I have even been in this situation, told not to do an assignment when I was in High School, it was a Catholic School we were doing religion and I decided not to do a mainstream religion and chose to do my assignment on Stone Henge despite the objections of the brothers. Meh same result too I passed...barely.

3. A friend (or family member) is in dire financial straits. Do you offer him/her a lone?

It is spelt LOAN, stupid american alternate spellings, but yes if I had the money I would give them a loan if it was that important.

Next Saturday Scruples

1. At the local grocer, you see an elderly woman shoplift bacon. Do you tell the grocer?

Hmm this is a tough one, I would probably pretend I didn't see it depending on the woman’s circumstances, if she was dressed in a mink though she is going to jail baby :P

2. Your century old church is an architectural treasure but the congregation is declining. Developers offer $20 million and a sanctuary in the office tower they want to build. Do you accept?

So I am assuming I am the pastor or preist or whatever, hell no I wouldn't accept somethings shouldn't be torn down for "progress", "They paved paradise and put up a parking lot" (Joni Mitchell big yellow taxi)

3. A co-worker needs to leave early and asks you to punch her time card when you leave. Do you do it?
Hmm really depends on what reason, life threatening or what not I would assume they had prior permission if it was something else pub or clubbing then nope, I gotta sit here with customers bitching at me so do you till your shift ends.

Well getting way to long this post, probably post the next sat scruples in a
Peace out all.
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