Thursday, November 27, 2003

insert wavy lines, Its flashback time
For those who don't know the internet has been round a damn long time, and I am coming up to my first decade online... that is right, and scary, I have been surfing and trolling and chatting and well being my online presence for almost ten years, so it is time for a little flashback brought on by finding this site, a little trip back in time, check out "the emulator" section, very funky, check out netscape navigator and even internet explorer, back when i first started using it, netscape was the only browser to use, IE suxed the big one, and that is what websites looked like gotta love the grey background.
On looking through these emulators I found a link to a post on the IE emulator, I am pretty sure I have read it before, it is what originally deterred me from using frames on this site, how easily I crumbled, when I read it, it reaffirmed my vigour for disliking frames to an extent, so be prepared for a major change (again) to remove the frames and make it look all schmick, like other sites I visit.
Frames are bad and good people don't use them :P
I got rid of my inline frame, I learnt to live without it, I am sure my top and side frames will not be difficult to remove, maybe while I am at it I can learn to use style sheets instead...hmm
Well Peace out all, even those who are determined to undermine the "ease of use of the web" with their icky frames.

Monday, November 24, 2003

SMP Pr0n
Have a look at the image below if you are at all into computers like others on the SMP Forums(more specific link for those of you with ocau logins) then you will realise this really is Pr0n for the SMP

Can I say goddamn... gotta look at some of the specs of this thing, when I first heard of it I thought it sounded like the neural net processor out of the terminator series.

What with its individual processors all connected via a high speed bus, no not that kind of
But the multi-processors, make the chip supposedly run cooler as a whole and make it scalable with current technologies so that it is in keeping with moores law. It also means with its massive 144mb of cache (a fact I learnt from the new article) that it can cache all instructions and SMP threads...drool. This model looks to have 8 processors on board each running at 1ghz, but that is not a real measure of this baby, the processors are supposed to interconnect with such speed and efficiency that the processors work more closely and as one, as opposed to current SMP (symetric multi-processor) systems such as AMD MP's/Opterons, and Intel Itanium/XEON's. Were talking the ability with this chip to perform equivalently to a pentium 6-7ghz... looks like IBM maybe back in the sadle so to speak now where can I get a 120mm square peltie/heatsink combo.
Basically though this goes back to the early days of intel when they toyed with this kind of technology, they had dual 486's running on a chip that had the equivellent power of a whopping 133mhz machine... interesting that IBM decided to revive it with impressive concequences.
The idea is that it is a fully scalable chip as single cpu's become smaller and cooler running they can be put on this chip to interconnect, the smaller they are the more can be fit on one chip the faster it becomes, one day we may all be running and rating computers in how many ghz processors we have on our chip. All I can say is funky.
Like the above article, gonna try and get it printed on zzz, been following this chip pretty closely and it sounds like an awesome leap forward in r&d...
Well one quick anecdote and then I'll go, one of my friends who shall remain nameless but has a blog in my links, should really learn to look before he leaps even no espeacially when people are watching/warning him to watch out for the tumultuos amount of water running through the guytter next to the door he is about to exit from.
Well peace out all.
Only a short post tonight.
I know that you know telstra is big well here in australia and their ego is obviously huge, but seriously check the link (you will need a pdf view to view) Link as you can see, if you bothered to check the link and have a read through, checkpoints firewalls now support Telstra Bigpond's connection method, so I here you say, so Telstra is an australian company worth maybe a billion dollars, so thats what 500mill US, now checkpoint I am pretty sure is worth almost as much why should they give a flying proverbial procreation what happens here... and espeacially on a sub-standard broadband service in a broadband backwater? weird huh.
Well thats my rant for the week :P
Peace out all.

Friday, November 21, 2003

Damn it is funky having a web server
So my web server is now up an running this page is being hosted there right now...awesome, gone are the day of size and serving restrictions, no ads sweeet. The best bit I was trying to send an attachment to someone and they for one reason or another couldn't receive it and I wasn't gonna troubleshoot via said email... so I just copied the attachments to my webserver and gave the address to them, awesome. But the best bit, hello to the Linux user, I have had one, and hello to the saudi's, french and swiss, goddamn I love server logs. Admittedly the linux user only viewed the front index webpage then went this is crap I was looking for something else and left...his/her ip was not able to reverse looked up too...weird. The other people from around the globe actually had a pretty good look through the page at more stuff than I think people I know look at, right through almost everything.
Should do a website of the week haven't done one in a while so here it is.
I think the funniest thing about this is the picture at the start, but it is a good guide, gonna put it on my lan page, btw I am having a LAN party this weekend so all who read this can come if they want, send me an email for info, and/or check out MyLAN website
Well I am at work and I am typing this on a crampamatic MAC keyboard, I feel icky... so better get back to it.
Peace out all.

Monday, November 17, 2003

Windows 2000 is a bitch...
Only a short post, but as you may or may not be able to see my webserver is up...YAY. And I quote one of my friends in saying, "damn windows 2000, with its branches, trees and forests, feel like I should be doing a forestry degree and not network engineering".
Plenty more to come on the website now, what with it being hosted right here... but yeah, hey I even got my own 404 and 403 errors, easy to get to the 404 error just try for the 403 error it is set to block certain IP addresses so if you can read this message you will never see theory, but so you can see who is being blocked try going to
Well got to go to bed, I promise I will post more often, I have to now I suppose...

Monday, November 03, 2003

Went to SGL on the weekend, posting from my new job at It is with the holy optus cable the grail of call centre
Sgl was good, forgot to take my half life cd with me so I didn't get any games of cs in, very disappointing, but I got a game of Battlefield in, it wasn't too bad, but a bit laggy, played online last night with less
Got into work nice and early this morning, 7:50 for an 8:30 start ah well... It is nice to be back in a large company with room to move and not so much responsibility, sure WDS was easy, but so is here, evidently.
Got r2d2 upgraded, bought a dual motherboard with dual 1.3ghz athlons on board from a guy on bought a 512mb ddr2100 ECC ram chip and a 550w antec truepower powersupply from matrixmicro, note to self expressly tell matrix to stop using couriers please, they suck the big one.
Anyway server was up and running for the Lan, damn it is good, so fast and doesn't crash as it used to...I love being able to set programs
Peace out all.
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