Tuesday, July 27, 2004

So long and thanks for all the fish

I am leaving optus, I suppose I should mention that before I actually go, it has been a while since I have posted, I haven't really felt like it but I feel I should post below is a post I was going to post weeks ago that I had emailed home then back to work to do more work on it.
I got a new job, I am going to be doing what I have always wanted to do and is befitting of my geekiness, network support... W00t, damn I am happy, a bit sad that I won't be working with Fiona any more but it is a step into my carrier that I want to take.
I updated my honeymoon blog a little more, more to come. You'll just have to scroll down to it :P

Google is GOD...of the internet.

If google is God of the internet then I think I am one of his chosen people, I am on my way to the Geek promise land where internet access is free, and everything is governed by the GNU...lol
But seriously I was looking through my server logs and through the extreme tracking thingy on the side of this page and it shows how often people search weird and wonderful (and freaky) things in google and other lesser gods (if you can call them that) like ninemsn and altavista and manage to get to my site. People have searched everything from homemade fan controller, and backyard basketball ring to something about sticking a tongue where it shouldn't be (wtf?).
On another and more sane note, more pictures have been added to the honeymoon, and I have added more to the wedding/honeymoon blog entry as well.
Peace out all.

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