Friday, December 17, 2004

The sub-conscious is an amazing thing.

Sorry forgot to post this in last post.
An experience I had recently really gives me more incentive for an augmented reality with brain integration. Anyway what happened was that one of our clients had a problem with processes running on one of their linux servers, it was retired anyway, so no loss just unplug it from the network to stop the follow-on issues that were beginning to happen. But I had thought afterwards that I should have checked it out. But it was shell only and my theory is if it has a gui you may as well use it, not really the best theory especially with linux.
Anyway not that night but the next, I had a dream. I was back in the server room, standing in front of the same dreaded server, it was on, logged in, and at the bash prompt.
I leant into the keyboard and typed 3 characters "top". WTF I thought to myself, I hit enter and a stream of text filled the screen, it was the running processes, then I switched to a different dream (I'll put 'em in my dream diary promise), the point though is that this is the command I ran the very next day, rather suspicious if it would do anything, and low and behold it worked, did I mention I was suspicious if it would so I actually ran it on one of my home servers first :P
Amazing stuff really, I tracked down were I had read it months earlier in a bash command list I was skimming over to find some other command I must have read it there, needless to say I will never forget it now.
Yes Cameron if you're reading I cust sick with BASH. At least I actually know what that means now. I am a bourne again linux
But seriously, people ask me all the time now. Is linux really better than windows, or blanket statements like "it is more stable"... it isn't, it is free... umm it probably has more crashes than windows nowadays, but did I mention it is free, yeah sure as a server that never get touched or upgraded it is as stable as a rock, but so would windows be, except that some script kiddie would find the gaping hole that has been left open in an unpatched windows, sooner than he would find the gaping hole left open in an unpatched linux system.
It is the same debate with, wel firefox is better than Internet Explorer, umm, not really, they are both free, firefox isn't as susceptible to spyware due to it being simply not as popular, when linux becomes as popular as windows now is, there will be as many if not more viruses and spyware out there for it, and as many holes found, and I will switch to BSD, or BeOS who no-one uses :P
Peace out all.

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