Wednesday, February 18, 2004

Welcome to Blogger ner ner

Blogger Idol week 5 is here and as I am want to do I am going to relate to a recent real world incident.
Picture this
We finished packing and moving from the Shire, don't feel so Hobbity anymore...
Anyway just before filling the car with the junk from the garage, we decided to go to the post office to set some stuff up.
We meandered down Flora St and luckily Fiona woke me from my daze, and said aren't we going to the post office I snapped from daze and went to cross the road, I saw a red car coming on my right and a white van on my left, I decided as I have done hundreds of times to walk to the middle of the road like any psycho that has been crossing major roads for all their life and has been "bumped" by cars occasionally. It just makes you gamer cause you learn how to judge it better Darwin's theory at work.
Anyway so I crossed to the centre promptly stopped, Fiona waited on the kerb behind me, she isn't as foolhardy.
Anyway the guy in the van slows down leans out the window and says to me I better be careful cause his car would hurt, I said I am fine mate and thought nothing of it, of course Fiona saw someone having a go at her baby and stuck her finger up at him.
Well obviously this guy had had a bad day life, and felt that because he was so right he would make his point to us and everyone, nice and abusively of course.
So he gets out of his car and storms over everything he is wearing is screaming newbie tool, fake bluetooth headset, we exchange views for a minute me calmly saying I saw him, him yelling that he could have run me over. I noticed his phone, a nokia 6600 overprice ugly and cruddy, but it had Bluetooth, hence the fake bt headset being even funnier, so I pulled out my phone for a quick Blujacking revenge...heheh I am a funny man. But he sees me pull it out and thinks I am going to write down his number plate. By this stage cars are queued up behind his car beeping as he parked in the middle of the road.
He pulls out his phone and says "well if you wanna write down my number plate", he pulls out his massively ugly phone and goes to take my picture, I say "I don't give you permission to take my photo" he takes it anyway, Then takes Fiona's who by this stage is fuming, she steps up to him and says that what he has just done is illegal and he should be careful who he deals with, I agree, don't get on Fiona's bad side, not unless your crazy and stupid, who would want to make her mad :)
Anyway this little guy then storms off and we do our stuff in the post office and get a ham and cheese roll, then we hop in the car and I go I think he didn't go far we have a look, we drive like 100meters and there is the fan, well picture this F&#(er we ain't got no crappy half megapixel camera, we have some nice 5mp shots of your car outside either your house or mistresses house :P
Got damn revenge is sweet, I don't like the fact that some little whiney bitch who obviously has a fuse loose decides he wants to pick a fight with someone, who out numbers him in size, strength intellect and well personage.
Peace out all, except whiney little newbs.

Wednesday, February 11, 2004

Post Reloaded

FFS I hate when that happens I really do. It has happened twice I am about to post my Blog and the computer I am on crashes in some way In this instance I was just about to hit post and publish on my Blog when my browser Firebird crashes (Downloading Firefox at the moment). So don't blame me if this post is crappy cause I just can't remember everything I said in the last post, this post would've probably been crappy anyway.
On a side note out of sympathy for me, Fiona deleted one of her posts that made me rather sad as I know it is just a Blog, but really we are the only ones who read each others Blogs so that sort of makes them like our love letters, they should not be deleted or tampered with ever... she is reposting as I type. Now onto the post I tried to do earlier.

Long couple o days

Yesterday we signed the lease for our new place and as with us, it was not without incident. We signed for this Beautiful new place with wood floors... YAY.
Then after we signed we proceeded to set up the fish tank. But before we could get the fish tank in the house we couldn't open the door. The real estate agent had earlier had problems opening our lock, but not like this, I went and got some WD40 from the car and bobs your uncle (and marries your aunt, suppose it does depend on who you are though) the door opened in we went and setup and filled the fish tank, but the perfect place for it was not near a power point, besides we needed 3 in reality, so we went out to get a power board and long extension cord so that it wouldn't be in the way. On the way we picked up Marion to show her the place.
We drove there parked and went to open the door and YAY it wasn't opening again, only this time in my infinite wisdom I left the WD40 inside the house.
Great, so we stuffed around with the lock for 20minutes then called a locksmith, and over he came, checked the place said there was no way in but the front door, which is reassuring.
So he gets out his drill and drills away. During which Fiona said "so much to blog" she such a cute little geek-grl isn't she (check her blog out she has already posted). Then bam he has it open.
In we went and showed Marion around and set the tank up it is damn nice with its new filter. Needless to say we now have a new front door lock.
Then today I went back for my first day of TAFE this year. Interesting group of people in the class, but it happened again, someone leaned over during class after I made a smart arse correction of the teacher and said to me, why don't you get up and teach the class. HEHEH. I replied with well your being a smart arse too and I said damn three smart arses in one class (looking over at the other one behind him) I pity our teacher.
The MBR on the Hard drive I was given for my practical work was stuffed, which got my first day of class off to a nice start, I suggested to my teacher that if I could borrow a floppy disk I would be able to quickly fdisk it's mbr etc no probs, she just grabbed it off me 20minutes later I get it back to find it has been wow fdisk' Oh on floppy disks, the teacher made a classic statement, "Being all IT professionals you should have a floppy disk on you" I felt like standing up and holding my thumbdrive high in the air while singing the death knell of the floppy... but I didn't.
But she was trying, she first taught us network topologies like LAN, MAN and WAN, but where, oh where was PAN... I mean seriously it is still a network, however small.
And well some of the concepts where, well a little bit badly explained, like peer to peer networks which she explained as a network without any servers on it...hang on I thought and voiced to my classmates afterwards (even though I had the gist of what she meant) "Doesn't that mean any computer that is on a network sharing files instantly becomes a file server and hence in is no longer a peer to peer, meaning the only thing you could do on a peer to peer network of this definition is ping the shite out of another computer on the network" but I realised then as I do now that she means it doesn't have an authentication server. She also tried to teach us something she called server based networks which I know as client/server networks, but yeah same gist. All in all an interesting day, well see if it ends up being fun as I hope it will be.
A little more competition on the home front, competition has somewhat died down about folding@home, but I am sure blogshares a fictional game that makes Blogs worldwide shares, with fictional values, my old Blog page is worth over my current page is only worth 1000 ah well. Fiona's page is also only worth a 1000 so this could be This is why you should see over on the left the blogshares link, for a little while till I get bored of the clutter.
Adding a new section to my Blog that I will always sign out with my Bluejacked section, read my archives for more info. Hope I get some nasty emails via the address I sent via the Bluejack.
Bluejacked: Nokia 6310i, Sony-Ericsson T610, Nokia 6310i, Nokia 6310i, Nokia 6310i.
Peace out all.

Monday, February 09, 2004


Now I know it is an interesting title, the point to it is that I am now in Blogger A little blog game where I post on a subject every week. The theme this week is yep you guessed it Ooops. Now admittedly I have missed the first three weeks and this is week four of ??? meh we'll see should be fun. Now on to the post.
Very apt them methinks seeing as what happened today when we took Fiona in for her first day of tafe, being the caring fiancée I am I waited to make sure everything was alright, big F'ing ooops, no teacher, they had decided to change the class to an 11am start instead of a 9am start ah well, but then this guy comes in and say sorry but all your classes are belong to us. There all different now... ffs.
What couldn't the teacher get their ass out of bed by 9 in the morning ffs... we aren't all just professional dole collecting, austudy allowed tafe students, some of are paying taxes.
Now I know this theme is probably in relation to the whole ooopsy that Janet Jackson did, what showing her tit and all, but Myself and Fiona don't think so... we thinks she did it on purpose why else was her nipple decoratively pierced... skanky...sorry all you Janet Jackson fans, but it is true, either she was going to expose her bra to a billion people or as I believe she meant to show herself as a true Silicon Sister. Again I am sorry to those who think she is talented, hey I think Michael Jackson is talented, but I know he is a freaky freak... I should stop rambling. Here is the link back to the Blogger Idol game.
Peace Out all, even skankies.
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