Tuesday, May 04, 2004

Too busy with the wedding

I have finished the list of music for the wedding, if you don't like it meh, it is our wedding and we like it, it can be looked at here in plain text format. Eek it was a trouble getting it all together and deciding whether songs flowed on from each other.
I have been so busy that even when someone who presently will remain nameless is being a little shit, should he decide not to remain nameless and air his grievances I know about 40 other people who will happily throw said party overboard.
I still have yet to write my speech, and tomorrow we have heaps to do, up early to pick-up the hire car,then morning tea with Fiona's Cousin who is doing the photography, then to parramatta to get some good luck silver coins that we got on eBay, supposed to have them in your shoe or so I remember. Then off to Burwood to pick up the awesome wedding cake, then home to write the speech, pack our bags and collapse, I think that will about do it thanx :P
Peace out all.
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