Thursday, July 13, 2006

Lots to do

Lots to do but gotta post this first it floored me when I heard about it on an irc channel dedicated to ubuntu, specifically Phlosten on #ubuntu-au. There is a bigger version if you click it.

If you don't know the bottom cute little penguins is a complete copy of the tux penguin the mascot for Linux, which is fine I think it is allowed to be used for whatever if my quick google was right, more publicity the better, see tux below and a link to some history on the cute little guy.


Am I a geek, I saw a number plate the other day KHAN, and straight away imagined myself kneeling on the ground shouting KHAAAN to the sky above, as has been seen in Star Trek the original series. That and I have been reading the funny quotes on, including the one about how klingons speak Unix, that one made me laugh, so I guess I am a geek.
Seeing as I married a geek, a geek proginey would be expected, of course Fiona and I joke that Geoffrey will probably hate computers and love sport when he is older, but he already loves playing with keyboards as the earlier blog post on the email he sent me will attest. More than that now he has started crawling, fairly quickly, and being his geeky leanings he usually, whenever the door is not closed crawls straight for the server rack to look at and play with the pretty lights on the UPS at the bottom, he is so cute.
Today thanks to Fiona letting him play I had a conversation with him via ICQ. He was trying to communicate I don't think I am at his level yet.
In other Geoffrey related news he has started to pull himself up and stand leaning on things. He hasn't even learnt to crawl properly yet. His newest trick is to climb up onto his little couch and try and climb up on to the sofa, that and trying to clear everything off of the coffee table.
Back on computers, a very scary little article has been written by Richard Stallman the father of the free software movement, and thus Linux, BSD and a lot of programs everyone uses everyday. See here.
I agree with the article, I think DRM could very well be the end to not only freedom of speech but innovation, and life as we know it.
I saw an interesting free movie about the incredible documentary on Martin Luther King and his famous speech "I have a dream" that footage is copyright, and this will probably never be seen again, due to crazy copyright laws. DRM is just going to give more power to these orwellian copyright laws.
It is hard to protest about it though, the big proponents are Microsoft (actually it is easy not to use them) but intel, amd I can't use via's cpu's they aren't really that good. I don't know what to do short of lay down in the street when it starts to happen and have a tantrum.
Peace out all, except those DRM people I think they can only see the dollar and nothing else.
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