Wednesday, February 18, 2004

Welcome to Blogger ner ner

Blogger Idol week 5 is here and as I am want to do I am going to relate to a recent real world incident.
Picture this
We finished packing and moving from the Shire, don't feel so Hobbity anymore...
Anyway just before filling the car with the junk from the garage, we decided to go to the post office to set some stuff up.
We meandered down Flora St and luckily Fiona woke me from my daze, and said aren't we going to the post office I snapped from daze and went to cross the road, I saw a red car coming on my right and a white van on my left, I decided as I have done hundreds of times to walk to the middle of the road like any psycho that has been crossing major roads for all their life and has been "bumped" by cars occasionally. It just makes you gamer cause you learn how to judge it better Darwin's theory at work.
Anyway so I crossed to the centre promptly stopped, Fiona waited on the kerb behind me, she isn't as foolhardy.
Anyway the guy in the van slows down leans out the window and says to me I better be careful cause his car would hurt, I said I am fine mate and thought nothing of it, of course Fiona saw someone having a go at her baby and stuck her finger up at him.
Well obviously this guy had had a bad day life, and felt that because he was so right he would make his point to us and everyone, nice and abusively of course.
So he gets out of his car and storms over everything he is wearing is screaming newbie tool, fake bluetooth headset, we exchange views for a minute me calmly saying I saw him, him yelling that he could have run me over. I noticed his phone, a nokia 6600 overprice ugly and cruddy, but it had Bluetooth, hence the fake bt headset being even funnier, so I pulled out my phone for a quick Blujacking revenge...heheh I am a funny man. But he sees me pull it out and thinks I am going to write down his number plate. By this stage cars are queued up behind his car beeping as he parked in the middle of the road.
He pulls out his phone and says "well if you wanna write down my number plate", he pulls out his massively ugly phone and goes to take my picture, I say "I don't give you permission to take my photo" he takes it anyway, Then takes Fiona's who by this stage is fuming, she steps up to him and says that what he has just done is illegal and he should be careful who he deals with, I agree, don't get on Fiona's bad side, not unless your crazy and stupid, who would want to make her mad :)
Anyway this little guy then storms off and we do our stuff in the post office and get a ham and cheese roll, then we hop in the car and I go I think he didn't go far we have a look, we drive like 100meters and there is the fan, well picture this F&#(er we ain't got no crappy half megapixel camera, we have some nice 5mp shots of your car outside either your house or mistresses house :P
Got damn revenge is sweet, I don't like the fact that some little whiney bitch who obviously has a fuse loose decides he wants to pick a fight with someone, who out numbers him in size, strength intellect and well personage.
Peace out all, except whiney little newbs.
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