I am obviously into computers, specifically IT Security (web security, architecture, Incident response and Forensics), but also science, board and card games, and all things geeky. Father of two wonderfully sweet kids, married to a wonderful, strong, intelligent woman. I am an atheist, and rational skeptic.

I tweet @morgankstorey fairly often on atheism and IT Security and Hacking, though usually only original thoughts when I am incensed or impressed by someones behavior on TV, or at a conference or talk.

I have at one time or other been a member of various computer groups, ranging from an Amiga users group through to more recently Sydney Linux Users group and Windows Infrastructure Users group (defunct), Ruxmon, Sectalks. I am currently certified as MCSE:Security, CEH, A+, CISSP... but have worked in Security so long, I probably need to do other things like my OSCP (when I get time). I go to hackers conferences fairly frequently, and really want to get a team together to do a CTF one of these days.

I also blog here, on the home page and http://security.morganstorey.com and http://atheism.morganstorey.com obviously if one of the self-explanatory blogs above doesn't suit you, don't read it.
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