If you do a lookup on this domain you will see I am obviously into computers, specifically IT Security (web security, architecture, Incident response and Forensics). I'm also interested in science, board and card games, and all things geeky. Father of two wonderfully sweet kids an atheist, and rational skeptic.

I tweet @morgankstorey, and have moved to Mastodon ahead of the Twitterpocalypse :D.

I have at one time or other been a member of various computer groups, ranging from an Amiga users group through to more recently Sydney Linux Users group and Windows Infrastructure Users group (defunct), Ruxmon, Sectalks, AISA, and ISACA. I am currently certified as MCSE:Security, CEH, CISSP, CISM, CRISC and recently completed my first SANS certification the GSTRT, following that up with the GDSA. I have worked in Security so long, I finally decided to do some tertiary work, have completed my Cybersecurity bachelors and my Cybersecurity Masters. I go to hackers conferences fairly frequently, and did my first CTF at CrikeyCon and managed to get 4th (out of 63) in our first year.

I started very young in tech. In the early 80's I rescued some literal mainframes from a soon to be demolished building. I wired them together in my parent's laundry with a 12v power supply. With an LCD screen, I'd salvaged from a dead calculator, as my Dad watched stunned, random numbers came up on the LCD, I tried various other outputs like motors I'd salvaged from toys, till one day I came home devastated that they'd been thrown out in a spring clean.

I moved on from there, using social engineering to get more internet time at school (back when it was timed). Till I finally decided I should probably move into a tech role. I've been in IT since 1998, starting on an ISP help-desk. I quickly moved through to doing support for all sorts of clients from big telcos through to small to medium enterprises.

I wanted to focus on security, so moved into a consultancy that would give me that opportunity. I focused on web and internet security. Administering firewalls, IDS/IPS, web servers, anti-virus deployments, and novel research on virus propagation and variants.

I moved from there into my current role. Where I have focused on Web and Cybersecurity. Building the companies capabilities in these spaces, and advising on security architecture.

My specialties include management of risk, web security, vulnerability management, and large enterprise Security architecture teams, projects and technical processes.

I also blog here, on the home page and http://security.morganstorey.com and http://atheism.morganstorey.com obviously if one of the self-explanatory blogs above doesn't suit you, don't read it.

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