Friday, July 29, 2005

Happy SysAdmins Day
Didn't really have any celebration at work beyond the usual aforementioned beer-o'clock, we as always were too busy to do that, I did however send around a couple of funny sysadmin/IT pictures and a song that we even played at our wedding, though no one heard it, and I still listen to it on my phone... Giggaflapping.. about a gigE port going down sung to the tune of tubthumper... find it here
Heres a funny picture I spotted, all-be-it I have a life and a family, even though I do like big disk arrays :)

Peace out all.

Are my Hands supposed to shake like this?

Too many V black, they are a good drink and all but should not be given away to geeks free... I Had one this morning to drink and then on the way to a clients I got handed one free and then on the way back had another handed to me... The funny thing was seeing the group of elderly retirees sculling them down... gonna be some fun tonight in the retirement home. Fortunately it being Friday and beer-o'clock time I have had something to slow me down...ever so slightly...
Peace out all, especially those that nice people who gave me caffeine and tuarine...

Thursday, July 07, 2005

I am a Hacker

Well according to this shockwave movie I am... Yes I do own a wireless network antenna, and hey I have used some of the tools they mentioned, hell I have even cracked wep, but nefarious means were not my intention. I wrdrive cause I find it fun, I cracked 64bit wep at an old workplace I already knew the key but wanted to see if I could do it, and I own an antenna, cause I thought it would be cool, and again to see if I could build one myself, turns out I can.
I do agree though with the subtext of the movie, peoples wireless networks are way to insecure, and tools to hack them are easier to use than tools to protect them, but they do over-dramatise it just a little (see lots). Likelihood that you will get "hacked"...low, unless their is something the hacker wants, I don't consider myself a hacker, just a geek, and what they showed were the tactics of script kiddies, not hackers...
These people need to read the ethical hacker, and see that not everyone who owns a car with a wireless antenna on the roof is out to "steal your identity" or "read your emails" goddamn emails of other people are boring, and hell they are sent in plain text across the net anyway.
I think the site has some good idea's but probably go over the top to impress these idea's on n00bs. Maybe I will write an article if I get time on how to do your own site survey, a sort of response to this self promoting propaganda.
Peace out all, even Lucidlink with their n00b scaring tactics.

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

You have lost the lead

I got quake 3 working on linux the other day, I am so proud of myself, truth be told though it took less time than the install to Fiona's pc. Even the updates and mods seem to work ok, very cool, I still need to reinstall my os due to wrongly partitioning it when I installed, I probably should have given more than 5gb for my root partition...
I worked out where I had seen that thing in Mexico, a game I owned on our Amiga500 back in the early 90's SimEarth, one of the technological phases of sentient life was the Nanotech age its icon here: pretty similar with that Mexican thing hey?
My site btw has been down the last few days as for some reason my raid5 array decided it wanted to go offline a few times, you have no idea how sickly I feel when faced with losing all my data, photos and what not, especially scary when disc management says two drives in the set failed.
I am in the process of backing up the whole array to the 300gb sata drive I have then, I may see if I can rebuild it on a hardware controller, rather than this software one, which seems to be both flaky and slow... definitely losing the lead.
Hehe nice how I tied the heading into the opening paragraph and the last one huh.
Baby is due in 7 weeks today, so exciting, I actually saw an arm the other day as it move underneath Fiona's skin, taking a swipe at her internal organs because she had leaned forward a little too much, funny. I can't wait to meet the little guy, and I can't wait for Fiona to feel better. We learnt he likes Queen, Evanescence and Anastasia... kid has good taste :)
Peace out all Especially our dancing little Foetus.
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