Thursday, December 16, 2004

We're all living in Amerika

Zlatko and I used to joke/partly hope(except for the guns) when we were in high-school that Australia was the 51st state of America, today it has been emphasised by a comment made by George W the 3rd aka our leader, little Johnny Howard and I quote "Australia isn't going to sign the kyoto agreement, because America didn't" WTF. Now I agree the kyoto agreement probably isn't strict enough, but it is a start.
It is a bit of a scare tactic but I happened upon a site that tells you how many planet earth's would be required if everyone lived like you. I used to be jokingly proud of my 3.5 earth's required for me, but it isn't sustainable people.
I suppose I am geek with hippy blood, hence the reason I really can't stand seeing pc's thrown out (all that lead & mercury) and when I can afford it I am going to replace my gas guzzler with electric or compressed air powered vehicles.
Oh for those who don't know I started going to UNSW gamers a while back and I was determined to bring a game everyone could enjoy, I never managed to get solarquest or cluedo out of the car, they seemed to puerile, and were missing pieces so no point. Instead I decided to make a deck of Hot Death Uno cards, so I did, we have since had some glorious games, I added some cards as I felt the need for more special cards, and at a family do this weekend we had lots of fun testing these new cards...till 2am, very much fun, thanks goes out to all the Hot death Uno People and to Zlatko who thought of a Majority of the new cards, as well as the willing testers; Matthew, Leanne, Anthea, Michael. My Rules are here. I found that just writing on the cards is much better than the methods described at the hot death site, except for the fact that my writing is illegible and disgusting, aren't you glad my blog is typed :P
Peace out all.

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