Saturday, December 31, 2005

At six o'clock we go live!

Not bad, around 7 days to get the dsl installed here, and the page you are viewing is now hosted on our new faster, better backboned, dsl.
We have two internet connections now too... which is drool city. Fiona's mum had cable already, so rather than get rid of that and move to slower dsl, we decided it would be prudent to keep both. This way if one goes slow, I can simply switch the dhcp servers details so most computers move to one connection and leave the other with minimal. It also means that I had to increase the size and complexity of the network, something I would not say "no" to.
I had a router that I rescued from work, a watchguard soho, so I found out how to reset it and set it up on the cable. It looks like it has some nice features, but most disabled due to the need to register and pay for said features. I then simply connected Fiona's mum's pc to the router and the router to the switch thus connecting it to the greater network. Today the dsl came up and the other router got an ip, all its settings still intact it was simply a matter of changing the web servers default gateway and the dns entries for the domains and it is up.
In other Geoffrey related news, he has started to attempt to try and crawl...heheh it is very cute. He has also begun to use his hands more coordinately, grabbing his bottle, dummy, teddy etc and bringing them to his mouth. Very good to watch. He is still a very happy kid, laughing and smiling when mummy makes a silly face or daddy makes a silly noise.
All in all it was a good Christmas, we got some great photos and video of him in his little Christmas outfit next to our minuscule tree sitting on his little couch with his presents pilled up around him.
Peace out all and happy new years for tonight.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Violence brings one thing, more and more of the same

If you don't know, Cronulla just south of Sydney has been the seen of a
little bit of "racially" motivated violence recently. Some men of
Lebanese decent attacked a couple of anglo-celtic volunteer lifeguards.
This is deplorable, but what is worse is the violence that followed.
First an sms in sighting violence, then a gathering of 5000+ anglo-celtic
Australians, and then more violence as they attacked more than likely
innocent people of different decent. Of course the blame can be put on
the alcohol that was consumed or the mob mentality, or even the neo-nazi
protagonists that were invariably drawn to such and event. But the blame
resides with every person who committed the violence.
The blame lies with the radio presenters who stirred the pot by putting
it on the air.
But then to make matters worse their was of course retaliation, that
night hundreds of cars were heavily damaged, and already another sms has
gone around to get more revenge this weekend.
Where will it end? All out war, possibly. Violence begets violence, and
both sides should be ashamed of themselves.
On another less serious note, this website will probably be down for a
little while as I am moving house. I am moving in with my mother-in-law,
no jokes, we unlike the stereotype get along. Having some very
interesting conversations about current events, history, and politics.
She also likes the same board and card games as Fiona and I.
So the move will mean till our dsl is up at the new place that the
website will be done, or at least a pale reflection of itself. Our email
will probably work, but again be a pale reflection of itself.
Peace out all, especially drunken anglo-celtics and Lebanese.

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