Monday, April 05, 2004

Must post, must post.

Been busy getting married in a month so that will happen I suppose... Everything is getting organised and we are getting on top of things. Gotta go see the celebrant again tomorrow and hand in our homework...
I just been getting into a new webcomic Queen of wands will definitely be making my link list some are going to be removed though as some have lost me... queen of wands is fabulously drawn, witty, and the story-line is so compelling and relateable, well not the bit about living with your wife's best friend who happens to be your ex... odd... Got some classic one liners in it as well. The only problem and it makes me sad is that I got up to date with it.
Been rather annoyed at Saturday scruples they look like they are never going to post ah well, and looks like my server at home will get an upgrade in speed, we'll see... as commindico has decided that it would like to abandon the broadband market and speed cap its plans :P
Well should go home now I was supposed to have already finished
Peace out all.
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