Friday, May 14, 2004

Happy Birzdays too me

Suppose I'd better blog that I am having a good birthday still in the Whitsundays, had a good day went para-sailing that was awesome and scary at the same time, I think Fiona put it best saying "Part of me wants to stay up here forever another part wants them to bring us down". Then we went on the jet ski, 900cc's, about 100hp of grunt, goddamn they go fast and have good acceleration I got it up to 73km/h which may not seem like much but when your in something that little on even slightly wavy (the waves were about 20cm high) water it seems a lot quicker... I want one, Fiona had a go to, and after doing her wifley duty telling me not to go to fast, she went about 73 too :|
Fun though, then I could make fun of her later :P
Doing this from a webcafe in Airlie Beach, had thirty minutes left from when we came in the other day to check our email and transfer some money to our card account, so I better go.
Oh yeah the post bellow will be slowly updated till it is up to date of our honeymoon, all the pictures we took should eventually be put in the folder too, at present they're in the wrong directory, you need to look under misc.*correction I moved them VNC is a wonderful thing, they are now in the reefworld directory
Peace out all.

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