Thursday, January 20, 2005

How Rude

Forgive the Jar-jar Binks quote but the below image is a bit rude. Malware/adware for firefox, the first time I have been infected, of course it was just a right click delete kind of cure :P

Still Rude though, don't know what site I was visiting to get that... When is it going to end, I think we should put a bounty on the Malware and spammers of the world, get you know 20% of the money they are sued for etc, get all these uber-geeks and hax0rs taking em down it'd be good, like the old days of bounties for rats, this time instead of rats it is the predatory net lamers, and instead of starving kids, it is the starving out of work computer geniuses, it is brilliant.
Anyway peace out all.

Sunday, January 16, 2005

How much are you worth

On that last post how much I am worth, I think I should sell a 30% share and I can maintain controlling interest. Then use the 570,000(odd) to get a nice house in the burbs... Now I just gotta find a buyer...Seeing it is only 30% I retain controlling interest, but how would I give the owner(s) dividends, and what do I do if my value drops which it more than likely will..hmm... and if they own 30% and I am unconscious would they get control of me... weird questions...
Well any takers?
Peace out all.

Hi everybody

Yes I am still here, haven't posted since last year so I better post.
To everyone Merry Christmas, Happy Hanuka, Crazy Kwanza and a Solemn Ramadan... oh yeah and happy New year... Just a short post before I go to bed.
I have turned into a bit of a board game geek going to gamers on Friday nights and buying board games from my youth off eBay, as well as getting ones that are of high acclaim. Oh btw read the below thingy...
I am worth $1,930,070.00 on
Peace out all.
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