Sunday, June 22, 2008

The times they are a changing.

I have decided to remove the old standard picture up the top to make the blog more central. It has been there since I had my website on geocities in 97, so it is over 10 years now.
Other changes have happened. I got a new job and have started: Internal to a company as a Security specialist. I started Wednesday. So far it has been a very good experience, almost everything I have seen has been setup in a way that I would do, which is a good sign. Even have a table tennis table and I am not the worse player in the IT team.
In other news Marion bought us a yearly Zoo pass so Geoffrey, Anne, Fiona and myself have gone to the Zoo a couple of times now, check my flickr for some of the photos. Another photo you will spot there is our care hitting 666km.. heheh. It has gone well beyond that ominous number now, and even had it's first service.
Today we had a nice morning tea with Anthea and Michael, and Geoffrey was sad to see them go. Geoffrey has started drawing and painting, he has chalk and loves chalking the coffee table, so I am looking over at our chalked table... He is cute, he has started playing mummy and daddy against each other too, when one of us says no, he looks at the other for input.
Well I guess that is enough of my inane ramblings.
Peace out all.
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