Wednesday, January 21, 2004

Notice anything odd...
Hmm I can see it but then again I know, I'll post the answer later just to get whoever thinking...

On a side note dad came over today after I did some more running around to get my business a little more setup, we now have a business account and cheque book, w00t.
Oh I went to a new Live Role Playing on the weekend, much fun, it was only for the day... and I should say much fun except for the burning and the sunstroke and the pain in the glaiven... linkage here there is even a picture of me there fighting and walking into battle, I played a monster meaning the baddies. See my LRP site for more info on LRP (aka Live Role Playing). Determined now seeing the success of these guys to have my lrp up and running in about 12 months...yeah a long time frame but I'll get there.
Still waiting for Saturday scruples to start backup, wtf is going on, 10th of January has been and gone people, put that margarita down and get back to work :P
Well Peace out all.
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