Saturday, December 31, 2005

At six o'clock we go live!

Not bad, around 7 days to get the dsl installed here, and the page you are viewing is now hosted on our new faster, better backboned, dsl.
We have two internet connections now too... which is drool city. Fiona's mum had cable already, so rather than get rid of that and move to slower dsl, we decided it would be prudent to keep both. This way if one goes slow, I can simply switch the dhcp servers details so most computers move to one connection and leave the other with minimal. It also means that I had to increase the size and complexity of the network, something I would not say "no" to.
I had a router that I rescued from work, a watchguard soho, so I found out how to reset it and set it up on the cable. It looks like it has some nice features, but most disabled due to the need to register and pay for said features. I then simply connected Fiona's mum's pc to the router and the router to the switch thus connecting it to the greater network. Today the dsl came up and the other router got an ip, all its settings still intact it was simply a matter of changing the web servers default gateway and the dns entries for the domains and it is up.
In other Geoffrey related news, he has started to attempt to try and crawl...heheh it is very cute. He has also begun to use his hands more coordinately, grabbing his bottle, dummy, teddy etc and bringing them to his mouth. Very good to watch. He is still a very happy kid, laughing and smiling when mummy makes a silly face or daddy makes a silly noise.
All in all it was a good Christmas, we got some great photos and video of him in his little Christmas outfit next to our minuscule tree sitting on his little couch with his presents pilled up around him.
Peace out all and happy new years for tonight.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Violence brings one thing, more and more of the same

If you don't know, Cronulla just south of Sydney has been the seen of a
little bit of "racially" motivated violence recently. Some men of
Lebanese decent attacked a couple of anglo-celtic volunteer lifeguards.
This is deplorable, but what is worse is the violence that followed.
First an sms in sighting violence, then a gathering of 5000+ anglo-celtic
Australians, and then more violence as they attacked more than likely
innocent people of different decent. Of course the blame can be put on
the alcohol that was consumed or the mob mentality, or even the neo-nazi
protagonists that were invariably drawn to such and event. But the blame
resides with every person who committed the violence.
The blame lies with the radio presenters who stirred the pot by putting
it on the air.
But then to make matters worse their was of course retaliation, that
night hundreds of cars were heavily damaged, and already another sms has
gone around to get more revenge this weekend.
Where will it end? All out war, possibly. Violence begets violence, and
both sides should be ashamed of themselves.
On another less serious note, this website will probably be down for a
little while as I am moving house. I am moving in with my mother-in-law,
no jokes, we unlike the stereotype get along. Having some very
interesting conversations about current events, history, and politics.
She also likes the same board and card games as Fiona and I.
So the move will mean till our dsl is up at the new place that the
website will be done, or at least a pale reflection of itself. Our email
will probably work, but again be a pale reflection of itself.
Peace out all, especially drunken anglo-celtics and Lebanese.

Sunday, November 20, 2005

Hmm a blog to test

Here I am sitting on the train after another long day at work. Before I
left however I read about a system that allows me to blog via email, so
I can compose this on the train and then send it later, is the theory
anyway, I guess we will see if it works.
I have had an interesting day, clients in the morning to setup a new pc,
then into the city to have lunch with Fiona, Geoffrey and Andrea. Then
off to a couple of clients after lunch, setup a print server, which was
surprisingly easy, it really renews my faith in netgear, after a fiasco
with another clients netgear wireless router and its dismal signal strength.
But I digress, this post should be interesting for all that read it.
Geoffrey had his shots yesterday, which we weren't happy about, and he
wasn't happy about it at the time, but seems over it now.
We are keeping up his vitaminC intake to make sure his immune system can
handle these chemicals in his system.
I got my new rack mount case, which I am going to join to the case
currently housing r2d2, to make an 8ru case with the bottom case going
to be used to store a plethora of current and future hard drives, for
"our digital life"... heheh if hard drives and storage are the new
bling, then I am the bling master :)
I actually heard an interesting analogy today, that the timekeeping
industry is the computer industry of yesteryear. Both are highly
technical, both demanded perfection and a high degree of technical
expertise, I am sure at one stage they would have had
Chonographic-consultants. There was even one story that 300years ago the
British navy offered the princely sum of 25,000 pounds (yikes that would
have been a lot back then) for a highly accurate clock design with which
to aid in the navigation of their navy. The whole timekeeping industry,
was sort of turned on its head when the whole design of quartz clocks
were developed, accuracy became a standard feature.
Perhaps this is what will happen with the computer industry, someone
will finish the quantum computer, and further advancement will not
really be needed. Computational tasks, every computational task may take
mere milli-seconds. Storage will be infinite, bandwidth infinite. It
will make for an interesting time, will software keep up? Perhaps with
these super chips we could get them to design the ultimate os and do
away with human mistakes, perhaps then computers will peak, people will
never need to upgrade and everything will just work... heheh yeah
that'll be the day.
Peace out all.

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

haw haw, dats Funny

I have seen some funny things in my life. Including episodes for Family Guy, South park, and many others. But real life takes the cake. Geez it is hard to think of examples when I put myself on the spot like this. But a recent one comes to mind, I received an email that said Our internet connection is down...huh?
I suppose this isn't the first such incident, while working for a internet service provider; "my connection is down" (then from the background, the unmistakable sound of outlook express receiving an email) "then what was that I would say", "oh I can get my email, but my internet connection is down, fix your damn network"
Heheh, all fun.
It is good to see Geoffrey has inherited his Mother and Fathers sense of humour, finding laughter in almost anything.

Isn't he a cutie, yes he has started to laugh more, spent an hour on the couch last night tickling him and making silly faces, I even said to him that his smiles and laughter are like nicotine for me, "hmmm addictive" :)
Peace out all.

Friday, November 04, 2005

What we do while bored.

This is a test that I can type and people think that I am typing something important, but really I am doing some war-training... heheh...maybe I should blog this, if I find an open ap, maybe that is what I should do with my new found mobility.
So that is an excerpt from what I typed on the train on the way home. With MrHankey my "new" laptop, a rescued thin Toshiba, that actually has a decent working battery.
I am typing all this on the train, oops have to finish later here comes my stop.
Next afternoon... As usual I worked late, had to fix users problems after all, I keep saying if I do it now it will be less to do tomorrow...of course this is completely flawed and me doing work now instead of putting it off to tomorrow means more is expected of me the next day and more work rises up to take the completed works place. Ah well, tis the life we lead.
I have been contemplating an article I read why windows sucks and I agree with it... all-be-it I am currently typing this on a windows 2000 laptop in...notepad hehehe.
I especially find the statement that all "variants" of each release are the same, and when it boils down to it they are each the same, just with minor patches, so the desktop most of you are running is the same as the server you are connected to... same kernel.
Ah you in the know may say, but linux is just a kernal, it is all the same kernal from desktop to server... not 100% true considering most desktops don't have the smp kernal installed but true all the same, see windows server was built on a desktop kernal. Linux as a desktop has a kernal that was built for a server... see why windows sucks.
Of course this and the fact that most linux programmers are uber-geeks is part of the reason for linux's slow uptake, not user friendly enough.
Ubuntu is changing that but it needs a shove, Windows Vista and its DRM (Data not Really yours Mate). DRM will mean you may not be able to run even a program you write, or may all of a sudden be denied access to your own files..lovely. I am sticking to 2k/xp and linux, this pc only has 2000 as A it has an oem license and I need to connect to windows VPN's and use windows only netstumbler.
On an awesome note Geoffrey is two months old... he is laughing, commando crawling and being infinitely cute...
So this is what I think about on the train, oops almost my stop l8r.
So anyway the lateness of this post is due to me remembering about it after coming back from the toilet.
Peace out all.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

This is a confusing world we live in

I wrote this in a note on my pda on the train from and too work this morning, so forgive it's bad grammar and rambling nature.
After reading a fairly ominous article linked from the front page of one of my favourite websites overclockers, I wanted to know more on the subject did a quick google, and surprise surprise its unsubstantiated clap trap. But that gets me to thinking how much do we hear straight from the source... Next-to-nothing it is all filtered through some third party.
For example who is to say that in China this post isn't changed to espouse the virtues of the communist government, or that in America the word Australia is replaced with U.S.A...heheh and if cnnnn is to be believed some Americans geography leaves a lot to be desired.
Even the independent media available on the net goes through proxies gateways and routers who is to say it is not changed...well I don't think it is. But the big media companies certainly put there own slant on things. For example I saw on the cover of MX (a free newspaper in Sydney owned by Murdoch) an article on the new employee privacy laws, when I used to pickup this paper it was very biased and one sided but this article did effect my job and my clients, so I almost picked it up, till I remembered this was not the source but some filtered, biased version of the truth, I decided there that I would instead go to the source; the Australian industrial relations website.
So what have we learnt today, well in newspapers take everything with a grain of salt, on the net take everything with a pound of salt unless it is corroborated by several reputable sources, which is why I like sites like google-watch and wiki-news, (news that you submit yourself.
Peace out all, even our more creative journos and controlling billionaires.

Monday, October 10, 2005

Yay ME

I love being a Dad, it has been over a month and I couldn't be happier. Geoffrey is such a good kid, and I thank the divine everyday for how lucky we are... 5 fingers, 5 toes, can obviously see, hear, touch and taste, and seems very alert and strong, what more could you ask for... except a smile, which he has done, and he has even laughed when Fiona and I laughed.
On another Yay for me note, I discovered a virus...sorta... One of our clients received an email they thought was dubious, our virus scanner on the server and on the clients pc hadn't picked it up. I got the client to email it to me so I could have a look at it. I was determined it was a virus, I scanned it with several free and our own corporate scanner, and several online scanners, to no avail. I submitted it to our corporate scanners research department. Then I scanned it with clamwin, an open source scanner based on the unix clamav, and it returned a result... I had found one of the first cases of Sober.R... our corporate virus scanner replied back that it was called sober.R and updated their definitions, w00t.
Below is a test I did, haven't done one of these in a while but this one looked fun, it is a what type of rpg character are you...

Smart Paladin

66% Combativeness, 40% Sneakiness, 82% Intellect, 66% Spirituality

Valorous! Noble! Or possibly just a self-righteous jerk (but with the
brains to keep you alive!)... You are a Smart Paladin!

Paladins are holy warriors. They are valorous defenders of the
light. Unfortunately, most of them are so ardent in their defense they
tend to meet sticky ends faster than you can say "rampaging red
dragon." Many people look up to Paladins, while others just consider
them stuck up, overbearing, or self-righteous.

Fortunately for you, unlike most Paladins, you're pretty smart.
Which means that you're more likely to fall into the "admired"
category, rather than the "obnoxious" or "dead" categories.

Much like the crusades, you manage to combine violence and
religion, though unlike the crusades, you add a healthy does of
intelligence. You may be a staunch defender of the faith, a valorous
champion of the weak, or the stuff that jihads are made of. Which ever
one you are, just be happy that you’ve got the smarts to back it up and
make it work.

My test tracked 4 variables How you compared to other people your age and gender:
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You scored higher than 72% on Combativeness
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You scored higher than 52% on Sneakiness
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You scored higher than 75% on Intellect
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Link: The RPG Class Test written by MFlowers on Ok Cupid, home of the 32-Type Dating Test

Peace out all, especially the Sober.R programmers who i thwarted...

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Have I got a Storey to tell

Well not really actually but I have one to introduce, the newest edition to the Storey/Henderson Clan and making Fiona and I, a family; Geoffrey Storey.

Entering the world this day at 7:17pm (The doctors said 7:16pm) weighing 4.13kgs and measuring in at 50cm...and poking his tongue out at everyone like the little smarty he is.
Oh yeah and you can start disregarding the below and start regarding the above.
Peace out all, especially Geoffrey and his Beautiful Mummy.

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Please Disregard the above

Like a true Storey, he is late. He is technically home, but still inside Fiona.
We have shown him round his room and his toys and tried to tempt him out with chocolates and promises of hugs and the ability to play with said toys, doesn't seem to have worked.
So everyone we are still at condition red...hehehe... we are on high alert, people have been calling me when they have had missed calls thinking that, I am now a Father... so you can see the kind of alert people are on.
On another computorial note, I have a rack, it is 42ru of computer mounting glory, I have rack-mounted my 24-port hub, and put a shelf in for the modem and routers, and another shelf for the current computers, of which I am buying a rack-mountable case for at least one of them.
On yet another note, I upgraded one of the old computers I was given and re-installed win95 (goddamn this is a blast from the past), and got an old game that I used to love and installed it; Rocket Jockey!
Wooohoo, I love this game, now if only someone would make an open source multiplayer lan/net game it would be the ultimate game. Oh yeah this new computers name, Delorean as it is a blast from the past...get it :P
Heheh on a more nuptial note Fiona just said today to get the little guy out she is going to have: chilli powder, eggs, and curry powder... and asparagus just to annoy me.
Peace out all.

Monday, August 01, 2005

I am the proxy bitch

Back when I worked at Teletech, one of the guys there Leon got a promotion to the network support staff, they quickly had him learn the proxy config, and he became the administrator for the proxy.
Being that I knew him and emailed him, I would email him directly and ask him to un-proxy pages. Quickly I developed a nick-name for him... "the proxy bitch"
As apt as it is, I now admin the proxy for one of our clients, and you know what, I don't mind being the proxy bitch. I don't mind, denying and allowing access to pages, it is somewhat fun (and I suppose voyeuristic) to see what people want access to or want access to blocked.
So I am the proxy bitch and I am happy to be. Now to setup Mr.Teeny at home with squid so I can be a proxy bitch at home :) I even joked to Fiona that I would block eBay, which I jokingly did some months ago at our router.
Peace Out all, especially us Proxy Bitches.

Friday, July 29, 2005

Happy SysAdmins Day
Didn't really have any celebration at work beyond the usual aforementioned beer-o'clock, we as always were too busy to do that, I did however send around a couple of funny sysadmin/IT pictures and a song that we even played at our wedding, though no one heard it, and I still listen to it on my phone... Giggaflapping.. about a gigE port going down sung to the tune of tubthumper... find it here
Heres a funny picture I spotted, all-be-it I have a life and a family, even though I do like big disk arrays :)

Peace out all.

Are my Hands supposed to shake like this?

Too many V black, they are a good drink and all but should not be given away to geeks free... I Had one this morning to drink and then on the way to a clients I got handed one free and then on the way back had another handed to me... The funny thing was seeing the group of elderly retirees sculling them down... gonna be some fun tonight in the retirement home. Fortunately it being Friday and beer-o'clock time I have had something to slow me down...ever so slightly...
Peace out all, especially those that nice people who gave me caffeine and tuarine...

Thursday, July 07, 2005

I am a Hacker

Well according to this shockwave movie I am... Yes I do own a wireless network antenna, and hey I have used some of the tools they mentioned, hell I have even cracked wep, but nefarious means were not my intention. I wrdrive cause I find it fun, I cracked 64bit wep at an old workplace I already knew the key but wanted to see if I could do it, and I own an antenna, cause I thought it would be cool, and again to see if I could build one myself, turns out I can.
I do agree though with the subtext of the movie, peoples wireless networks are way to insecure, and tools to hack them are easier to use than tools to protect them, but they do over-dramatise it just a little (see lots). Likelihood that you will get "hacked"...low, unless their is something the hacker wants, I don't consider myself a hacker, just a geek, and what they showed were the tactics of script kiddies, not hackers...
These people need to read the ethical hacker, and see that not everyone who owns a car with a wireless antenna on the roof is out to "steal your identity" or "read your emails" goddamn emails of other people are boring, and hell they are sent in plain text across the net anyway.
I think the site has some good idea's but probably go over the top to impress these idea's on n00bs. Maybe I will write an article if I get time on how to do your own site survey, a sort of response to this self promoting propaganda.
Peace out all, even Lucidlink with their n00b scaring tactics.

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

You have lost the lead

I got quake 3 working on linux the other day, I am so proud of myself, truth be told though it took less time than the install to Fiona's pc. Even the updates and mods seem to work ok, very cool, I still need to reinstall my os due to wrongly partitioning it when I installed, I probably should have given more than 5gb for my root partition...
I worked out where I had seen that thing in Mexico, a game I owned on our Amiga500 back in the early 90's SimEarth, one of the technological phases of sentient life was the Nanotech age its icon here: pretty similar with that Mexican thing hey?
My site btw has been down the last few days as for some reason my raid5 array decided it wanted to go offline a few times, you have no idea how sickly I feel when faced with losing all my data, photos and what not, especially scary when disc management says two drives in the set failed.
I am in the process of backing up the whole array to the 300gb sata drive I have then, I may see if I can rebuild it on a hardware controller, rather than this software one, which seems to be both flaky and slow... definitely losing the lead.
Hehe nice how I tied the heading into the opening paragraph and the last one huh.
Baby is due in 7 weeks today, so exciting, I actually saw an arm the other day as it move underneath Fiona's skin, taking a swipe at her internal organs because she had leaned forward a little too much, funny. I can't wait to meet the little guy, and I can't wait for Fiona to feel better. We learnt he likes Queen, Evanescence and Anastasia... kid has good taste :)
Peace out all Especially our dancing little Foetus.

Monday, June 27, 2005

Google Maps owns me

My Mother-in-Law said it best when we were talking about google maps, I am an arm chair traveller now... but another what the hell is that, this time in London. This one looks like lots of little craters. Curious. At first I though it may have been where they are doing some construction, but it is like 100city blocks in size, and even some of the city blocks around it are pockmarked, very interesting indeed.
No one answered me on the thing in Mexico, and I couldn't find anything in google on it, the only half plausible answer I got is Mexico is building Killer Klowns of Mass Destruction, from Zlatko...
Peace out all.

Friday, June 24, 2005

The World is an amazing place.

I discovered thanks to the ocau forums google maps today, a very cool tool. During my lunch break I tried to follow the road from Ularu (is it just me or does it look like a big spear head?) to Darwin... that's a long way, I didn't get there during my lunch break... I did however find Zlatko's house and email it to him.
But on Google maps the Sydney CBD is blurred out so I got a better picture of it from here, also managed to get one of home as well, you can even see the same cars parked on our street...
So I was doing some virtual browsing with the google maps, looking at New York, and the Statue of Liberty and the Harbour Bridge etc, then I wanted to have a look at Mexico city and I found this now can anyone tell me what the hell that is... it is pretty big and very odd looking, could the Mexicans be developing some colourful WMD's?
Here are some other map links;
- Just a links site, but it Has the Neverland Ranch, Bill gates house and area 51???
- An obvious ancient meteorite crater, I found a couple of these as well as a weird rock formation(in a circle) around a green patch al-la lost world, but I forgot to save the link and can't find it.
So anyone know what the thing in Mexico is I am most intrigued.
Peace out all, even world domination aspiring Mexicans.

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

OMG Update...

And I don't mean just the blog part I updated the actual page, and added a new "feature", I have been toying with the idea of having a moblog of sorts for a while as I like taking photos with my digicam they can be seen here but really, I needed something more, so I looked around there are ways to do it server side, and I will get to that but for the time being will do, they are awesome in fact. So clicky on the left to have a looky. You will need to signup to see larger pictures, that and the big moblog logo are the crux that will make me setup my own server side thingy eventually, but for now enjoy.
Peace out all, even Deer Horn Dealers...

Sunday, May 22, 2005

Revenge of the fans

I don't know what was going through Lucas' head when he rubber stamped episode three, but I have a good guess, this is going to make me a heap of money on its opening weekend, and a ton of money in merchandising. Not once did he think this is going to be a classic that will be ageless like 4,5,6... but then again it does follow the same line of thought that was used in episode 1 and 2.
Yes I have seen it, and I wished I could have demanded the $30 and 2 hours of my life back, it was worse than episode 1 or 2, they were at least mildly adventurous and entertaining, the quick switching between action packed scenes that had very little explanation was annoying to say the least. I felt during one of the lightsaber duels that it was going to make me epileptic.
The earlier films were better because they didn't lean against the cruch of cg, the fights were a more realistic; block,parry,slice, thrust affair, not the blur of movement in todays lightsaber fights.
I find it interesting that looking on imdb at the reviews that people have given that there seem to be two crowds, those hired by Lucas to give it good reviews("hats of to ILM"), and those who are the general viewing public who point out the gaping plot holes and horrid stilted acting.
I am really disillusioned by this, on the way home we talked about the previews we saw: "Narnia Chronicles; The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe" and "Fantastic Four" and although I was excited by the previews we came to the conclusion on the way home that, they would like Hitchhikers guide was, be destroyed, americanised/modernised and would lean so heavily on cg to carry over the abhorrent writing that they would leave the same sour taste in our mouths.
I think I am going to abandon Hollywood and in its place start looking for freely available quality like what what panickstruckpro came out with, or with others that are sure to pop up from time to time.
Hmm then again maybe I'll give fantastic four and the Narnia chronicles a go, one last chance for Hollywood eh...
Peace out all, even money hungry writer/producer/directors.

Friday, May 20, 2005

This ain't Right

This btw was painted onto a sidewalk near our house, isn't this just graffiti...american graffiti(pun intended). Shouldn't the promoters get fined, I mean really.
I have finished watching Star Wars Revelations, it was awesome. For a fan film to be this good, I think I have seen the future of cinema, all freely available, if it isn't quality you don't pay and you won't feel so bad leaving or stopping it half way through.
Haven't seen Revenge of the Sith yet, I am sure it will be full of action, but little substance as is the case with newer star wars, at least the old ones had a bit more substance even then I read an article the other day saying that they had set cinema back 20 years.
On another cinema note there are some of the photos I took from the filming of superman in the same directory here, they were taken on my phone, so yeah they ain't pretty, I will put some from our other camera there soon, they will be the huge ones...
Peace out all.

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Maybe I need some direction in my blog

Maybe I should become a tech blog.
I was thinking about a discussion we had at work today about the issues of a certain malware program that I have used since the start; Adaware.
Now I don't think Adaware is the be all and end all of malware removers, but coupled with spybot, hijack this and a little knowledge spyware would really be under the thumb of the majority of users. There will always be the users out there who are impervious to any attack, sure they look at questionable websites and download warez from even more questionable websites, that give it to them free as long as they give their email address, all their friends email addresses and download one small little program...
But if it is contained to the select few rather than the current many then maybe the internet would progress instead of being filled with background noise... This noise is slowing down the net due to worms bouncing around long after patches have been released to stop them and email viruses still being opened by the unwitting many.
Heh here is an idea, stop buying the shit that is sold to you, I read the other day that they now believe some 70% of adware is written by ex-virus writers, they know there is profit in the gullibility of others so people please stop buying.
Nah I don't think I have the patience to be a purely tech writer... unless it is a reviewer of hardware I can do that... But I can't really afford hardware that is new enough not to already have a plethora of reviews already written about it, and being one who doesn't like waste, I am not going to write another to add to it, unless all the other reviews are severely lacking...
I think I'll just stick to my basic rants for the time being.

I do believe a Man can fly

Yes I saw superman 5 being filmed in the city the other day, it was Fiona's brilliant Idea after seeing a news article on it.
Got heaps of shots, none of the ones of the actual shooting were all that good, but I'll post them here soon all the same... where we were standing (and this annoying) 15minutes after we left, Brandon Routh (the New Clark Kent/Superman for those who don't know) came over and said hello to everyone, bear in mind this is after we left, ah well you win some you lose some.
Peace out all.

Wednesday, March 30, 2005


So anyway here I am posting from one of our clients computers while I wait for Office 2003 to install, and I look over at the day calender that a previous employee has left at this desk. The quote for today is " A person who believes-That there is a whole of which one is a part, and that in being a part one is whole-such a person has no desire whatever, at any time, to play God. Only those who have denied their being yearn to play at it." -Ursula K Le Guin
Now really, this isn't true. I feel that I am a part of society as a whole and I don't feel whole if I isolate myself, especially from one individual, Fiona, if this week has taught me anything it is how much I don't feel whole without her. She is working night-shift.
But the rest of this quote goes on to say the people who feel this connection would never desire to turn their hand towards omnipotence... I don't think soooo. I still play games where I am a godlike creature, or build computers that have a life of their own :), and we have a child on the way, sure some would say this is not playing God, but I think to an extent it is, this child will be shaped by what you teach them, and what you expose them too. In turn this child will pass on to its children, or it may possibly rebel throwing in our ideas and have new ideas of its own, but it will still have some basis on the grounding we give it.
So yes let me have community, let me have society, the internet and family, but let me also have untold power and riches, lets not forget the riches :P
Peace out all.

Sunday, March 20, 2005

"What is this a monthly thing"

No offence intended with the above quote, but seriously, I am posting only once a month at present which is not good, gotta get everyone up to speed on so much.
Firstly and foremost-ly, in August I am going to be a father. Yes Fiona and I are going to be parents, we have a little one on the way, sex yet to be determined. Names not open for discussion, until baby is born... though I think I'll register a domain name once I know the sex.
Second; sorry but the website was down, maybe as my server at home was not responding due to me playing too much.
Thirdly; sorry about listing out my points :P
I just saw the Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith trailer, and though omfg this is going to be sweet, even bought the vanity fair issue which had a rather interesting read on it. I thought if this movie lives up to the hype that is in the trailer then I am going to be one happy geek... that is until I saw the Revelations trailer, which was much better, and independent, and although in the vanity fair article, Lucas himself said he would move back to independent type films after star wars was finally done. This makes the next little snippet rather humorous, one of the independent star wars films(there are a lot see here) that someone made was premiered a little while ago which Lucas actually attended was sent into a spin when Lucas stood up in the middle and through a hissy fit and walked out. Rather humorous.
Ew guess what else, I think I saw Natalie Imbruglia on the bottom level of the QVB the other day, I can't be sure as I am not a big enough fan, hey I bought her sisters album, (puts on "don't stray from my site") oh and I don't know whether I wrote this story on here, but I saw George Lucas I am pretty sure about a year ago.
See it was when Fiona and I were living in Sutherland, and we went out late one night to the coles supermarket, about 10:30, and we were about to walk down the frozen section isle, when I held Fiona back and said, that is George Lucas, she said no its not, what would he be doing here. Anyway we continued on our way, and outside to the car... Parked next to us was a Volvo v70 with a sticker in the windscreen that said FOX Studios access pass... 2+2=4 it was George Lucas.
Ah well as Fiona said it was right not to bother him, he was probably out that late so he wouldn't be bothered.
Anyway I have rambled enough. And given everyone enough to digest.
Peace out all.

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Am I Evil?

See I saw this bunch of Hari Krisna's walking down the street the other day, down near circular quay and out of the corner of my eye I saw a big american car come down the street, all I could think was "GOURANGA!!", its not my fault it was a simple nmenoic device.
For those who aren't complete and utter geeks in gta 1(that's grand theft auto one kiddies, long before these damn pixels) when you ran over a line of Hari Krisna's the computer would yell out "GOURANGA!!" and give you an insane amount of points.
Which brings me to something funny, one of my friends had a post over at his site that is rather interesting considering what the subject of my post today, my score is below and no I didn't lie at all in it.

The Dante's Inferno Test has sent me to Purgatory!
Here is how you matched up against all the levels:
Purgatory (Repenting Believers)Very High
Level 1 - Limbo (Virtuous Non-Believers)Low
Level 2 (Lustful)High
Level 3 (Gluttonous)Very Low
Level 4 (Prodigal and Avaricious)Low
Level 5 (Wrathful and Gloomy)Low
Level 6 - The City of Dis (Heretics)Very Low
Level 7 (Violent)Moderate
Level 8- the Malebolge (Fraudulent, Malicious, Panderers)High
Level 9 - Cocytus (Treacherous)Low

Take the Dante Inferno Hell Test

So anyway if Dante's inferno test is going to be used on my judgement day, then I am going to purgatory, I don't know how, maybe they have had to lower their standards in recent years.
Peace out all.

Thursday, January 20, 2005

How Rude

Forgive the Jar-jar Binks quote but the below image is a bit rude. Malware/adware for firefox, the first time I have been infected, of course it was just a right click delete kind of cure :P

Still Rude though, don't know what site I was visiting to get that... When is it going to end, I think we should put a bounty on the Malware and spammers of the world, get you know 20% of the money they are sued for etc, get all these uber-geeks and hax0rs taking em down it'd be good, like the old days of bounties for rats, this time instead of rats it is the predatory net lamers, and instead of starving kids, it is the starving out of work computer geniuses, it is brilliant.
Anyway peace out all.

Sunday, January 16, 2005

How much are you worth

On that last post how much I am worth, I think I should sell a 30% share and I can maintain controlling interest. Then use the 570,000(odd) to get a nice house in the burbs... Now I just gotta find a buyer...Seeing it is only 30% I retain controlling interest, but how would I give the owner(s) dividends, and what do I do if my value drops which it more than likely will..hmm... and if they own 30% and I am unconscious would they get control of me... weird questions...
Well any takers?
Peace out all.

Hi everybody

Yes I am still here, haven't posted since last year so I better post.
To everyone Merry Christmas, Happy Hanuka, Crazy Kwanza and a Solemn Ramadan... oh yeah and happy New year... Just a short post before I go to bed.
I have turned into a bit of a board game geek going to gamers on Friday nights and buying board games from my youth off eBay, as well as getting ones that are of high acclaim. Oh btw read the below thingy...
I am worth $1,930,070.00 on
Peace out all.
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