Sunday, August 31, 2003

Two posts in one day how presumptuous
But I had to post this, rather shocking really, so shocking in fact I make it my weekly website:

How2Immigrate- Australia Pre-Assessment Immigration Form

Spiel: Well as it says it is a form to see if you are eligible to enter Australia...

Favourite Quote: "I am willing to invest A$100,000 in an Australian government security for a period of at least 12 months" and anyone ticking this option only gets 5 points ffs...geez for starters if your are stupid enough to invest 100 grand in the Australian government they should be taking off points not giving them, geez we're showing we can be bought aren't we...

My Thoughts: Seriously I only just scrapped in and I am already here and I said I am already employed ffs, I know some people with uni-degrees and diplomas that are barely least I am full time employed...ah well anyone who doesn't pass can get the fudge out :P

Conclusion: I can't believe that you get let in on a points basis, I was waiting for the triple bonus point question...LOL, I don't know how the Australian government comes up with some of there "ideas"... what are they smoking... that’s why pot is de-criminalized in Canberra I guess...

Speaking of dope heads check out Siemens new phones the Xelibri series, I want to know how much pot the design team was smoking when they came up with these, not only are they ugly and look impossible to operate with there buttons down the side (on some of them) but they also have bugger all features for a phone of this day and age, no bluetooth, no gprs, no camera heck there not even colour I wouldn't be surprised if as Fiona said they can only display one number on their screen at once...
Geez I gotta take a chill pill...ah that’s better :P
Credits: chill pill..............can of caffeine beverage...
Australian government.....Pack of Idiots
Siemens........................Mobile morons
Fiona Henderson...........Wise one playing Quake3
Morgan Storey...............Vain Bastard :P
Leader dots...................................
Peace out all

Saturday is all I seem to do on here lately
1. Your fiancé/e gives you a new video camera as a gift. When you agree to break off the engagement you're asked to return the camera. Do you?

Hmm tough one I do unto others as I would have them do unto me, I wouldn't ask for it back unless I was in dire need so I would return it.

2. Your mate wants to earn money posing nude for art classes. Do you try to prevent it?

No why should I, I know she is gorgeous definately kick the art up a notch and I know she loves me, if she really wanted to do that then why would I try and prevent it.

3. The door-to-door salesman has nothing you want. He looks haggard and forlorn. Do you buy something out of sympathy?
Nope too bad that is the business you are in thems the brakes, I have done it before and I know hey one in twenty houses may buy something that is the risk you gotta take. If he/she has been especially nice and I have time I may invite them in for a drink but that is about all.

Well not only saturday scruples today, but other stuff, yes that is right other
It was uber windy here the other day power went out and what not...hang on that was almost a week ago oops, damn I am behind, trees fell, power went out there was mass hysteria...and I sat inside answering phone ah well. Fiona has started playing counter strike with me awesome but we have to play against bots cause too many 1337 ten year olds and I am on a slow adsl know who you are :P
well I have been at work way too long home time methinks.
Peace out all.

Tuesday, August 26, 2003

Saturday Scrupples
Better late than never
1. Your family is hungry. You're broke and can't find a job. Do you steal?

Well der, stealing a loaf of bread to feed your family isn't stealing, "and what if you family don't like bread they prefer cigarettes, and what instead of giving them away, you sold them for a price that was practically giving them away?"...LOL but no that is fine.

2. You're awarded a major contract that requires you to be out-of-town when your wife is due to give birth. Do you turn down the contract? (women can answer this from any perspective - i.e.: the wife involved, the mate, etc.)

Hmm a tough one if the contract was my big break then probably as this could pay for the birth and may lead to a better life for the baby, Fiona and I.

3. Guests are due when your dog snatches the turkey and drags it out the door. Do you retrieve and serve it?

Hell no... pizza anyone? But I guess it depends on the guests, if there unwanted then prolly, I would just abstain saying I had a big lunch/am giving up meat...LOL

Well not much else I wanna say and I wanna go to bed...
Peace out all

Thursday, August 21, 2003

Da plane Da plane
I don't know why I got excited seeing a helicopter parked near my work I just did, but I did think it would be a cool post. I don't know what kind of chopper it is, I am sure my cousin Nathan will tell me though...It looked like from a distance that the rear rotor blades where plastic, of course there not, it also looked close up as though the landing gear was dodgy...well onto the photos.

A side on shot.

A front angle shot.

The crappy landing gear can be seen throughout, looks like it would fall forward given a decent nudge.
Sorry about the pictures they were taken with a 7650 I borrowed from work...

Oh and a weekly website sent to me by Zlatko;click here

Spiel: "It's so delightfully different, they come from miles around just to look inside"

Favourite Quote: "Ever seen a video where a panda morphs into a sofa? Right here we have the absolute middle frame of that animation sequence."

My Thoughts: My eyes, my eyes they are bleeding...LOL.. funny funny stuff from a different era, what is even funnier is I have seen this kind of architecture at other hotel/motels, and my grandparents place...LOL

Conclusion: Damn I still haven't finsihed there tour, guess it will take time...

There seems to have been no saturdayscruples on there website last week grrr...some people have expressed regret at this to me be patient. There should be one this sunday....hopefully.

Thats enough from me going now to have fun and prepare for LANage tomorrow night...
Peace out all

Monday, August 18, 2003

Ah it looks like saturdayscuples is down...
Besides that it has been 9 days since i have blogged, and I guess I should update, though not much has been happening, had a family dinner at our place the other day and proved that Fiona and I kick ass...well at pictionary anyway...My site got spammed too...yeah someone put some malicious code on the messageboard ah well, stupid people seriously how many read it if I only have three posts...anyway.
Off to tafe again tonight, so this ones gonna be brief, I know I need to do a weekly website but I can't really find anything all that interesting, I'll do one later maybe...might go retro, you'll see :P
Peace out all.

Saturday, August 09, 2003

Saturday Scruples
Yes It's time for a late saturday scuples...
Yes I know I did these almost at the time the new ones will be coming out but they didn't come out last week till late so I missed them...ah well.

1. You want a job that requires experience you don't have. Do you lie on you resume?

Maybe...depends on wether if I don't have the experience they require I can do the job that is advertised. For example my current position required I have experience with mobile connectivity, I had done it once or twice on my own, but never supported it, I said I had to get the job, I got it and it ended up the experience I lied about was pointless.

2. It's late and your 18-year-old asks permission for his/her steady to spend the night in his/her room. Do you permit it?

Yes. Simple it is there life, and they are definitely old enough to make there own decisions, I would rather them do it in my house that have to sneak around behind my back and get caught in the backseat of a car or something.

3. You've been looking for a disc player. On the street someone offers to sell you a new one for $10. Do you buy it?

Depends, if it looks obviously stolen, no way. But if it doesn't and it all looks legit and they just say they need the money I would probably give them 20 for it, depending...

On to a bit of a post...I am posting this in Mozilla, I have been trying this browser for a while and now that it is getting as quick as it used to claim it is worth it, very nice, having less windows seemingly open well as pop-up blocking built in. I have also left the M$ curse and moved from outlook express to Mozillas Thunderbird, another quick little app with built in spam filtering etc, very nice. Now I have to work out how to import my old folders and address book across.
Been reading the new Harry Potter book, to anyone who has a sane mind in there head I would recommend it highly it is a great and suspenseful read, very gripping.
Oh well enough blabber I have a call.
Peace out all.

Saturday, August 02, 2003

Its time for a Weekly Website
Haven't done one of these in a while been busy with tafe and what not...
SO we go a supposedly very popular blog.

Spiel: Well the domain is as you have probably seen, it is about one guys quest to get laid.

Favourite Quote: "The last four days have been completely uneventful. My brother thinks I'm gay. I told him I'm just unattractive..."

My Thoughts: Interesting website, besides from his slight sexism, even though he defends this, and his constant whinging about wanting to get money donated to his paypal account, I think the site is rather funny in a tragic kind of way. I made a funny joke to Fiona that on his website he wanted people to send in photos of ugly guys with their beautiful girlfriends, I send I should send in a photo of us...she paused then scolded me saying I am beautiful...ah love is blind.

Conclusion: I wish this guy luck it sounds like a tragic tale one that maybe made up but still, intriguing way in this day and age to get a date.

I may have to make another post later today for Saturday scruples, well back to work...
Peace out all.

Friday, August 01, 2003

Saturday Scrupples...better late than never
Damn I was late this week with saturday scrupples, but pity me I have been sick :(
Almost done this on the next weekend...

1. You're on a committee to award a $100,000 prize. One of the two front runners is a former childhood friend whose career has eclipsed yours. Do you steer the prize to the other candidate?

No way, this is just mean, I have sorta been placed in this position though not with this amount of money, and I think I judged fairly.

2. Your marriage is under strain. A friend recommends an illegal drug that expands your love, understanding and sensuality. Do you try it?

Depends on who the friend is, what the drug is and how much research I have done on it before; but if there is minimal risk then yeah, probably I would do anything to save my marriage.

3. A friend gets drunk and confides that a month ago he injured a cyclist and didn't stop. Do you report your friend?

No, this reminds me of a comedian I once saw; "a friend is someone who'll help you move house, a good friend is someone who will help you move a body". I would try and convince them to give themselves up, but there is no way I would rat on them, I wouldn't be their alibi either though.

Well there is a little splash into my psyche, I am sick at the moment and at work, so it can't be fully trusted :P
Peace out all.
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