Sunday, January 16, 2005

How much are you worth

On that last post how much I am worth, I think I should sell a 30% share and I can maintain controlling interest. Then use the 570,000(odd) to get a nice house in the burbs... Now I just gotta find a buyer...Seeing it is only 30% I retain controlling interest, but how would I give the owner(s) dividends, and what do I do if my value drops which it more than likely will..hmm... and if they own 30% and I am unconscious would they get control of me... weird questions...
Well any takers?
Peace out all.

1 comment:

AlfaFox said...

Well I would definitely be interested in buying shares. Although I'm not sure how that would work though. I wonder how many shares I should get as your wifey.
I think that should at least be worth a few :)

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