Friday, June 24, 2005

The World is an amazing place.

I discovered thanks to the ocau forums google maps today, a very cool tool. During my lunch break I tried to follow the road from Ularu (is it just me or does it look like a big spear head?) to Darwin... that's a long way, I didn't get there during my lunch break... I did however find Zlatko's house and email it to him.
But on Google maps the Sydney CBD is blurred out so I got a better picture of it from here, also managed to get one of home as well, you can even see the same cars parked on our street...
So I was doing some virtual browsing with the google maps, looking at New York, and the Statue of Liberty and the Harbour Bridge etc, then I wanted to have a look at Mexico city and I found this now can anyone tell me what the hell that is... it is pretty big and very odd looking, could the Mexicans be developing some colourful WMD's?
Here are some other map links;
- Just a links site, but it Has the Neverland Ranch, Bill gates house and area 51???
- An obvious ancient meteorite crater, I found a couple of these as well as a weird rock formation(in a circle) around a green patch al-la lost world, but I forgot to save the link and can't find it.
So anyone know what the thing in Mexico is I am most intrigued.
Peace out all, even world domination aspiring Mexicans.

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