Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Please Disregard the above

Like a true Storey, he is late. He is technically home, but still inside Fiona.
We have shown him round his room and his toys and tried to tempt him out with chocolates and promises of hugs and the ability to play with said toys, doesn't seem to have worked.
So everyone we are still at condition red...hehehe... we are on high alert, people have been calling me when they have had missed calls thinking that, I am now a Father... so you can see the kind of alert people are on.
On another computorial note, I have a rack, it is 42ru of computer mounting glory, I have rack-mounted my 24-port hub, and put a shelf in for the modem and routers, and another shelf for the current computers, of which I am buying a rack-mountable case for at least one of them.
On yet another note, I upgraded one of the old computers I was given and re-installed win95 (goddamn this is a blast from the past), and got an old game that I used to love and installed it; Rocket Jockey!
Wooohoo, I love this game, now if only someone would make an open source multiplayer lan/net game it would be the ultimate game. Oh yeah this new computers name, Delorean as it is a blast from the past...get it :P
Heheh on a more nuptial note Fiona just said today to get the little guy out she is going to have: chilli powder, eggs, and curry powder... and asparagus just to annoy me.
Peace out all.

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