Friday, May 20, 2005

This ain't Right

This btw was painted onto a sidewalk near our house, isn't this just graffiti...american graffiti(pun intended). Shouldn't the promoters get fined, I mean really.
I have finished watching Star Wars Revelations, it was awesome. For a fan film to be this good, I think I have seen the future of cinema, all freely available, if it isn't quality you don't pay and you won't feel so bad leaving or stopping it half way through.
Haven't seen Revenge of the Sith yet, I am sure it will be full of action, but little substance as is the case with newer star wars, at least the old ones had a bit more substance even then I read an article the other day saying that they had set cinema back 20 years.
On another cinema note there are some of the photos I took from the filming of superman in the same directory here, they were taken on my phone, so yeah they ain't pretty, I will put some from our other camera there soon, they will be the huge ones...
Peace out all.

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Anonymous said...

We still have the same dodgy microwave but I am no longer worried about baby but I do put alfoil on my head now to stop the voice and the Alien sending me messages. :P

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