Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Yikes it has been a while since I posted. Well to recap the long amount of time since then. We moved back from Brisbane in 2011 after things didn't work out with schools the way we had planned. I miss Brisbane to some extent and made friends up there after going to a board game group for twelve months. I am still with the same company, and despite being fairly busy still loving it. I guess one of the main reasons I hadn't updated this blog was that google decided to drop support for publishing from blogger to other platforms. I have moved my blog wholly over to google now, so I can ditch my cheap hosting altogether. This should also result in the site being a bit quicker than the cheap hosting I have, or the old days when I had this all hosted on my own server on the end of a slow DSL link. Geoffrey has started school, Anne has started pre-school and they are both growing into beautiful little people. You may notice a fair few of the links on the sidebar don't work, I am still working out some of the content heck it hadn't had an update since 2004 prior to Geoffrey being born, but they should be fixed eventually. You may also notice a new blog on the left there, if the subject's don't interest you then don't read it. Well that's it for this quick update. Peace out all.
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