Monday, August 01, 2005

I am the proxy bitch

Back when I worked at Teletech, one of the guys there Leon got a promotion to the network support staff, they quickly had him learn the proxy config, and he became the administrator for the proxy.
Being that I knew him and emailed him, I would email him directly and ask him to un-proxy pages. Quickly I developed a nick-name for him... "the proxy bitch"
As apt as it is, I now admin the proxy for one of our clients, and you know what, I don't mind being the proxy bitch. I don't mind, denying and allowing access to pages, it is somewhat fun (and I suppose voyeuristic) to see what people want access to or want access to blocked.
So I am the proxy bitch and I am happy to be. Now to setup Mr.Teeny at home with squid so I can be a proxy bitch at home :) I even joked to Fiona that I would block eBay, which I jokingly did some months ago at our router.
Peace Out all, especially us Proxy Bitches.

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Anonymous said...

I confess I am an eBay addict, yet I haven't bid on anything for 26days now and believe with time I can kick my habit, LOL. Although the last thing I won was a book called "So You're going to be a Dad", so I didn't get into too much trouble. Besides no time for bidding when baby comes. I am so looking forward to spending a few weeks just with you and Morpheus after he is born, I will have no time for bidding. Wow 2 more weeks to go. :) You can be our proxy biatch anytime.

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