Thursday, May 22, 2008

Happy birthday to me

So my birthday has been and gone, probably not the best in memory, but it happens. I did however get a new job, in dedicated security, which is awesome. We also got our new car, a Hyundai Elantra.
Anne is now crawling, and Geoffrey is talking more and more when he feels like it, saying things like thankyou, and apple, best yet has been trying to say helicopter he said applecopter.
My site is now hosted externally and backed up to my servers at home, as our power bill and the heat in (even though it is winter) in the server room was ridiculous. When I have time and more money, I will get the site back locally, but the superb performance of Google apps has really turned me towards outsourcing the hosting of our stuff, it is not like there is any data in our email or websites that is confidential.
I even found an add-on for firefox that allows me to use GPG through my google apps, so that is soon to be setup with my old key.
Scary change in the world of security, see here. The good ole US of A, has decided to pass legislation that all devices that can store data coming into the USA can be copied in its entirety to their storage. This data can be kept indefinitely. I am sure this will mean that it will be indexed, anything encrypted will be brute forced and broken, and hey some senator may make a fortune when he sells it on to marketers, spammers, and the like.
The general consensus is to backup, delete then wipe your drive of pretty much any personal data or corporate data, something like eraser works well here, then simply fetch the data over some kind of VPN or secure connection from your server when you need it. People have even gone to lengths of removing their "home" hard drive, and plugging in their "traveling to the Draconian states of America" drive.
Sure their could be some terrorist smuggling in data on how to build a bomb... there could be but couldn't he/she just surf the net and find 70billion ways to do this when he gets into the country.
I can see how this is going to increase the need for teleconferencing, and reduce people's desire to take business trips to the USA. It is already happening with some companies moving their head office's elsewhere in the world.
Well Peace out all, especially the American's they need it the most.
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