Sunday, November 20, 2005

Hmm a blog to test

Here I am sitting on the train after another long day at work. Before I
left however I read about a system that allows me to blog via email, so
I can compose this on the train and then send it later, is the theory
anyway, I guess we will see if it works.
I have had an interesting day, clients in the morning to setup a new pc,
then into the city to have lunch with Fiona, Geoffrey and Andrea. Then
off to a couple of clients after lunch, setup a print server, which was
surprisingly easy, it really renews my faith in netgear, after a fiasco
with another clients netgear wireless router and its dismal signal strength.
But I digress, this post should be interesting for all that read it.
Geoffrey had his shots yesterday, which we weren't happy about, and he
wasn't happy about it at the time, but seems over it now.
We are keeping up his vitaminC intake to make sure his immune system can
handle these chemicals in his system.
I got my new rack mount case, which I am going to join to the case
currently housing r2d2, to make an 8ru case with the bottom case going
to be used to store a plethora of current and future hard drives, for
"our digital life"... heheh if hard drives and storage are the new
bling, then I am the bling master :)
I actually heard an interesting analogy today, that the timekeeping
industry is the computer industry of yesteryear. Both are highly
technical, both demanded perfection and a high degree of technical
expertise, I am sure at one stage they would have had
Chonographic-consultants. There was even one story that 300years ago the
British navy offered the princely sum of 25,000 pounds (yikes that would
have been a lot back then) for a highly accurate clock design with which
to aid in the navigation of their navy. The whole timekeeping industry,
was sort of turned on its head when the whole design of quartz clocks
were developed, accuracy became a standard feature.
Perhaps this is what will happen with the computer industry, someone
will finish the quantum computer, and further advancement will not
really be needed. Computational tasks, every computational task may take
mere milli-seconds. Storage will be infinite, bandwidth infinite. It
will make for an interesting time, will software keep up? Perhaps with
these super chips we could get them to design the ultimate os and do
away with human mistakes, perhaps then computers will peak, people will
never need to upgrade and everything will just work... heheh yeah
that'll be the day.
Peace out all.

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