Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Maybe I need some direction in my blog

Maybe I should become a tech blog.
I was thinking about a discussion we had at work today about the issues of a certain malware program that I have used since the start; Adaware.
Now I don't think Adaware is the be all and end all of malware removers, but coupled with spybot, hijack this and a little knowledge spyware would really be under the thumb of the majority of users. There will always be the users out there who are impervious to any attack, sure they look at questionable websites and download warez from even more questionable websites, that give it to them free as long as they give their email address, all their friends email addresses and download one small little program...
But if it is contained to the select few rather than the current many then maybe the internet would progress instead of being filled with background noise... This noise is slowing down the net due to worms bouncing around long after patches have been released to stop them and email viruses still being opened by the unwitting many.
Heh here is an idea, stop buying the shit that is sold to you, I read the other day that they now believe some 70% of adware is written by ex-virus writers, they know there is profit in the gullibility of others so people please stop buying.
Nah I don't think I have the patience to be a purely tech writer... unless it is a reviewer of hardware I can do that... But I can't really afford hardware that is new enough not to already have a plethora of reviews already written about it, and being one who doesn't like waste, I am not going to write another to add to it, unless all the other reviews are severely lacking...
I think I'll just stick to my basic rants for the time being.

I do believe a Man can fly

Yes I saw superman 5 being filmed in the city the other day, it was Fiona's brilliant Idea after seeing a news article on it.
Got heaps of shots, none of the ones of the actual shooting were all that good, but I'll post them here soon all the same... where we were standing (and this annoying) 15minutes after we left, Brandon Routh (the New Clark Kent/Superman for those who don't know) came over and said hello to everyone, bear in mind this is after we left, ah well you win some you lose some.
Peace out all.
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