Thursday, January 29, 2004

Must post...Must possst

I sit here at work bored and playing a game of get the wad of paper in the bin with Gavin and I look over and there is Fiona writing a post... I can't be left behind.

Who said competition is a bad thing

So yeah were competing somewhat in our post.. well sort of. She is checking out hits to my site, and checking out hits to hers. All the while our PC's are running folding at home. I am winning btw :P
Here are her stats. As you can see she is close on my heals despite me running it on R2D2 the web server that is a dual 1.3ghz and on spidey the same pc as her Alfa, and i am running it on Kittmk2 a 2ghz celeron... so yeah it is a little unfair... I am going to switch over KittMk2 to her login, and probably if stu ever gets up and running it will be running on her login 24/7 so that should even it up a bit...
Get into folding people it is for a good cause just have it running so when your PC instead of your PC sitting there doing nothing it can do some good. I don't agree with people who build specific folding boxes and have a tumultuit amount of pc's all setup and on making they're power bill astronomical all in the name of folding, that's just silly...
Peace out all it is home time.

Tuesday, January 27, 2004

Updates Galore

As you may or may not have noticed I have updated this page so now it has no frames yippee... But there are other updates going on, if you have a look in our links section I have added some links to my lrp page, which is also going through some updates. I have also added my companies page, no I am not talking about the man, I am talking about my very own company Anytech. But the main and most astonishing update is Fiona has updated her page majorly, different background, no frames and an integrated blog. Yay!
Saturday scruples still hasn't updated... So I am going to link to an interesting blog entry.
<rant>Supposedly this guy got raided whether because he did or didn't steal some code to a game that is coming out, from what I have seen of the trailers a damn nice game called Half Life 2. Now I own Half Life 1, but as some have said in comments relating to this, if this is the way they are going to treat one of their fans whether he did or didn't do it I will have a long think about buying the game when it comes out... But I mean look at how they have treated their current fan base, bringing out "Steam" a program that is supposed to make it nice and easy to update several half life mods, and make it easy to connect to online games... That is the point though online games, Half Life and its various mod's used to be played hugely at lan parties now that "Steam" has been released people look for something else, something that doesn't require an internet connection to work... They destroyed a huge fan/customer base when they did this and as far as I am aware the fix has not been released and even if it is/has, the people who where playing it have moved on. So lets see went from the most popular game at Lan's to the least popular. I suppose they decided they had sold enough copies and well this is the way to ensure everyone goes out and gets Half Life 2... But most gamers are going to think what's its Half life going to be (pun intended)...Give it a year and they'll do the same thing, so they have been scared away... And it looked like such a good game as well... Ah well. On another point in the comments to this guys blog, there is actually reference to a site where the owners admit to having the code... They have it poster on their site... wtf, why don't they go after these guys... or not... and go well hey they have the source whoop de do, we are going to have copyright measures in place that mean they need to own a copy anyway... don't attack your fans or else you will have none, something the RIAA and MPAA should heed as well. Go open source and GNU. </rant>
Peace out all.

Thursday, January 22, 2004

Sorry this post would have come sooner/been better had a customer not wanted to get some dodgy site that crashed my ie :(

Notice anything wrong in the previous post's picture

The thing wrong which well I found funny was the little R with the star in the top right those of you who are addicted will know this as Rockstar, the esteemed creators of Grand Theft Auto... A game where you drive round the city running over pedestrians and completing crime jobs... rather funny really that a site that gives you directions and a map on where to find your quarry. heheh.
Oooh onto the rest of the post.

Geek Section

So I was reading through some sites today, not feeling to well at work, and peeling (I got badly sun-burnt on the weekend). I was reminiscing my old wardriving days, Anyway I eventually came upon this site. Of course I have been doing this for a while, all geeks say that when something comes into fashion in our world, but it is true: a post ages ago I spoke about doing it at cebits while eating lunch. My idea was though slightly differently I only attempted to pair with peoples bluetooth devices from afar, really ineffectual. Now these guys, they send an inflammatory contact because you see you can send some things via Bluetooth without paring, such as my contact that I sent to one Nokia 6310 today; Name: Bluejacked by a SE
Mobile: 1337
email: blah@domain deleted to stop spam
Goddamn I am lame, but it was fun... Maybe going to see underworld tonight with my mates ew fun more in cinema opportunities to Bluejack...YAY
Of course after i sent the business card to the victim I saw him, he saw me I ran away like a frightened school girl... that and my break was up...(oh yeah and simpler minds watch on :P). PS I so gotta get me a camera phone with BT now :)
Peace out all.

Wednesday, January 21, 2004

Notice anything odd...
Hmm I can see it but then again I know, I'll post the answer later just to get whoever thinking...

On a side note dad came over today after I did some more running around to get my business a little more setup, we now have a business account and cheque book, w00t.
Oh I went to a new Live Role Playing on the weekend, much fun, it was only for the day... and I should say much fun except for the burning and the sunstroke and the pain in the glaiven... linkage here there is even a picture of me there fighting and walking into battle, I played a monster meaning the baddies. See my LRP site for more info on LRP (aka Live Role Playing). Determined now seeing the success of these guys to have my lrp up and running in about 12 months...yeah a long time frame but I'll get there.
Still waiting for Saturday scruples to start backup, wtf is going on, 10th of January has been and gone people, put that margarita down and get back to work :P
Well Peace out all.

Saturday, January 10, 2004

Yes Sir
I had a customer today that demanded to be called Mr so and so... haven't had one of these in a while. I politely called him Mr so and so, and he was very polite after this. But seriously I prescribe to the theory that I am Morgan Storey hence the domain and I want to be called whatever the person calling me feels comfortable, don't really care all that much when they mishear and call me Matt or James (how do you get james from Morgan), anyway so getting to the point of my rant names. Why do we place so much importance on our names there just our label, just a collection of our ancestry, they don't need to be abandoned people just need to relax about them.
I read an article the other day on smh that really makes the whole name game seem very odd to me, people seem to be placing way to much importance on it, don't get me wrong a name is important but caring so much and so little at the same time that when a couple gets married they hyphenate it or merge it. Fiona and I discussed this, it brings about a nightmare for these peoples children I seriously think my name is too long at the moment God forbid it was Morgan Parker-Barrett-Bowen-Storey... or even worse no one would ever visit my site, not that many do at the moment. I have to say I agree with Marion my mother in law, that if people care this much that their maiden name be preserved it should be used as one of their children’s middle names.
On another note as you can probably tell the page has been updated yet again, this time to remove the pesky frames that I added oh so long ago, I have kept the pretty formatting though so now i think it is just what I want... well at the moment anyway.
On another note again, when people stop hammering the Saturday scruples website I will be able to post a new scruple...yipeee... but they have breached there bandwidth usage...
Oh yeah I am nominated for Australian weblog of the year, of course I nominated myself...heheh... but wtf I thought, go here to nominate for people. Yeah I know I am vain but I nominated others.
Dear God will this guy please find his Windows 98 cd i have written most of this while I sit here still waiting...geez.
Peace out all, even those plebs still running Windows 98.

Thursday, January 01, 2004

Happy new year
There are some changes going on around here, a new year and some changes being made.
You may remember a while back I said I read an old article saying how frames are bad and how I said that I used to think the same thing well after finding out most bots that find sites can't read frames, and that older browsers can't and that they take longer to render for the computer that is looking at it and well can just make things look nasty I have taken the time to remove them at the moment there maybe some downtime while other parts of this page are updated to conform :P
On another note my company is up and running with its own website, not much there yet been too busy, have a look
Oh yeah went and saw Return of The King at "La Premier" Yesterday, movie was awesome, La Premier was ok... popcorn, drink machine and toilets should have all been closer though and the seats weren't uber comfortable, next time definitely going to Greater union gold class.
Anyway bed time now before it is the 2nd...
Peace out all.
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