Monday, July 28, 2003

Well Sgl was awesome definitely the perfect lan, played a fair few games as there was always servers running, 25 halflife type mod servers at any one time, 8 battlefield mod servers at any one time, and between 3 and 5 quake type servers, awesome. There was also a good mix of dc'ing...heheh
and next lan they hope to have ADSL so we can get webpages and use icq, rockin...actually typed this at the lan and saved it in a text file for later blogging heheh.
The laners here seemed somewhat more professional most if not all cases were heavily modded, with led fans coming out the ying yang.
I actually faired fairly well in the quake 3 torny, came about 10th out of 35, it was first too 500frags, and I had almost 200 at games end, it was a usual q3 map but with only hi-powered rail guns(one shot killed you)... it was pretty intense as there were 35 people in there and the map is by no means large meaning when you spawned you had to move fast or be cut down, and the safest parts of the map involved jumping on jump pads to get to it, once you jumped you were a very easy target.
The only strategy I had was to get to these safe spots then sit there snipping people as they tried to get up, a difficulty arose when four or more tried at once and someone spawned up there... hence not winning...but still it was awesome fun.
Well better finish this post as power is off in 1 minute...will add a little on our journey there after I get home.
Peace out all.

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