Tuesday, July 01, 2003

Old posts from 2002


-Wednesday the 25th of December, 5:20pm

Oh the weather outside is frightful, but my dear it so delightful... Merry Christmas everyone. Oh the other day shopping for Christmas presents as you do and in the mall there were heaps of these little stands selling nick-nacks, I had a look at them, interesting, then I came to this one that had jewellery and some budda statues, hidden amongst the jewellery was a tongue stud that said stated quite proudly, "vibrating pleasure tongue stud" what the???? Anyway there’s me bringing it down another level again.
Oh I though of my dilemma I had the other day what with the over population over consumption, Australia is right, I remembered we produce enough food to feed 150million people heheh, so even if we are the technically inept of the western world we still got enough food to survive.
Sucks for america there population is only marginally smaller than the food production(increase in population will destroy there equlibrium) and the technical ineptness I see in them daily leads me to believe they are worse than us. SMS anyone, poor americans don't know what sms is unless I have spent an hour explaining it... One person where I work put up a good point 'they don't know what sms is cause unlike most cultures they like the sounds of there own voices too much'

Any way enough ragging on Americans there are some good ones too as I have said, though they don't be calling me.
Peace out all.

-Friday the 20th of December, 7:33pm

Yay we got dvd's today, Fiona and I a week ago went Christmas shopping and saw many a dvd we wanted, well they were lay-buy'd and now there in my hot little hands :)
I was thinking about this on my way out of the super market I had almost 100 cans of softdrink in the boot and sausages, chips milk you know the usual, oh and a nice cold caramelo drink in my hand *drooool. So anyway I was thinking, geez I am lucky and I had a thought. See humans are so in to self preservation. They don't see the bigger picture, we procreate and consume all the same, one day the food we take for granted will no longer exist due to overpopulation and then I hope I look back and remember how much I enjoyed that caramelo drink or the sausages or all the consuming I did...
Well that was nice and morbid... not to worry people we'll probably just have another disease of black plague proportions to thin out the numbers (just said that to drop it down a noch).
Oh my I know why I am so morbid the thing that served me in the supermarket was a goth(no offence intended) her sadness and self pity must have rubbed off...ahh... :P
Peace out all.

-Saturday the 14th of December, 2:18pm

I been a bad little boy... after promising I would update the journal everyday, I slack off and don't update it for almost a month, naughty Morgan. I can blame the move and all involved in doing so, I can blame no proper internet connection at home(we have adsl now) or I can simply blame myself which is the true culprit. I was gonna use my blistering fast temporary 28.8 connection to put up a thing saying I was on Hiatus but kept forgetting. Ah well I sorry any that actually take the time out to read this.
*shift the blame* OR I could blame my few readers/friends etc, only one of whom has posted on my board :(
I sorry this is suppose to be a diary, so to ponder, hmm but what to ponder. Hmm I am thinking of starting a business soon to sell computers and pdas and mobile phones and web design, as well as support for them and setup. I already have a source for mobile phones and computers parts and pda's I just need to pull the finger from the proverbial and jump to it, hmm I think I'll design my flier today.
Peace out all(SIGN THE BOARD)

-Friday the 22nd of November, 8:05pm

You are now entering slow fog...LOL that is one of the signs I saw on the way back to our old house the other day, and I joked with Fiona that I had been affected by it and started going dahh, and being silly... but I kid you not a person with the surname of winslow called me today and damn I think she must have been born and raise in the midst of slow fog...Not being sexist or anything but I have never had a caller with a technical issue who was a woman who had problems following directions, usually there pretty good, and the guys think they know better...LOL but this woman was infuriating... ah well you get them.
Like an article I read the other day stating scientists have worked out why blondes seem stupider... because the gene that produces blonde hair also reduces the production of zinc in the blood during the gowing years, this zinc is needed for brain cell production...LOL proof positive... that blondes will be smarter if they get there zinc during there early years...LOL... you'll never guess what a large source of zinc is too...ok I am not going there...
Peace out all.

-Thursday the 21st of November, 7:05pm

well the move is done... can I say goddamn, I have to thank Dad and Anthea for unpacking the truck, even though we asked them to wait for us to help. Most of all I would like to thank Fiona for having the patience and the faith in me to move to Wollongong.
But it ain't done yet everything, and I mean everything needs to be unpacked and there isn't that much time on either of our hans...ah well.
Back at work today, and either I got a cold or I am allergic to the plethora of things including but not limited to the inhalation of grass, rocks, dust and dirt. Well sorry to everyone for posting this a day late but I don't have the net at home at the moment...
Peace out all.

-Sunday the 17th of November, 6:02pm

Went out last night with Zlatko and some of his friends from various locals... interesting night, some interesting conversations going around the table, some good little nuances of preconceptions on Zlatkos part as per usual...
Anyway got to work this morning still attempting to configure the new testing machine with windows 2000 server and exchange server 2000, wouldn't let me install exchange as active directory wasn't installed, and it wouldn't let me install that... looking through the options reminded me of an sms I was sent some time back that is very apt here 'Stupid trees and forests in win2k server I think I need a degree in environmental science instead of IT :)'
Yes damn win2k, damn them trying to relate it to us thereby making more complex than it has to be... well I finally got active directory installed, the wonders of a several reboots...LOL, then I couldn't install exchange cause I needed Internet information server running, I installed it, reboot(which seems to be taking longer each time) then it says need minimum service pack 1, install service pack three, no need for a reboot...YIPPEEEE... install exchange server... reboot, almost twenty minutes later it comes up, try adding accounts it won't let me... by this stage I am holding back the curse words due to being in the presence of a somewhat fragile female of the species. Reboot, it comes back up in about 40seconds... I begin to fear something is wrong it shouldn't have booted so quickly... I check active directory, all services running and what I can add users... thank god I don't need to reboot again today, home time now :P
Damn it I am only up to 800 meter on my mouse odometer...LOL I wanted to break 1 kilometre.
Peace out all.

-Saturday the 16th of November, 5:23

Yay I have somewhere to live, the gracious people at our new real estate agent gave us the house, of course I couldn't have laid it on thicker. I was talking to the receptionist the day I was planning to look at the place saying how our previous dodgy landlords didn't pay there mortgage hence giving me only a little amount of time to find a suitable place... all I ask is a roof over my head I was saying in between my words... well it worked I walked back in there and she said 'hello Morgan you got the place I hear', I said 'yep' here to pay the first weeks rent as a deposit, she said good, I'll cross it off now and take the keys down so no one else can look at it cause I know how keen you are.
Heheh played beautifully if I do say so myself.
Oh I added another section called downloads, it just has commonly used freeware programs and stuff, check it out there is a download of the week too which I will keep updating probably as regularly as I update this...lol
Anyway back to the grindstone.
Peace out all.

-Thursday the 14th of November, 1:05pm

Can we say lazy... I know I haven't made a post for a while so be prepared for a long one as catchup.
Hehe We had a fire drill at work last week it was cool, of course this fire drill involved on someone’s fore-thought the purchase of a frisbee and we went out to our meeting point on the oval and played with the frisbee for almost an hour, there were alot of jokes about this being the only time the programmers saw the sun or played a game that didn't require a good framerate.
The next couple of days were just usual work days I then had my weekend starting aptly on monday, I was going to go to the mall near where we are but didn't as I stuffed around too much, next day I went to do some errands and I thought as I got there listening to my mp3 player in the car that what the hey I would take it into the mall and listen while I walked around. What did I need to hear the stupid barry manalo mall music... anyway so I am walking through the mall headphones blaring alone in my own world; to paraphrase the singer I was listening too at the time, and I notice heaps of people are giving me strange looks I pull my headphones off and realize how loud I had it on, I turn it down but I still receive these same looks, then I notice something, no one, not a single person walking around me is using a personal stereo of any kind. Some have them but are not listening to me, is there some need to have your hearing senses alert and ready while at the mall? Come to think of it this is the first time I have worn headphones while at a mall too... hmm is this one of those unwritten law thingy's. Usually the only people you see on the street listening to music are ones that are alone with no one to talk to. Seeing as my baby was at work I fit this category but most of the people staring at me also fit this category. I finished off lunch and put my headphones away, as I walked around some more the stares had stopped...weird.
The next couple days were usual weekend stuff, then back to work. While I was at work we had another visit by the sheriff...YAY (sarcasm). This time he served us with an eviction, oh this is great, we have till the 28th otherwise I am assuming we will be forcibly removed. Horray the mangoses for being bums and not paying there mortgage. Well at least since then I have found a place, but yikes that just isn't nice, but they'll get there’s... things always even out :P
Specially when we sue there arse to next tuesday.
On Saturday I started to feel ill, so I was downing panadol actually they were heron but same thing... these were vanilla coated and one time they stayed in my mouth a bit longer than usual and I washed them down with some pepsi, ah it tasted like vanilla coke...yumm... vanillay, cafeinney, pain killing goodness.
My Fiona ventured down to Wollongong to escort me home safely that night isn't she sweet.
I all better now and back at work, I checked my website no one has posted on my board poor Morgan :(

Peace out all.

-Saturday the 2nd of November, 5:20pm

What am I still doing at work, well I have resumed my attempt at mass transit by catching the train...my train doesn't get to the station till 5:40 so I'll leave soon.
Yesterday was an interesting day, first I started at 11 to go through till 8pm, that was ok, but we had a fire drill at 11 so as soon as I logged in out we went to play frisbee in the oval next to work, I am proud to say WDS were the first all out of the building.
So we played frisbee for like an hour then the drill was over... LOL then we went inside, a couple hours later big annual staff meeting, won't go into detail, but it was interesting to, the times they are a changing.
I am now against getting a powerful car as my next car due to new speed penalties in Australia that can see you losing your license for a month just for going a small amount over the speed limit. I am thinking of getting something that is cheap to run, I am thinking of a cityCAT from www.zeropollution.com
Any way I miss my Fiona, and I don’t want to miss my train next one isn’t till 7.
Peace Out All.

-Sunday the 26th of October, 3:51pm

I changed the journal page slightly and have added a link over on the left called alt message board, the reason for this is long and odd...
Well see what happened was the other link opens the message board in the centre frame and for some reason that doesn't allow you to stay logged in. After extensive testing I decide it was probably due to there asp script so I am leaving the link there so they can have a look and am putting a link to the message board down the bottom of the menu page called 'alternate message board, so click there and it will pop-up my message board.
Gonna do some more site redesigning on the weekend. Change formatting, finish filling the pages I currently have and added some more pages such as downloads... any way this wasn't really a journal post just an update on what is going on. Hmm I guess that is still a journal though. Not many posts on the board at the moment, I guess that is due to the bug, but post now...
Peace out all.

-Friday the 25th of October, 3:15pm

Phear my 1337 skillz
Yay I get to play with hardware...yummy yummy hardware at work today... I am setting up a wifi/dial in server for testing purposes. Got a 802.11 router with 4 rj45 ports and a wan connecter for dsl/cable...also organising a dsl connection for work.
Any way... back to the 1337 sKillz part, I learnt how to program more java script the other day as you may have noticed :) and the other thing I am very proud of is I no longer have to update my journal to my wap page manually I worked out how to re-route googles wap proxy to display this very journal...oh my 1337ness astounds even me :P
so now all those 0 people who have actually seen my wap site don't need to wait months for an update to my wap journal it automatically updates when I update this one...
Any way better leave before my ego fills these pages. Plus there is hardware to be configured.

Peace out all.

-Thursday the 24th of October, 5:55

Hmmm guess what I am writing this entry form my dads place, I am using his computer.
Here comes the testosterone induced part of the post.
Yesterday in sheep-like fashion I went to the motor show in darling harbour, not alone in the herd I went with Dad and Matthew my brother... it was really cool, lots of nice cars, they did have the fabled manual subaru outback h6 3.0l with cloth trim there but although I really like the look of it, I can't justify 43000 for a car that is essentially just a 6 cylinder version of my current car... hmm but on the way there Matthew showed me a nice car in one of his car mags, a straight 6 twin turbo station wagon.... gimmmmeee, and what more they can be imported with 50 odd thousand kilometres on the clock for about 20k...YAY, I think I have found my next car, I'll get one in about a year if I can afford the insurance and the deposit...
Testosterone easing
But while at the motor show I saw some interesting things the knew bmw's and mercs that have inbuilt blue tooth to connect to your phone so you press a button on the steering wheel and your phone answers the incoming call and puts it through the cars internal speakers...nice.
That is when I had the thought, geez this crowd looks almost the same as the cebits and comdex (two it exhibitions that I have been to at the same centre) only more casual, but still, tweaking, still yerning for better than what they have... some like me were probably from both crowds (though the most tweaking I have done on my car is change the spark plugs or run on premium). It is very odd a crowd driven by performance and bettering the last guy.
Hmm well that’s my inane ramble, I think I might start trying to update this everyday.
Peace out all.

-Friday the 11th of October, 12:35

I had two dreams last night, checkout my dream journal under other journals...
Hmm other than that not much happening, I had lunch with my sister yesterday, cause she is still doing uni in wollongong, she had just had a tutorial about web design and her and I were talking about her major project a webpage about her worth 80% of her final mark...YIKES, and the tutor said you have to use this grade A crap program cause it is the only one that'll upload your links correctly, I said BS, you should be able to use dreamweaver the best program by far or at least notepad, as long as you do the links right... then she said well he also said we can't use frontpage, I said well der that is probably cause the server your uploading to doesn't support frontpage extensions and the program he wants you to use will save the page in raw format, without its own extensions, I said use dreamweaver, it is better. I explained some stuff to her, she ended it with damn you know more than my tutor an honours student in graphic design specialising in web design... heheh ah just what my ego needed a bit of a boost...LOL
Anyway I eventually even suggested an online journal like this one, so I may have some competition or at least somewhere else I have to link to soon... Speaking of which I hope my cute little fox gets her page up soon so I can link it...
Well peace out all, even no-nothing web tutors :P

-Sunday the 6th of October, 4:20pm

Again another nice sunny day... :(
Ah well not much to report today, Tired, missing my Fiona, its quiet at work, oh yeah I setup a new message board seems the old one never would have been fixed, so it is up go post something. Oh yeah sorry in advanced there may be popups... I sorry, I'll put a downloads page up soon with some stuff that should fix it.
Looked at my statistics today supposedly over 9000 people have viewed my site since my switch to the new service provider, and 2000 of those hits were done with non ie/netscape browsers...yikes that is a large proportion, I don't even know if my page works properly on those other browsers...well I now know it works on mozilla... but that is still odd, hey I have 150 odd hits from ie3.0 or below...aHHH what are you people doing, see I don't have to care bout them cause they can't read the journal proper as it is an inline frame... but surprising that mozilla can.
Well Peace out all.

-Saturday the 5th of October, 9:30am

It is such a nice day and I am at work :(
I should be at the beach soaking up the sun and swimming...
Anyway, nuff of my whinging... I have vanilla coke with me today, for those of you who don't know in Australia they have started selling vanilla coke, (in america they sell all freaky types) but in this case the vanilla coke seems to only (at the moment) be on sale at central station... it is yummy though as both fiona and I agreed a very girly drink and should therefore be in diet coke form... or in both forms cause then I can still drink it without the disgust of having nutra-sweet :P
Hmm Oh yeah, last night I came home and that car from the 12th of december was still parked outside our place, me and Fiona have spoke about it a few times. It has no number plate and seems to be brand spanking new... So well I thought geez it has been there for almost 4 weeks now and it is brand new there is something strange going on, and I am pretty sure it hasn't moved an inch.
So Fiona eventually gets me to call the Police to get them to check it out, we are day dreaming the whole time about how it may not be claimed and we'll get to keep it...LOL
So anyway I completely forgot that I had called the cops and we go out to my car to go get some chicken for dinner, and there are some Police Officers, 4 of them to be precise. I decide to walk over to see what’s up, I identify myself as the person who phoned it in.
They have already opened the car and have read the engine number to check who owns it, there is another one looking through the car to check for some kind of clue... She then finds a David Jones (department store) account bill, for a person by the name of David Jones. Just then another Police officer arrives on the scene saying the car was last bought by a David Jones of Sutherland(right near were we live) the police officer with the bill in her hand then says sounds like a fake name. You said it lady... any way so we go back to our car me telling the Police to have fun as they make jokes at David Jones with his david jones account.
We get in the car and the day dreaming furthers on about drug dealers and fake identities... But it makes me feel a bit safer, a brand spanking new car sat out on the street in our area for four weeks without getting illegally broken into or stolen...YAY.
Oh yeah and David Jones of Sutherland if you don't want your car (obviously) we'll have it :P
Anyway Peace out all.

-Wednesday the 2nd of October, 1:25pm

New month. I am at a lan party YAY... Joes famous lan. Mostly just having my arse handed to me by other people who actually play games outside of lan parties. Ah well I am having fun, and on the rare occasion that I actually whoop someone else’s arse it is made all the sweeter by my earlier defeat.
Hmm bit of disproportionate transfers there.... 21gb uploaded since lans start, 1.5gb downloaded...
I am caffeined up and have for once in my life slept very little. Ah the joy of lan parties. Well back to it.
Peace out all.

-Monday the 23rd of September, 11:45pm

Happy Birthday Fiona, I love you and had the greatest day today.
As I said above I had the greatest day today. It all started over 24 hours ago I had been playing GTA3 and decided that I could play it with Fiona similar to the way I used play GTA1 with my cousins. So we played it round robin style if either of us died or failed the in game mission we swapped over, watching each other and squealing along with each other as we lost control of the vehicles and got into some tight spots.
Then had a great nights sleep... I slept in :P
Then we got up and went to the Zoo, it was great fun seeing Koala Bears and Brown bears and seals(I'll put up in my jaunts section soon).
A few moments really stood out... we got our photo taken feeding the Giraffe's and Fiona wanted a picture of me in front of the brown bears being that Bear is my nickname... except the bear wanted to sleep so we waited and waited and Fiona looked away for a second and it looked straight at me then looked away before she could take a shot... it looked back again eventually.
We went and looked at the seals and we saw one a Leopard seal that was rather interested in both Fiona and I that came right up to us and lifted its upper half out of the water and Fiona got the perfect picture.
Then we went up past the mountain goats all the while me making reference to the poor mountain goat in the simpsons episode that fell down the mountain side. Then next to the mountain goats were these things called meerkats, I had seen them before on TV they sorta look like mongoose but they live in a pack and aren't really carnivorous, one of them acts as a lookout by standing on its hind legs and signalling auditorally when a bird/lion/human is gonna come eat them.
So any way the wall there behind is no more than 3ft high on both sides were sitting on it as we were tired and wanted to look at the animals while resting our feet... That is when I had the brilliant idea of having some food while we sat, I pulled out our last two cheese and bacon rolls, and as I did one of the Meerkats ran over to behind me and stood up (there only about a foot tall when standing). Obviously it smelt the food and expected to get fed... not gonna happen I thought. Then I handed the other roll to Fiona and I am not sure wether the one behind me made a noise or not but then every one of them came over and stood up behind us it was a very awsome sight, Fiona managed to get a photo of that too with her quick reflex's.
So all in all a great day had one thought though while looking at the Meerkats, that the Zoo is like window shopping for really expensive items you can't afford to maintain let alone buy...LOL, it is only a matter of time before expensive department stores charge there patrons to 'view' there specimens.
Well Peace out all.

-Sunday the 22nd of September, 2:44pm

Happy birthday mum...
Well I had to say it.
Also the message board appears down.
Hmm sorry about the macabre posting yesterday but I was a bit down.
Hear is something to change the mood. Have been meaning to post this for a while.
The other day I saw something strange, but first some background on the story. In Australia each state has a different number plate and each of them have different little phrases on the bottom, like NSW (the state I live in) used to have 'NSW The Premier state' then they had to dumb it down to 'NSW The First State' then because Sydney(the capital of NSW) got the Olympics it was changed to 'NSW Towards 2000'. Other states have there own too like Queenslands which was 'QLD The Sunshine State' which gets me to the point of the story, they changed it...and you'll never guess what too. 'QLD The Smart State' OMG I almost had to pull over when I saw that, I thought geez maybe they believe in positive affirmations... then I thought nope no matter how many number plates they pump out or how many people they get standing around chanting 'we smart' (sorry to all the truly smart queenslanders out there) it ain't gonna happen.
See all this angst comes from my answering the phone and saying what there area code is and they say '4022'(an obvious post code not area code) then I say 'no your AREA code as in the telephone' they usually repeat '4022' till I say (after having had a look at the austpost website 'so your in Queensland'.
See I have no doubt there are 'smart' people in Queensland(although send a trained monkey up there and he would be Premier in a week) I just think they are few and far between, and they definitely don't ever call me.
(The author of this post would like to apologise if he has offended anyone [including trained monkeys] and that he would like to remind them that he has some distant relatives in Queensland, although they moved there by choice in there retirement so they weren't born there... Yes I know this is the second time I have put down Queenslanders but it so easy to do there sort of like the Amish I would say hardly any of them will ever see this)
Peace out all. (even Queenslanders)

-Saturday the 21st of September, 1:40pm

Strange how one small incident can effect everything so adversely. I found a dead possum out the front of our house last night. I am not sure wether I was the one who hit it or not, but it doesn't matter.
Either way the poor thing shouldn't have died. I know it is just a possum and there are probably millions of them in Australia, but the poor thing.
What’s worse is that it was alive, badly injured but alive when I found it, I picked it up with a towel and put it in a basket. It was still moving and I could see it blinking. But it had bled a lot on the footpath. I went inside and called wires, but they aren't open after 8pm, there message suggested we take any injured wildlife to a local vet, we searched the yellowpages for a 24 hour vet, I went out to check on the possum several times while Fiona searched for me. She found one, but I was out checking on the possum at the time... It had stopped blinking and was not, I checked for a pulse I couldn't tell wether it was my pulse. Eventually I put my hand near it's mouth there was no breath coming out. I went back inside and told Fiona, and then came back out and checked on it, moving it into a cardboard box.
Its life had gone. All I can remember are those big brown eyes staring up at me.
Sorry to bring you all down but this is my journal.
Well Peace out all.

-Thursday the 19th of September, 4:35pm

Yeah I know I should have finished work but I am burning some stuff...
Hmm had an odd feeling on the way down in the car today. Maybe I am becoming a little too esoteric but I felt as though a part of me was missing as there was another part of my consciousness elsewhere. That’s when I remembered back to the late 90's and I heard of a guy who was convinced he had invented a machine that could transfer consciousness to within a computer, his whole website talked about how he was going to get some more space so his consciousness could exist on the internet (psycho). But that was what this feeling was like. As though through writing this journal there is a piece of me online. Hmm maybe not esoteric maybe I just need more sleep...LOL
Peace out all.

Added a late entry from the other day below

-Sunday the 15th of September, (added on the 17th)

I drove home today from a hard day at work and there was so much traffic, for crying out loud people it is a sunday... When I got to waterfall a subrub on my way the traffic ground to a holt. Hmm I saw my chance a side road, I was going to go the back way through the national park to get round the traffic, but when I got to the turn off to it I saw another sign that said sydney straight ahead, I thought hmm there it probably another road that joins the one all the traffic was on and I might even be in front of the traffic jam... I got to the intersection to see large amounts of traffic right in front of me, I was just about to put it in reverse when a car came up behind me beeping for me to join the traffic. I joined and noticed I was behind the same freaking car I was behind when I left the traffic. DOH.
The traffic crawled along and it was then I realised this traffic was made up of sic bro's. HUH? all the sic cars surrounded me there goes a skyline with a watermelon shooter for a muffler and there a typical riso racer with his fully sic laser which only seemed to be modified by one of those cheap $2 clints muffler attachments. Oh and a heap of stickers that said momo and Oztyres.
But they were all around me Oh my god a car painted mettallic purple yuk why, eww ahh a supped up commodore, with big scoop out the front, it was then I thought hmm perhaps my hatred of these people is such because I want to be one of these people(except the ricer racers) I want the turbo charged grunt of a v6/h6/straight 6 with shiny red bonnet and kick ass acceleration, hmm but then again I am different I believe form should follow function I won't mind if my next sic car looks quaint as long as it can kick ass and hurtle me along and death defying speeds (which I never do cause I am a law abiding citizen).
I don't want a muffler that is only there to warn all that I am driving past, I don't want so many garish stickers that I should be subsidised by the company I am obviously advertising.
I want speed and function.
Well Peace out all.

I added a second 12th of September to the journal it is below the one below, I wrote it at work so I forgot to post it.

-Thursday the 12th of September, 11:35pm

Did the world become a circus when before I left the house tonight to drop Fiona to the station or did everyone just take there pills??? Anyway I made a rule no computer after Fiona is dropped to station as then I won't sleep in but this is too good to not be posted. As we left we drove past the shops near where we live. Fiona looked straight at one as she did its alarm went off, I kid you not. Then we drove on talking about this, Fiona made me promise I would not go back that way.
Then when we got to the station. I parked in my usual illegal no stopping spot as we saw the police drive past Fiona advised me to move back into the legal spot so I did then this 'fully sick bro' came up behind us with damn bright lights on his honda glaring in my rear vision, he looked like he was dropping someone off to the station but didn't then just drove off.
Then another car came up behind us this time a ute. The passenger door opened one of the persons legs went out then went back in again. Then the car did the same thing only it went into the train stations car park in front of us the ute parked, near to the station and an obvious girl got out, and another not so obvious(until she came into the light) girl. I joked saying they were probably lesbians. Then as the train came we got closer to the entrance of the station and we saw them kissing(lesbian sighting!). Now they weren't uber dykes, but they weren't lipstick lesbians either the one that was hard to distinguish was only hard to distinguish cause of her diminutive stature and black matrix like coat.
Fiona and I smirked at each other she making a joke as she kissed me goodbye. Then Fiona boarded the train. The smaller of the couple also boarded. I said goodbye to Fiona.
I left and went the other way along the highway saw the police again, then as I approached the set of lights near the service station near our house I saw something odd. The car in front had stopped, ok cause it was a red arrow. The car next to it had to with its indicator on to turn the way we were turning, bad cause the street we were turning on was a one lane and her lane was suppose to go straight and she had a green arrow, also people often drunkenly speed down this road so I thought great someone is going to smash into her. I beeped then the guy in front sped round the corner narrowly missing an oncoming car.
She then almost followed cutting me off, I didn't care as the arrow was still red.
She went round and seconds later the arrow went green. I got into the street that crosses ours and though I wonder were they at. Then turned into my street and found there cars parked side by side with the other cars parked on our street that meant no way for me to get past.
But as I drove up behind them the car that had the guy in it drove off, and the woman parked... right in front of my freaking house. I parked in the driveway and went inside.
Then being looking outside to make sure they weren't coming to get me (I had my sword in hand LOL) for beeping, or maybe I was just being voyeuristic, I saw them in her car making out then they got out and crossed the road.
Weird huh.
Well Peace out all.

-Thursday 12th of september, 12:00pm

It seems that some weeks my weekend goes slow, some weekends go to fast. I like the slower ones, were I get to work on thursday and think yikes I got so much done this weekend. This weekend I seemed to get little done, and the weekend went fast, go figure, but it sux, I feel like I have been cheated out of some of my weekend somehow... damn need for sleep.
As you can see yesterdays rather silly post was done on the train one stop before I actually got home. Damn not doing that again, so difficult, my hand is still cramping up from the palm pilot graffiti.
But I had to do it, so that I knew I could as it was I needed to import the posting from another part of the journal site that hosts my journal.
Hmm ah well, as long as I can do it, I know now when I win the lotto I can post my journal from exotic and wonderful locations :P (notice the word when I win the lotto, positive thinking people).
Well Peace out all.

-Wednesday the 11th of September, 1:50pm

Doing this on my palm pilot: cause I can & cause I am nowhere near my desktop. Hangon got a call from dad... Now where was I? Oh yeah I am on a train heading back from the city(aka Sydney) and I thought a nifty way to do my journal would be this way.
Yes I am just doing this to claim the title of uber-geek...or just cause I am bored cause I forgot my mp3 player...
I saw a few people in the city I haven't seen in a while, so a shout out to Karina.
I also saw my foxy Fiona :X
Well now to up it.
Peace out all.

-Monday the 9th of September 2002, 8:05pm

Ah the first day of my weekend is finally here, it is odd with the weekend I now have the week seems somewhat disjointed, somehow unbalanced, it is like I am away from work for the same amount of time I am there, which is about right but most of the time I hardly do anything on my weekend as everyone else is either working or can't be assed doing anything... well planning on doing another major update on the page tonight, but now it is time to watch some anime...
Hmm if you have read any of my other friends journals you will notice they both make statements about lesbians. I am not going to... hang on I just did oh well too late now.
All I am going to say is a damn. You interpret it how you like.
Peace out all.

-Friday the 6th of September 2002, 8:30am(too early)

I got red shoes...
I got them yesterday but the post was already too long. These shoes are made for walking, and thats just what I'll do, one of these days these shoes are gonna walk all over you... j/k. There very funky shoes.
Anyway, I got my wireless network setup and some more work done on kitt, I'll put it up in the projects section soon.
I had to get to work 2hours early today as there was suppose to be training for a new version of software coming out for some phones.
So anyway I get in and there is almost no one about, the network admin is here, the training is suppose to start at 8am and it is online as well as teleconferenced, but 8am comes and goes and the boss who is suppose to be here (I don't know the number for the teleconference) still isn't. Well he waltz's in at ten past 9, and we go to the link he has sent us which when we went in said training didn't start till 4pm seattle time... but it was only 3pm seattle time at the moment... he apologised, I am still stoked cause I get to leave by 2pm (australian time :P). So training starts in 30min I am sooo excited...LOL
On another note, did I tell you I got red shoes?
Peace out all.

-Thursday the 5th of September 2002, 2:20pm

Haven't made a diary entry in a while so sorry this is a long one.
Had a weekend with my foxy finally, so I was spending time with her and had no time for the diary...
Funny story though, we went to Fiona’s mums house at one stage and while there Fiona’s mum gave Fiona a present of a beautiful white orchid plant. So anyway we are travelling home talking in the car as we usually do then a slight lull in the conversation and I am looking out at the traffic and I hear Fiona scream in a high pitch, glass shattering scream that was only just off shattering the glass of my windscreen.
I looked around outside thinking someone was beating up a puppy or something, we had slowed to a crawl in the traffic she was still screaming I looked over at her, fear in her eyes with her legs tucked up against her. She had stopped screaming then I saw why she was screaming, it seems the orchid had brought a companion along, a small cricket was walking along the dashboard. Fiona was looking at it in terror.
I said I would pull over she said no as there was no where to pull over I said ok I'll pull over when I can.
'No don't worry about it, wait till we get home then I don't have to get back in the car'
Meanwhile the cricket had crawled off the dash back to the plant, we had both lost track of it.
We drove on in almost silence, I remarked at how one of my friends is afraid of dogs even little rat sized ones, she said that’s silly how can they hurt you, I pointed towards the plant. 'the same could be said about little defenceless crickets'. Then I looked at my petrol gauge and said hmm I'll have to pull over and get some petrol.
As we pulled into a petrol station I said I can also get rid of the cricket. As we pulled in, the lights from the service station illuminated the car, as it did Fiona began looking for the insect. I did a quick scan and saw it sitting right under her raised right leg, I leaned over and grabbed it with my left hand opened the door and dropped it onto the concrete, closing the door. Fiona didn't believe I'd got it, I was that quick :) But it is safe and free now.
Well back at work again today, woke up an hour early this morning because I was sure I started work at 9 and then realised over breakfast that I started at 10. Oh well Fiona and I decided to sit down and watch some tv, I was looking for cartoons, we watched the end of a very odd cartoon then a uber-kidsy show 'what’s in the box came on', Fiona was startled, I knew the opening theme (it is one of those repetitive tunes that slowly drives you insane) I replied 'I had watched this shows opening credits lots in high school due to my late start school and my late starts at teletech' Then I switched channels and found out we have r32 some weird community access channel we watched that till I had to leave for work. YAY I have community access television...
Peace out all

-Thursday the 29th of August 2002, 4:00pm

1st day of work over :P
Have to start at 8 tomorrow morning, ugh. Ah well I'll take one for the team, garfield is starting to look pretty good, gonna get some mechano now so that I can at least put it in the case(sick) that I made, I'll put some construction of it up in projects.
Well it was nice and quiet at work today but I am still a little annoyed with myself, not having enough time for everybody and even for myself, I'll get there but I don't know, I still say I need to win the lotto.
Today was a fairly ordinary day, I am starting to get better at answering problems that customers come up with, so that’s a good thing.
Well guess I don't have that much to say.
Peace out all.

-Wednesday the 28th of August 2002, 8:30pm

I am so tired, I know I say that a lot but I thought about it the other day, I just never seem to have enough time to do everything. I remember in high school not getting when people said there aren't enough hours in the day, I always got in my couple hours of TV watching/game playing and about 10 hours sleep... I never did my homework, maybe that’s why I had so much time.
But now I have a job, a Beautiful girlfriend, family all over the countryside, computers, a house (all-be-it rented) a car, and all of these need time allocated to them. Well some(most) days sleep seems to be last on the list I can't go on like this... 2 hours sleep in the last 24 hours so I am feeling good...LOL
Well I think I am going to go to bed early tonight and I think from now on no more wasted time sitting at the computer for hours on end, I think it should just be set and forget.
Anyway gotta go.
Peace out all

-Saturday the 24th of August 2002, 6:00pm

I somehow lost almost an hour today, I was woken at 7am by my lovely girlfriend calling me to tell me to wake up for work, I was so tired that I said call me back in a half hour. She called me back at 7:30am 'I said hello, ok I get ready'.
I waltz off to the shower and have a pretty quick shower, I had made my lunch the night before so no need to rush, now our hot water will only last a maximum of 30minutes but I got out well before it ran out.
I walked in to our room in a slight daze still half asleep, and as I sat down I looked at my clock/stereo... 8:22... WTF, I jumped up, I had to be at work by 9 and I was even a quick drive 20minutes away, and I hadn't had breakky...
I don't know were I lost this almost an hour, it went somewhere lost in the aether of my life :P
All I can reason is that I fell asleep with my hand on the phone receiver after hanging it up, and I woke 40min later not knowing I had slept 40minutes. Hmm I don't know, anyone got any ideas email me or leave a message on the board.
Work was good today did some testing, talked to chad (a work college who just finished a stint working for my company in south africa) and had a brilliant idea to make web/intranet based knowledge base for my company. I now know more about html and javascript...yay
Well peace out all

-Friday the 23rd of August 2002, 3:45

I slept in, was late for work, I am hungry and feel ill, pity me :(
My damn wireless network card still hasn't arrived, not happy jan.
Well at least I don't feel hungry anymore (munchin' on chicken twisties).
Well my ebay stuff sorta sold, my mp3 player sold, but video didn't really, Fiona bid on it cause she didn't want it to go for any lower than $6...hmm ah well.
I sure have had a lot of violent dreams lately don't know what it means, check my dream journal.
I gotta update my page I know.

Well Peace out all.

-Thursday the 22nd of August 2002, 1:55

I have said a lot of if you coulds today...see when I am insulting a customer without letting them know I say; ME: can you open the 'connection' tab. CUSTOMER: open the connection tab? ME (in condescending tone): If you could.
I know I shouldn't do this hey probably one of the customers could read this but you have to understand I have been talking to people all day that don't know why adobe can't open .xls files... they have office on there pda but not on there computer...WTF?
HEHEH,(yeah I know they should be in carrots but they don't work in my journal) well my ebay auctions are going good.
I got my kvm switch and installed Win2k on garfield, I'll put up some piccy's of garfields construction in projects later when I have time to work on my site.
P.s: I have had to change all quotation marks on my journal to ' due for some reason to the site putting slashes around the quotation marks... ah well.
Peace out all.

-Wednesday the 21st of August 2002, 7:15pm

There sure is a ruckus on the message board at the moment... not that I am complaining :)
My last day of my freedom, I am spending it now with my beautiful girlfriend Fiona sitting next to me eating baklava and being mean to people she hasn't even met, I love you baby :X
I went down to see my friends while Fiona was having a sleep after coming home from work. When I got back a ruckus had broken out on my street, I parked the car and had a look seems while I was away the cable or phone or power had decided to go haywire and was letting out a rather loud hum and crackle that sounded like a cross between cicadas and the hum of my case fans. I went inside and put down my stuff then almost shat myself, as I heard a bell toll, sounded bad, I thought it was a bell to tell us to leave our homes. I ran outside, the bell stopped ringing, Fiona in toe, and worse still there was an orange light from a siren flashing off the apartments and houses... oh ohh spagettios...
I walked out to the street and saw a guy down the road getting a ladder of his van, and at the other end of the street parked was a truck with the siren light and the bell, the bell looked old it was then I realised it couldn't be any emergency vehicle I remember back to some junkmail I got, it was the icecream delivery truck... well thank you for taking a couple years off my life.
Hmm ah well now the buzzing has stopped the icecream truck that comes in the middle of winter is gone and I need a new pair of underwear, just kidding, but I am going to go make dinner.

Peace out all.

-Sunday the 19th of August 2002, 3:10pm

Another sunday and here I am keeping the country moving(as dad would always say). Still I haven't had a call today and we( by we I mean the other person working and I) were lumped with doing a stock take of all the gadgets, err I mean devices we have here, I printed out the list of what is suppose to be there, and was trying to go through all 900 plus gadgets, but it was way to difficult as they were all over the place some of them I didn't even know what I was looking for. So I decided to go by kit numbers, I had to order them in excel which should have been an easy task was it not for the fact we had a projector and a ton of movies :P
So we watched, and watched, fortunately just as we stopped the boss decided to pop in, the projector still proudly displaying this screen and when he asked have you guys finished the stocktake an answer of 'no' gave a none-to-good reaction. You see the reason I write this and to be honest I don't like being at a job when I am on probation, I feel like I have to out do all who have come before me otherwise I could lose my job, but the stock take is done now, the projector still hooked up, and I am pressed to watch another movie... hmm I think I'll sit this one out and re-do the stocktake with more info....
Peace out all.

-Friday the 16th of August 2002, 11:35pm

Why am I so tired I had like 8 hours sleep isn't that suppose to be enough?
Hmm haven't updated this journal in a while, I am getting lazy, ah well.
My friends came over the other day, but it wasn't without incident. One of my friends Zlatko was driving his brothers car and crashed into another car only minutes from getting to my place... ah well shit happens.
Well it was still fun to have him there for thirty minutes before his sister came up and dragged him away, almost kicking and screaming... check his journal on my links page or friends page for more info. I have been updating my dream journal(under other journals) a lot, maybe too much, I seem to be taking too much time on it, and it is almost making me late for work some mornings, but it is fun. I am selling a couple things on ebay, it is free listing, time to pay for my auction addiction by selling things I no longer need, search my auctions via my ebay username 'changlinn'.
Peace out all.

-Tuesday the 13th of August 2002, 7:00pm

Why is it that bigpond(one of my hosters) goes down when the other hoster web1000 comes backup, this means that I have to change the site over to my mirror which I can't update till I get down the info of bigpond AHHH. The only reason I posted his one was to explain why my page has reverted back to an older version. I was gonna remove this post, once it was backup but I think I'll leave it here to show the troubles I have had.
Peace Out all

-Tuesday the 13th of August 2002, 6:30am

Damn it is early but I can't sleep. The thing with the sheriff is theoretically all sorted out, but not after lots of hassle. We had to call the real estate agent and then call the lawyers of the bank that was foreclosing then they all talked amongst themselves, the landlord shat 'emselves and payed up so the legal action was withdrawn. Hopefully they remember to pay next months. Fiona brought up a good point why do we pay this much money in rent to have to go to all this trouble...ahh well.
Had a busy week, I got my rego done, and as you can no doubt tell the site has been updated somewhat. My wap site is finally properly online, I even put the journal up.. why? Well cause I can. I also got my desktop back to its former glory, now have two screens...drool. Ah I love my dual monitors though I remember it being a lot easier in Windows ME (crapOS) to setup. In XP you have to damn well boot into safe mode, but it does allow you to set which monitor you want as your prime monitor etc.
Ps Sorry to previous readers the journal seems to stuff up on occasion and put lots of forward slashes in when there shouldn't be. Hmm well I guess I better sleep sometime.

Peace out all.

-Sunday the 11th of August 2002, 9:20am

I got visited by the sheriff yesterday...lol that’s funny, see my landlords(stingy) have it seems not been paying there mortgage on the place we live in, and therefore as occupants of the property we got served a writ (I think that’s right). It is very odd seeing as they are driving what looks to be a brand new jeep grand, hmm ah well at least when Fiona told the real estate agent she took our side and was stunned.
I think it is just funny though, like literally if they made one solitary payment it would be fine for a while, and they are taking money off us every fortnight, were is that going there drug addiction?
hmm but see that’s not it they are an old croation couple, hmm well now we know were they live we can go over there early in the morning when there sleeping and make a shitload of noise...LOL I wouldn't do that, I am nice :P
Peace out people.

-Friday the 9th of August 2002, 7:30pm

Firstly I am gonna say I am evil.
My evilness shows on this site, I am not gonna tell you were, you will probably miss it but yeah it is there.

Anyway now I have that out of my system, on to the real post. I am so bored, you may ask why I am bored on a friday night I should be out partying...well I am at work besides the whole partying thing only being good in small, affordable doses.
My wap site still isn't up not that it matters probably like this site I would be one of the only people to look at it, damn wapdrive.net...ah well I still want it up on the net.
Got to start work today at 12, and I finish at 8, am listening to mp3s at the moment. I miss my Fiona :( But I should see my friends tonight I don't get to see them often, but I don't get to see my Fiona often enough either, anyone got a million bucks they can donate to me so I can see them all, all the time and not have to work...
AH well hope I win the lotto.
Peace out all.

-Thursday the 8th of August 2002, 6:30pm

Very cool day...Being that my luck number is 8.
One question is my cdburner suppose to be making loud clunking noises... ah well.
What to say about today, well there is this work experience kid at work today, today being my first day I helped him out a bit then I was thinking, I wonder how old this guy is he looked like 25...older than me.
Then I was helping him with a psion revo and I look down and he has his figtree high year 10, work experience folder out...HUH? He is like 15... maybe I was a very innocent 15 year old but this guy was getting right in on our sordid conversations, hmm thinking about starting up a dream diary on another page on here as well as a magic diary for no ones sake but my own, but I guess other people can look, anyway tell me what you think of the idea on the forum.
Peace out all.

-Wedenesday the 7th of August 2002, 7:00pm

My desktop is backup, and seemingly running a heap better since it's little hickup...
Only one thing that I will need to spend a few weeks on, I have too clear at least two of the hard drives... this sounds like a simple task right.... well it isn't see the two hard drives I need to clear happen to be firstly FULL to capacity, second one of them is 60gb the other only a measly 8gb... hmm well my burner is clunking away at the moment burning info that cannot be lost from these drives. Once I have cleared a drive my plan as it always has been is to use one of my 60gb drives as a storage place for making a movie, and now that I have a dual Pentium3 motherboard it is going to be fast and fun... well once I get the second cpu.
Ah the trials and tribulations of a nerd. Well on another hardware related note I have decided to rename the new box I am building, to Garfield, I am gonna build the case out of perspex as there isn't a case in existence that has the qualities I want. I am also gonna fit it with a couple of orange led's for the whole garfield effect :P
Well enough of me boring you all
Peace out all.

-Sunday the 4th of August 2002, 4:30pm

I am so freaking tired but here I am at work the brave soul, I soldiered on today not having to take a single freaking call...YAY, obviously everyone in the world has something better to do than call me to fix there problems. Thank god.
On a different note, I actually used WAP for something useful last night... I was at the family do and there was an argument going on around the table as to wether borneo had changed its name...'oh no we have been there, the hotels still have borneo written on them'... I think to myself damn if only I had the internet, then I remember my phone, and I think dammit I work for a mobile phone company, I should use wap...10minutes later(I don't have gprs pity me) I had the answer and silenced the table with it is Brunei. I'd like to thank wap.google.com and cellular one, and those little vibrations in the air... :P See I know I made a wap site but I know how useless it is atm. Maybe it will take off more when gprs is more widely available...
Well thats it from me
Peace out all.

-Saturday the 3rd of August 2002, 4:00pm

Yikes I am at work on a saturday... will be here tomorrow too. Yes I started my weekend shift, ah well.
Been a quiet day, I was doing some testing and in between(that sounds pretty cool) I learnt some WML, for those who don't know that is Wireless Mark-up Language, yes this very journal is now available on mobile phones, don't know how often I'll update the WAP version as it has to be done manually :(
Well check out my wap page if you have nothing better to do it is only small the address is wap.morganstorey.com
No don't try in internet explorer..ohh darn too late.
You need to try on a mobile/cell/handphone or with a wml browser.
Oh yeah for some good reading go over to Zlatkos site, check my 'friends' section, I only wish my diary was so freaking funny.
Well peace out all

-Friday the 2nd of August 2002, 12:30pm

Why must stupidity always besiege me. If it is not my own stupidity it is other peoples. Let me give you an example of an argument I was having. Ok; Two cars leave the same location at the same time, call this point A, they then travel for some time to point B both cars travel the same speed, how much time difference will there be in the two cars arrival...If you answered they should get there about the same time, then thank god your neurons are firing.
I spent my whole lunch break just past trying to explain this to a family member in regards to getting to a family event.
Can I say ahhhh. Well all is well now, someone was just a tad to stressed to use there brain methinks.
Why do singaporeans call 'Mobile Phones', 'hand phones'? Also why do some, only some now call them 'cell phones' these ones rarely know what a mobile is, but some call them mobiles...I confused.
Well Peace out all

-Thursday the 1st of August 2002, 12:00pm

Some of you probably will have come from one of my friends pages... to rebut, I didn't copy him entirely this page has been up since 1999, before then I had crapier geocities websites since about early 1997. Yes I have copied but so does everyone else very few internet ideas are original. But thats ok, the diary was copied I had seen it before and only on reading my friends did I think it was a good idea to keep a diary in this fashion. My fireball was an original idea back in 99 when I took that shot, now heaps of people are doing them using the cameras flash as the light...LAME..at least mine's a different kind of lame, yes it is a lightbulb, colour changed slightly, brightness extended. I like it and that is all that matters.

Well to the real subject of this post, my 5 day weekend is over here I am at work been taking american callers and Queenslanders...one of them decided that talking into the receiver was not the correct thing to do, eventually after asking them to speak up for the tenth time they went oh and spoke into the receiver almost deafening me as I had turned my volume all the way up. Ah well thus is the nature of this industry.
Peace out all.

-Wednesday the 31st of July 2002, 7:15pm

Ok when something is solved without a powertool, and with simple intellect and know-how one must be amazed...yes I(well more correctly dad and I) got the basketball ring up in like 15minutes today, it was fun. He came up cause it was his day off and the last day of my 5 day weekend. We had lunch, dads so sweet he went down the road and got us a chicken, I got him a chocolate crossaint, speaking of which...(munch), while he was here I thought hey he can help...well so ok I invited him up so he could help...and that he did, the damn clay was no match for him and a steel pipe...I had a go too.
So it is finally up, we have a few shots, dad and I blaming the tree and lack of backboard on many misses. Although Fiona isn't complaining as she used to be goal scorer in netball. I got a new webhoster (just testing it at the moment), as I seem to be getting a lot more hits...maybe it is just me checking that my updates are working. Bigpond won't let me update at the moment so it is going live without all that much testing. Email me with any problems. Be forewarned if you get a 404 error it will take you to an advertisement page that is the way they make there money.
Well as I have always said Be good or be good at it.
Peace out all.

-Tuesday the 30th of July 2002, 5:30pm

Wow two posts in one day aren't I the one getting prosumtous. Ok, when a loved one advises you that something you think you can handle and will be easy may not be so, next time listen. See I decided it would be a good idea during my long weekend to put in the basketball ring. I have always wanted a basketball ring in my backyard so I can go out and shoot some hoops as relaxation... well getting the freaking thing in the ground has been very unrelaxing, tomorrow enter the powertool :)
check my projects page for more info.
I did some more updating on the page, anyone know what colours I should do the writing on the left so it can be read cause it is a little hard methinks.
Ohh yeah I actually found out some people make money from writing these journals, scary huh...well all, if any money I make will go to...H.D.P.(hardware deprived people) for all those in need of more computer hardware, namely me and my friends :P
Well Peace out all.

-Tuesday the 30th of July 2002, 1:50am

I been busy, check over on the left two new pages added, I keep adding pages while I haven't finished the ones I already have...naughty.
Anyway, I went with Fiona to the Nan Tien Temple in Wollongong, it was so good, nice and quiet and peaceful, I put the photos up in my Jaunts section.
But so far the 5-day weekend rocks, I have caught up on much needed sleep, and time with my adorable Fiona, and am putting up a basketball ring in my back yard.
In response to the last journal entry one of my friends said 'They should test them to see whether they are allowed to use *anything*, up to and including telephones, microwaves and the front door'
Hmm how much hate mail can one get in a week :P
Peace out people.

-Friday the 26th of July 2002, 7:00pm

Second entry page is still coming up around me, check out links page got the links to all the webcomics I read, I never realised how many till now, I don't read them everyday like some just every couple of months, I like reading a whole heap at once...
Why is it that customers followed me to my new job... I have now had two customers that I am sure I had while working for bigpond. I reiterate queensland should be the first state to institute a test to be allowed to own a computer or expensive gadget. But the one I am talking to at the moment isn't too bad at least she is polite. Well things are looking up at least I have a 5 day weekend awaiting me in less than an hour then I go to working only four day weeks. Ah I am a lucky man, damn I wishe her ericsson would just install as a modem, I allready got it working as a fax...and I have spoken to her several times today. Ah well I am going to keep that picture of a nice long weekend ahead of me...chant the mantra calm blue ocean. calm blue ocean. calm blue ocean.
Peace out all

-Thursday the 25th of July 2002, 7:00pm

First entry only a shortly, just finished and uploaded the new page. Does it look good? Hmm well now I know how to do inline frames, framesets and some javascript yay me...LOL
I know I went with frames but when I started I didn't plan to I wanted to do no frames then I realised to put this in I would need at least one frame and I didn't want to split my screen in two, so I did a top and side frame and had problems with a bottom frame, I eventually scraped it going for an inline frame, but then I like the menu bar on the left so much and I liked it being a frame so I stuck with it...it is like a drug once you try it your hooked... Cool Kids don't do frames.
I copied the journal idea of my friend Chook, hmm hopefully some pain will not besset me due to this, ah I'll just hide behind my little angel Fi (love you).
Well if this is a shortly the long ones are gonna suck :P
Peace out all.

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