Sunday, July 06, 2003

Its not the voices in my head that scare me it is the voices in yours.
Oh I forgot to do weekly website again naughty me...hmmm so many to pick from, was gonna pick a famous blog I found. But no that is only worth that little mention. Even
this one which is funny in its own right is not enough.
No this is the weekly website.

Spiel: Just a website about stupid and absurd websites elsewhere (hmm this one isn’t there).

Favourite Quote: From the bit about CLONAID; "So what will happen the next time a pack of fraudsters comes along and says "We think that there were no people before 25,000 years ago. We think that aliens came from space and made people. We have made a baby and we beat all the real scientists who have been trying to do this"? Will the media give them credibility, or will they be told to go away and stop bothering the adults? Unfortunately, I think we all know the answer to these questions."

My thoughts: I wonder why though is Animal Liberation NSW there...ah well. All in all an interesting look at the web there are all sorts of psychos in this world especially after reading about a child detention camp in Jamaica, it just sickened me that people are that lazy they can't discipline their own kids so they send them to that hell hole.
Definitely too many crazies in the world.
Its not the voices in my head that scare me it is the voices in yours.

Conclusion: I can only draw one conclusion from this, we must laugh at the weirdo’s to show them there behaviour is only encouraged for our bemusement, "should we all crack open each others skulls and feast on the flesh inside, this reporter says YES"(kent brockman, simpsons)

Saturday scruples will be late as they haven't updated ah well...
Hmm seeing all the links above you wouldn't know my old Journal didn't allow links would you, I am not half trying to make up for it hey...Oh well post again when Saturday Scruples comes up.
Peace out all.

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