Thursday, July 17, 2003

HEHEH it is official, yes I am a nerd, but a 1337 one, for those who don't know that is hacker talk for elite, cool, the best :P
Modest aren't we...
No see last week I was first to post on a few of my favourite sites, zzz, and saturday scruples... W00T (more hacker speak for woohoo :P )
But onto the real issue I am 1337, I got a case number at work that relates to a problem log for one of my calls the other day and the case, yep you guessed it 1337, seems a lot of things have been happening lately that confirm my 1337 status, I got my 1337th hit to this page recently(just before I changed hosts), forgot to get a screen shot doh... Got a screenshot somewhere that I recently re-found of when I had 1337 files shared on the now crap morpheus...
Yes; This is my church. This is where I heal my hurts. For tonight, God is a webpage...heheh as Zlatko would say screaming LAME,NERD, and SAD all at the same time.
Peace out all.

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