Friday, July 11, 2003

It doesn't look like Saturday scruples is gonna have one this week :(
ah well I already found the weekly website though, actually it was a toss up between two, so both will be put in :P, hey it is a draw.

First cab off the ranks

Spiel: The Voluntary Human Extinction Movement, the world is overpopulated, we produce to many damaging elements for this poor planet to take solution? Extinction...LOL

Favourite Quote: "May we live long and die out", nice little parody of mr spocks "live long and Prosper"(God I am geek)

My thoughts: Interesting solution to the problems, I read somewhere that at the current rate Australia will have a population of only 14/16million in 2100, so it is under population that we have to fight here, but places like india/america if they continue on there path will have 4-6billion and 1billion respectively by the year 2100 this is worrying...

Conclusion: Not a chance of me signing up I want kids, always have always will, and I think more people is a good solution to a slumping economy the only solution to over-population and the pollution problems it incurs is to move some of our population of planet, so NASA and the Russian Space agency and other private ones, pull your fingers out.

Website 2

Spiel: Nothing keeps a relationship on its toes so much as lively debate. Fortunate, then, that my girlfriend and I agree on absolutely nothing. At all.

Favourite Quote: "Margaret (from the German "M' Argr et" meaning 'to be dangerously insane')." and the one about "Margaret doesn't like to watch films on the TV."

My Thoughts: Very funny website, poor guy but at least it seems she has a sense of humour otherwise it would be what me and my ex fight about...LOL. I can agree with some of it but who can't... geez even I do some of this occasionally...

Conclusion: Very funny domain, heaps cool, I had a look at the rest of his website pretty cool, obviously very funny guy.

Well gotta go
Peace out all.

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