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-Tuesday the 1st of July, 12:10pm
A pinch and a punch for the first of the month. I forgot to Saturday scruples on Sunday so here they are: 1.Your 20-year-old son/daughter wants to work with a famine relief agency in a war torn country. Do you try to discourage him/her? I wouldn't discourage him/her, I think it very noble and brave of them I would just tell them how much I love them and make sure there aware of the dangers. 2.Your father is having an affair. You mother is unaware. Do you tell her? Hmm another toughie, Assuming they were still together, I wouldn't no, I would strongly encourage dad to tell her. 3."Is there a doctor on board?", the captain of your jet asks repeatedly. You're an M.D. but are drinking and seeing pink elephants. Do you answer the call? Firstly I don't like blood so the chance of me becoming a doctor are the same as the chance that we discover were all actually riding on a disc supported by elephants on the back of a giant turtle swimming through space. But maybe that would be why I was drinking so heavily who knows, hey I'd answer the call, what the hey a drunk doctor is better than none at all. I got adsl, and may I say inspired.net.au rock, I am using it right now, the connection is fine, done tests and I am getting 54KB, so it is all sweet, but the best bit was the turn-around time, on Thursday arvo I faxed through my application, Saturday morning at I was at a Lan Party, I got a call, you know have adsl the voice said...WTF? I said, I was expecting the two and half week turn-around that I had with iinet, but no...sweet. But it got me to thinking, maybe broadband is finally becoming accepted in Australian society, a scary thought, my brother wants to get it although his choice pf providers leaves a lot to be desired, no just because there big does not make them good, and yes they offer you 'free' phone calls, but seriously, you really paying for them in the crappy overpriced connection. Even my tightwad friends who have bitched and moaned about the plans structures are getting it, well actually only one of them bitched and moaned :P Yes I can see it now, parents, family and friends all online all the time, maybe next Christmas dinner or get together we can do virtually...heheh I can sit at my computer, browsing the net while web cams from all over the state film us eating our dinner :P Yeah well that’s enough ranting from me gotta go enrol for Network Engineering...YAY I got in. Peace Out all.

-Thursday the 26th of June, 1:40pm
I didn't have a weekly website last Saturday I was too busy, and I didn't have a Saturday’s scruples on Sunday (wtf?) so prepare for a big catch-up. Oh yeah before I continue, go checkout my friends journals in my links section, they actually updated yikes... Firstly its *drumroll* WEEKLY WEBSITE www.innergeek.us Spiel: Set the geek within you free...mine already is but anyway. Favourite Quote: in the geek test there are several 'I want to call Microsoft Microshaft'' I am sorry I do this Microshaft isn't all that bad. To each there own I just do this from force of habit...also another one 'I want a hundred sided dice' well I already have one somewhere but I don't use it :P My Thoughts: Why do I no-longer find the term geek derogatory? Ah well. Fun site though, but I have done a hundred geek-tests, with varying scores(this is my lowest I guess) but this one was pretty concise, with lots of questions and stuff that obvious non-geeks wouldn't know. See the link above for my 100%geek result...heheh Conclusion: All I can say is 62.32742% - Extreme Geek And Now for *drumroll* Saturday Scruples...*cheer* 1. Tidying up, you come across your teenage daughter's diary. Do you read it? Although this would be tempting, and I would want to make sure she wasn't in any trouble, I wouldn't cause that would be breaking her trust. But probably being a geek like her dad, she would have an online diary anyway, so I would probably be invited to read it. 2. An executive at a large company will give you a big contract but demands a cash kickback. Do you agree to pay? Hmm this is another tough one, but that is why they are called scruples, hmm I probably would take it not only for fear reprisal but to be fair to other people bidding for the contract. 3. You work closely with a colleague who has a bad stutter. When he struggles to finish sentences, do you help? Well as being someone who used to stutter a little bbbit :P I wouldn't mind and do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Sorry for the long post I will get a connection at home soon promise... Peace Out all. -Wednesday the 18th of June, 10:05am 'Its all fun and games till someone thinks its assault' There is a story behind this amusing quip. See Fiona and I were taking a box out to the car to put down in our garage, and I took the lead as I thought being taller it would be easier for me to go down the stairs at the bottom of the box. once down the stairs Fiona started being silly trying to push forward while still holding the box and trying to kick me in the butt. I retaliated by steering the back part of the box into trees and branches. We then got out onto the alley way and put the box in the boot of my car, then she hit me in the butt again, that’s not fair I said and both of us giggling I proceeded to kick around her defences and kick her in the butt... then a woman from one of the apartments that faces onto the alley yelled out 'are you ok down there?' I replied back 'were fine' Before both of us got in the car and I said the infamous quote of the day :P Then we discussed who she thought was in trouble. Fiona or I...hmm...LOL. But I guess it is good someone cared. Well that is all from me going to the gong now for our final inspection of Gipps rd, then we are all done...yay No real internet at the moment...I am a prepaid customer...ahhhhh...that was an ordeal setting it up I don't think the tech was used to smart prepaid customers...Gonna get adsl soon. Peace out all. 

-Sunday the 15th of June, 5:10pm OMG little kid out there in derro-land will you please stop calling me...This little *expletive* has been calling me and my colleague all day, asking first for his uncle, then saying inane things, like they didn't see me...wtf? He just called up and went memememem, then called back and said it was his cat, I told him to go speak to his parents, and tell them to help him... he is wasting there money not-nice. Anyway *drumroll* on to Saturday Scrupples...YAY 1.You own a restaurant and serve fresh rolls with every meal. Often they're returned to the kitchen seemingly untouched. Do you serve them again? Hell no that is just icky, sure I might throw them at a silly chef but that is about all...
2. In a close fight for re-election, you learn that your rival recently had a nervous breakdown. Do you leak this to the media? If I thought it would hinder his ability to lead though, what kind of election we talking here, club president, or President of The USA etc...Hmm if it was just something little like club president I wouldn't, unless they were an asshole :P
3.You have a clear view of an attractive neighbor who does yoga in the nude. Do you ask this person to draw the curtains? Well seeing as the other day carrying some stuff in from the car I clearly saw some woman in apartments across the road getting her bra and top on, no I wouldn't, but it is not like I would sell tickets and actively seek out to watch it either...it would be too weird to go over there.
Well it looks like the kid got the hint and hasn't called back, yay me. Peace out all even the little kid.

-Saturday the 14th of June, 12:35pm
Heheh I took a page from my last post and am adding a new weekly game. Weekly Website... a bit lame, and a bit silly, and also annoying that my journal provider doesn't allow me to use html, so I can't put in links :( May think about moving, but if they put in html, may think about donating :) Any way the rules of this game are simple, I put up a URL of a website I have found interesting during my travels during the week and comment on it...Hmm well the first one I found to put in is interesting. www.iusedtobelieve.com Spiel: Very interesting site that lists peoples strange beliefs when they were kids. Favourite Quote: "I used to wonder when reading the obituary column how people always managed to die in alphabetical order." My thoughts: Heheh nice idea for a website. I had a couple misconceptions when I was young too, both seemingly caused by my Dad...lol. I used to think the little rubber strips on the backs of cars that touch the road were to stop car sickness, cause I asked dad and that is what he said, my uncle being one for hating incorrect information told me the truth about grounding electricity.
Up until I was about 6 I used to think dump trucks took the food from the back of my throat to my stomach another dadism. After I learnt the truth from our encyclopaedias I decided to keep agreeing to it as a way to getting out of finishing my dinner but still having room for desert, "the dinner trucks are full but the desert trucks are still empty" :P I also knew that bunnies didn't lay eggs, and hence there was no easter bunny but an easter rooster(yes I know roosters are male) but he just delivered the eggs, from the chickens. That’s about all at the moment, my sister will gladly tell you of when I was even younger that I used to "post the toast" through our Beta VCR slot so dad could have some at work, but that was her evil doing. Conclusion: Interesting site, interesting, idea, Makes me feel less stupid about my misconceptions. Anyone have any childhood misconceptions they would like to share post them on my board. Peace out all

-Sunday the 8th of June, 1:43pm
Time to play Saturday scruples YAYYYY!...LOL, yes I know it says Sunday up the top but you understand timezone difference, internet somewhat American centric... But first some back ground. I was looking around the net at some sites as you do and I came across another Blog, I know that's what everyone else calls these thingy's but mine is a journal, I am different, I am special,"yes in many ways"(robin williams).
So anyway I was looking at other popular blogs(mine is successful as it is a place for me to rant and record moments, but not popular cause it is well pretty boring), anyway I came across this one that was well interesting, there was a link on the page to Blog.hotornot.com (no my journal provider won't let me link yet(edit:new journal provider)) so I went there and it is like a huge list of blogs with there rating, w00t, I thought and submitted mine, hello all you blog.hotornot.com peoples are we having fun yet? Anyway I was looking through the bloggs and damn there good, one had this saturday scruples thingy, see you go to the website copy the scruples into your blog and answer them, then link on the site to your blog, the answers look funny, so now I have something that will make me post at least weekly :P So here goes.
1.You're asked to give a eulogy for an uncle who was an S.O.B. Do you refuse? Hmm, well I know he is a bastard, all my family self included are, hey I am even Church Sanctioned :P But yeah I probably would for the good of the family.
2.At a phone booth, you need the list of antique stores in the yellow pages. Do you rip it out? Hell no, how mean is that, I'd write down the ones that look good in my pda like a true Ubergeek.
3.While your mate is out sailing, you enjoy the sudsy hot tub at the resort. A drop-dead sexy stranger caresses your foot and smiles charmingly. Do you go for it? Only if it was my Fiona, whats the mate got to do with it?(see I am a bastardo) Well that didn't go too bad, well see how it fares.
Peace out all.

-Satruday the 7th of June, 4:26pm
So here I am at work again *sigh*. I miss my Foxy. Looking at gigabit switches online at the moment, awesome want one or several...heheh hmmm updated my dream journal today, and I am moving again back to the Sutherland shire, date is set to the 10th... Oh funny story, I needed some money to pay the new bond so I reordered my previously discarded AGC card, I was originally told it would b 3-5 days fine I thought it will get here just in the nick of time...call back later to check on its progress, and they say nooo it won't be there for 7-10 working days...WTF shit, shit, shit, so we manage to scrape together the cash then on the 5th day I get the card, heheh I did get it in 3-5 stoopid agc... Oh I went to see Eurovision the other week at Zlatkos new place yes he moved out shock horror, what’s next cold fussion, anyway. The main reason I went was cause of his Eurovision Party, see Eurovision was on TV, and it was supposedly funny last year so he invited heaps of people, I went straight form work, goddamn it was a crack-up, everyone bouncing jokes off each other back and forth and morphing dresses(check out my dream journal), plus some funny singers, and an interesting drinking game that I didn't really take part in unless you count doing shots of vanilla coke...YUM. Hmm trying to think of some memorable quotes...but it was too long ago someone post some on my board for me thanx.
Peace out All.

-Sunday the 17th of May, 4:19pm Played munchkin last night for the first time it was pretty good, Zlatko, Peter(aka figo) and Michael(aka chook) Came over and we played it is a card game similar to magic:the gathering(maybe never played it though :P ) it is a send-up it is pretty funny, inspired me to get off my ass and finish construction of my card game, be prepared :P Got the next three days off starting tomorrow, YAY, and I get to spend them with my baby Double YAY...heheh. Finished modding alfa and spidey to some extent pictures up soon... Peace out all.

-Friday the 16th of May, 11:57am
Matrix Reloaded rawked :) I am so glad we did what we did, Michael, Peter and Myself left early as I said in my last entry to go to have dinner. Ended up we had to have a quick dinner at KFC...lol. Then we got to the cinema for the 9pm screening of Matrix (1). It was as good as always, then there was a 45minute break and Matrix Reloaded started, it rawked. It was the best way to do it, watching the first one first gave me reference for the second one, definitely a must see. Then we waited for the supposed trailer of the third one, after the credits finished it seemed it wasn't going to show itself, then it came the Matrix Revolutions Trailer, awesome. It was a good night it is a really good movie, and it really explained a lot from the first one I would recommend to everyone that they watch the first one before they go see the sequel. I can't give away too much as I know heaps of people have yet to see it. Just spent almost twenty minutes with a swiss-american trying to explain what a "t" was, I said everything from t for tango, t for thomas to asking him what the letter after s was, he didn't know. I was trying to spell out hotpop to him, so he could get email account that would work on gprs, I eventually got there when I said T for t-mobile. He kept saying in a thick accent with little grammatical or vocal correctness that I should learn the english language and how to spell things out, I proceeded through gritted teeth to explain the phoenetic alphabet, but he didn't get it he was a wheel of fortune alphabet person :P
Peace out all, especially swiss-americans.

-Thursday the 15th of May, 4:20pm Happy birthday to me, for yesterday, happy birthday to me for yesterday, happy birthday dear morgan...happy birthday to me...for yesterday :P Yes it was my birthday yesterday, it was pretty good, had lunch of prawns and oysters with dad yumm... then veal at mums...double yumm back at work today, but got a bonus I got better webhosting, now hosting my site via work...YAY, it is more reliable than the now seemingly not working web1000.com We got a big tv too, it is cool. Fiona and I tried to play good cop bad cop on the sales rep but he was old, and had only just made a big sale so he didn't care, we have done the good cop bad cop thing before and were successful when we bought her desk, but it didn't work this time. Well going to matrix 1 and 2 tonight and having dinner with my mates, so I better go. Peace out all.

-Sunday the 11th of May, 4:40pm Happy mothers day :) Went to the german club last night to celebrate, my sister announced the engagement to matthew and leanne before I could get a chance but that’s ok...lol, it was fun and I still feel stuffed. Afterwards we went back to dads to play bullshit for those who have seen how to lose a guy in ten days they'll know what I mean, those who haven't it is a card game aka lier. We also played shithead which was fun and 100up, hey that gives me an idea, I am gonna start a storey's rules bit to this website :P, and no zlatko I am not gonna have our F*&%ed up risk rules I admit they were stupid. Now it is time to do a little time travel, metaphorically anyway, I found a really old website of mine still on geocities(yukk) so here is the URL it actually shows up under some weird google searches but anyway, I have added comments to the top of the index and each of the linked pages and seeing as google is linking it I'll link to here from it and feed off that semi-popularity :P Also soon I will be putting up another dream diary a post 2002 one, as I found a dream diary from 1996...yikes, I wrote some of it in a code I can't remember so those ones won't be put up but the rest will... Oh well that is it from me.
Peace out all.

-Thursday the 8th of May, 12:43pm Back at work after a nice long break, ah well all good things come to an end, so everyone knows on the 5ht Fiona and I got engaged, yes Engaged YAY, I so lucky. We went to Scarborough and had a picnic, it was good, yes we are ENGAGED to be Married. Have started the modding of two new pc's Alfa and Spidey, still don't have the actual bits except for the case :P but I'll get there... They're nice and red though, so are my fingers. Went to cebits day before yesterday, it was the opening day and it was pretty good, despite there not being half the stuff that cebit Hanover had...no z1010 or samsung watchphone grrr...I gotta see there menu structure etc...Fiona and Chook and I went along to cebits, we caught the train from the north side of the city as there is free parking over there. Chook didn't notice Fiona's Engagement ring so I told him over lunch at Cebits. When we got to Cebits we vacuumed several pens and leaflets, there was this little conference about video conferencing that Fiona and I decided to watch, it was interesting, and I asked at the end during question time, wether there video conferencing would tie in with video phones so that the experience could be wireless, she said it was still in the works. But for being the first person to ask a question I got to spin "the wheel" a chocolate wheel with lots of numbers on it, I thought the numbers related to the chairs people were siting on so I spun it and landed on like number 98, which was part of a section that had a nortel sticker in it. The host said congrats you win a wine cooler, whoopie I thought, then sat down next to Fiona who said but we don't drink and I suggested other uses like keeping it and using to keep softdrink cool on long trips, that’s when we saw the next winner win a 64mb thumbdrive, which Fiona had said she had wanted earlier at another stand. So after the question time was over when I answered one before everyone but I think they didn't want me spinning the wheel again, # yes this is called the pound sign in the USA, but it is actually the hash symbol. Anyway after the question time was over Fiona prompted me to say we don't drink and attempt to get a thumbdrive, I did, and I scored myself a 64mb thumbdrive, horah another gadget :) Later that day Fiona had me dive to get the seemingly last pen from part of the Microsoft Solution6 stand. Only managed to get one pen, later more were produced but a little man that reminded me of danny devitto held on to them for dear life, I tried making smalltalk, he didn't release the pens, I tried further no go, then when Fiona showed me it had a bubble blower in it, I said I am gonna get one, I walked over to him and said can I have a pen, he said no, are you gonna buy the software, I said no there aren't that many people where I work, he had said earlier that it was designed to manage 150+ people. He said ok, and after some further deliberation handed me one. All in all this years cebits wasn't too bad. It was more fun cause Fiona and I trying to get pens and stuff :) Well back to the grind. Peace out all, even pen Nazis.

-Saturday the 3rd of May, 3:33am
Just come back from a friends place after going out to see X-men 2, which rocked btw, wolverine finally uses his claws...But no gambit, WTF...not even the supposed hint. So now I went all over the net and looked at rumour pages interesting stuff... Finished my 9 day stretch of work...eek, glad to have some time off, to catch up on stuff, gonna build spidey and alfa to on my time off. Gonna see my Fiona too :X Hehe sitting at work today we here a crash thump, some driver had not been watching what he was doing and mounted the curb outside my works window, he was going fast enough, and mounted it on such an angle that he grazed the trees taking a little bit with him as well as knocking over some of the littler trees, then he stopped down the road and let someone out(I would have wanted out too) it was then I noticed a girl who must have been walking along the curb near where the car had come to a stop she looked rather shaken see it seems the car was dropping off someone to meet her and then walk somewhere, and she saw there stupidity...LOL. They only hit the tree at about 30km/h max but it was still funny... So tired I prolly not making any sense... good night
Peace out all.

-Thursday the 1st of May, 1:27pm OMG haven't posted in a month, bad morgan, bad morgan...Hmm lets see to recap, got my new laptop, I carry it everywhere so no chance of it being stolen, and due to this carrying of it everywhere I have discovered the joys of wardriving, I don't do anything malicious though, I just wanna get what they got shared, LEECH...and if there network be not secure advise them of this. Funny story today, I am at work for my 8th day in a row I am doing 9 total, then I get 5 days off...YAY. But yesterday at work we were advised there maybe some trouble today as there was gonna be a protest outside our building, I work in an office that is part of the University of Wollongong. So 12 o'clock(the scheduled hour of protest) has come and gone, and no protesters, I wanted some food and our vending machine is broke, I ate all my pack lunch :P So I ventured out our locked doors I had my card I went with a mate from work, as we walked passes a group of guards we asked it seems the protestors still hadn't showed, we walked to the heart of the uni, the food court, I got a pack of ham and mustard chips...YUM and a chocolate bar...only three bucks good value...On the way back there were the usual plethora of uni students and we passed a guy on a bike holding a sign reading check the ITC for WMD, now ITC is part of the Building I work in, but WTF is WMD... I joked that it was Weapons of Mass Destruction, then Richard said nah probably something about mustard gas as we had had an air-con fault a few weeks back that had made our office stink, he said they were prolly testing it on us...LOL. Then when we got back to enter the office the security guards recognised us and let us in, one of there number had just rode up and said there still all at the uni-bar, there is only about ten of them. I joked only ten and there stuck at the bar getting drunk...LOL damn uni students...Ah well almost time to log back in and take some stoopid callers...
Peace out All

-Saturday the 8th of March, 10:42am Went to another LAN last sunday, it wasn't bad, I somehow managed to kill a couple of the baddies we were playing against in a comp, even though there skill was unbelievable... I would like to send a big 62gb Thankyou out to Stark too :P Not much going on atm, got a court order for Mr M... my adsl goes down today, bye bye Iinet, will signup for igreen (if there still around) may 20th... Oh yeah today is a special day, not only is international women’s day (peace out ladies), but it is also a special day for a curious website, www.8march2003.com Its a fake but a good one, well we'll see if it is a fake :P Hmm well that’s all from me, siting here talking to stupid customers waiting for 4:05pm...
Peace Out All, and yes I am wearing my little alfoil hat :P

-Thursday the 13th of Febuary, 11:53am Yikes almost a month since last post I naughty... I was gonna post like three or four times in the last month and even wrote most of the post but forgot to submit it... Ahh well. Hmm still haven't been paid by our previous lanlord, when we do as we have already paid Dad back etc, were gonna use it to build Fiona a pc...YAY, late night AOM and BF sessions here we come :P Been playing isketch little bit lately it is heaps fun, sorta like pictionary online. Worked ot on tuesday (geez I am masachistic), and maybe getting an ex-teletechian here working with me, more on that later :) Other than that, been having LAN parties every second week training ourselves (LOL) to be good for Tasty lan well I have also updated my WAP page and updated my dream journal.
Peace out all.

-Thursday the 16th of January, 10:26pm I have become a gamer, no please don't leave... oh well. See it all happened so fast. Besides the award I have linked to above I am not your typical geek rarely have I online multiplayered, I prefer programming web pages surfing and researching stuff on the net. But I went to a lan with the intent of leching a bit(I spoke of this lan earlier) I got there and realised although there was almost a terrabyte of goodness available I only had almost a gigabyte of space available ah well... So I decided stuff it I'll start gaming, all they were playing was CS...yukkk I thought, I hate its pixelated glory, give me Battlefield 1942 anyday. So I connected played killed someone who was top of the board got stoked with myself and became addicted, when I got home I though, well my ISP have there own servers lets go... I played till 2am, went to work the next day game home for a game during lunch...eek I am an addict. You know what is worse though, no only am I thinking about gaming right now, but I am about to go have a game :P Seriously though, it is just something to pass the time while my Fiona is at work and also something to do with the boyz...LOL You may well wonder what all the asterix/stars are for well it is so when I reformat this page to html I can be lazy and just replace all asterix's with line down commands :P Peace out all(even nasty counter terrorists)

-Sunday the 12th of January, 4:55pm.
Been a while since I have posted been busy securing our house and belongings as well as seeing the insurance assessor, only just managed to get this journal up online. The year has got better the, insurance assessor was a nice guy who seems to be trying to get us equivalent stuff back, and better yet on thrusday, we got the Mr M, not the Mr M we thought but anyway... See what happened if you read last years journal was that we were kicked out of our last house due to our scumby landlord not paying his mortgage... so we took him to the rental tribunal (aka sued his ass till next tuesday) we sat down in front of the judge and he called out the names ours went first then this guy we had never seen before put up his hand, saying he was Mr M... WTF? we had met Mr M and his wife an old croation couple... ah well we were led to a meeting room were we were supposed to try and nut things out on our own, he requested to see our receipts we handed them over we argued back and forth, me having to pull on the bit to stop Fiona from trampling this poor guy, then he said "well there isn't much room for negotiation, lets say we make it an even $1200 (we only claimed $1206) we said fine and waited for a JP/mediator to make the official legally binding order which she did. As we waited though we chatted some, all three of us laughing as I am sure the mediator we had heard next door in a different case, and they sounded very male, then the security guard came in and said she(referring to the mediator) will be in a minute. All three of us looked at one another and Fiona said if that’s a she then... all perplexed expecting this man-woman-beast to step in the door at any moment. It ended up that the voice we heard was either the defendant or the plaintiff... it was a she. She formally did it all, filled out the paperwork and we left. On the way out Mr M said "sorry for all this" maybe he wasn't so bad after all. the year is looking up. I went to a LAN party last night, got in a couple good games and leeched some stuff it was very much fun, but not long enough, came home and gamed some online, YAY I am so addicted now... Well sorry bout the long post people if I posted more often this wouldn't happen. I need some encouragement post on my board :P
Peace out all.

-Wednesday the 1st of January, no time. We got broken into last night. Not nice Mr derelict man. Kitt is no longer with us, and Family heirlooms are missing, but we are ok, a little shaken but ok, we'll get through it, and come out better off more prepared and tougher. I know this is a pretty bad post for a first one of the new year but it happens, I know this isn't a sign of things to come. Peace out all.(even to the lowlife who stole from us)

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