Friday, August 01, 2003

Saturday Scrupples...better late than never
Damn I was late this week with saturday scrupples, but pity me I have been sick :(
Almost done this on the next weekend...

1. You're on a committee to award a $100,000 prize. One of the two front runners is a former childhood friend whose career has eclipsed yours. Do you steer the prize to the other candidate?

No way, this is just mean, I have sorta been placed in this position though not with this amount of money, and I think I judged fairly.

2. Your marriage is under strain. A friend recommends an illegal drug that expands your love, understanding and sensuality. Do you try it?

Depends on who the friend is, what the drug is and how much research I have done on it before; but if there is minimal risk then yeah, probably I would do anything to save my marriage.

3. A friend gets drunk and confides that a month ago he injured a cyclist and didn't stop. Do you report your friend?

No, this reminds me of a comedian I once saw; "a friend is someone who'll help you move house, a good friend is someone who will help you move a body". I would try and convince them to give themselves up, but there is no way I would rat on them, I wouldn't be their alibi either though.

Well there is a little splash into my psyche, I am sick at the moment and at work, so it can't be fully trusted :P
Peace out all.

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