Saturday, August 02, 2003

Its time for a Weekly Website
Haven't done one of these in a while been busy with tafe and what not...
SO we go a supposedly very popular blog.

Spiel: Well the domain is as you have probably seen, it is about one guys quest to get laid.

Favourite Quote: "The last four days have been completely uneventful. My brother thinks I'm gay. I told him I'm just unattractive..."

My Thoughts: Interesting website, besides from his slight sexism, even though he defends this, and his constant whinging about wanting to get money donated to his paypal account, I think the site is rather funny in a tragic kind of way. I made a funny joke to Fiona that on his website he wanted people to send in photos of ugly guys with their beautiful girlfriends, I send I should send in a photo of us...she paused then scolded me saying I am beautiful...ah love is blind.

Conclusion: I wish this guy luck it sounds like a tragic tale one that maybe made up but still, intriguing way in this day and age to get a date.

I may have to make another post later today for Saturday scruples, well back to work...
Peace out all.

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