Saturday, August 09, 2003

Saturday Scruples
Yes It's time for a late saturday scuples...
Yes I know I did these almost at the time the new ones will be coming out but they didn't come out last week till late so I missed them...ah well.

1. You want a job that requires experience you don't have. Do you lie on you resume?

Maybe...depends on wether if I don't have the experience they require I can do the job that is advertised. For example my current position required I have experience with mobile connectivity, I had done it once or twice on my own, but never supported it, I said I had to get the job, I got it and it ended up the experience I lied about was pointless.

2. It's late and your 18-year-old asks permission for his/her steady to spend the night in his/her room. Do you permit it?

Yes. Simple it is there life, and they are definitely old enough to make there own decisions, I would rather them do it in my house that have to sneak around behind my back and get caught in the backseat of a car or something.

3. You've been looking for a disc player. On the street someone offers to sell you a new one for $10. Do you buy it?

Depends, if it looks obviously stolen, no way. But if it doesn't and it all looks legit and they just say they need the money I would probably give them 20 for it, depending...

On to a bit of a post...I am posting this in Mozilla, I have been trying this browser for a while and now that it is getting as quick as it used to claim it is worth it, very nice, having less windows seemingly open well as pop-up blocking built in. I have also left the M$ curse and moved from outlook express to Mozillas Thunderbird, another quick little app with built in spam filtering etc, very nice. Now I have to work out how to import my old folders and address book across.
Been reading the new Harry Potter book, to anyone who has a sane mind in there head I would recommend it highly it is a great and suspenseful read, very gripping.
Oh well enough blabber I have a call.
Peace out all.

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