Thursday, August 21, 2003

Da plane Da plane
I don't know why I got excited seeing a helicopter parked near my work I just did, but I did think it would be a cool post. I don't know what kind of chopper it is, I am sure my cousin Nathan will tell me though...It looked like from a distance that the rear rotor blades where plastic, of course there not, it also looked close up as though the landing gear was dodgy...well onto the photos.

A side on shot.

A front angle shot.

The crappy landing gear can be seen throughout, looks like it would fall forward given a decent nudge.
Sorry about the pictures they were taken with a 7650 I borrowed from work...

Oh and a weekly website sent to me by Zlatko;click here

Spiel: "It's so delightfully different, they come from miles around just to look inside"

Favourite Quote: "Ever seen a video where a panda morphs into a sofa? Right here we have the absolute middle frame of that animation sequence."

My Thoughts: My eyes, my eyes they are bleeding...LOL.. funny funny stuff from a different era, what is even funnier is I have seen this kind of architecture at other hotel/motels, and my grandparents place...LOL

Conclusion: Damn I still haven't finsihed there tour, guess it will take time...

There seems to have been no saturdayscruples on there website last week grrr...some people have expressed regret at this to me be patient. There should be one this sunday....hopefully.

Thats enough from me going now to have fun and prepare for LANage tomorrow night...
Peace out all

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