Wednesday, July 23, 2003

You know it is bad when
You know it is bad when you start a class and the first words out of a teachers mouth are "Have any of you not touched a computer before" I was stunned...for you see I am starting a part time Network Engineering course at Tafe(sorta community college) and well I would expect people who are doing said course to be well into pc's in a big way, turns out most are...
At least tonight she the teacher was more apathetic to our abilities saying she would fix it next week so we could move at our own pace...
But the other nights teacher was too busy espousing the virtues of office, geez what does she work for MicroSoft...well she did say she worked on a helpdesk maybe microsoft...see she was saying that MS office was good felt like espousing open offices auto complete but anyway... and she ended this little diatribe with and in august office 2003 comes out and I recommend you should buy it WTF? Did I walk on to the set of an infomercial...ah well...LOL
Oh yeah check out this link; good that they have finally done it but I don't think it is going to work because of a few little things on there help page: If I lose the song, can I download it again?
Once a song is on your computer, it is your responsibility. If your computer is lost or damaged, is not obligated to replace your music after it has been downloaded.

Umm exsqueeze me, what happens if I format the pc I have downloaded it on, then the song will no longer work and sucks to be me I have to buy it again, and if you agree with Microsoft you should be formatting and reinstalling every 6months, this means constant re-purchases... sorry but that ain't gonna work... and funnily although they are pushing MS's wma standard the site plays an mp3 when it starts up...LOL

Can I buy music from outside the United States?
No. Due to licensing restrictions, content is available only to residents of the United States.

Heheh another example of international ending at the USA's borders...not everyone is american people, actually most of us aren't there are more chineese and inidans..get over yourselves.

Ah well maybe after this does nothing to stem the tide of illegal music then they may actually release a version that is usable...
Peace out all, even you money hungry RIAA people.

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