Thursday, July 03, 2003

Found something funny today, using this to test out google toolbar beta 2.0's blog this link button.
But check out the google anomaly I found, read what it says in did you mean, then click there and read in did you mean again, weird it keeps going too...
Google Search: merlin
I found this while trying to search for a device I had never heard of. A newton message pad(wtf), even though he had said it was a Merlin Newton Message board?? well I found out the newton message board was actually made by apple way back when there foray into the PDA market, it is a hunk of junk, and the best bit I don't support it...YAY.
Well thus ends the first real post for the new journal, I can do it from any web browser that has the google toolbar 2.0 beta installed, or from any web browser by going to Sweet.
Peace out all.

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