Friday, July 18, 2003

Someone actually took effort...on me
My site was "hacked" this morning...funky... Fiona doesn't think so but anyway it was "hacked" for a matter of two hours, by "hacked" I mean someone where I work, who will remain nameless logged into the webserver where this page is and changed the picture that you see up the top some of you may know this has been my signature picture of this website for 4 years now, anyway all they did was replace it with a silly remake of the picture which they had changed into an animated gif, with sick flashing 1337...But seriously I think it is flattering that they spent there time to make the picture and then further time to put it up...heheh I'll post there artistic skills when I can get the image from work.
Ah well onto other security issues, I suggest you go here and select probe my ports to see if you have any vulnerabilities that need fixing, you probably do...
Microsoft with the help of a hacker group(is there anything hackers can't do) discovered a bug in every version of windows bar the 9x series I suggest you gohere and get the fix.
Well enough of this good samaritinism, Fiona has become a gamer and is beaconing me to play quake3...
Peace Out all, especially you good little hackers.

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