Saturday, July 12, 2003

YAY, actually did Saturday Scruples on saturday...yikes. Well better late than never, damn it I wasn't first though...anyway here goes.

1."Angry neighbours are beating up a man they caught sexually assaulting a girl. Do you try to stop them?

Eww this is a hard one, I would want to probably join in kicking this SOB's arse, but then again, we do have laws that should be followed, I'd get some rope and tie his arse to a tree and tell the neighbours that none of us saw how he got hurt, but that we tied him after we caught him, then we call the cops so he can go to jail and make friends with a big guy named bubba...of course if he got off scot free due to expensive lawyers etc, I would inform the angry mob of this for a little karmic realignment :P

2. Your current sweetheart confesses that s/he financed college by working as a prostitute. Do you end the relationship?

Hmm if she told me at this point in time I would be really heartbroke that I wasn't told sooner and I would be mad, but no I wouldn't end the relationship.

3. Your 12-year-old son asks you to rent a PLAYBOY video for him. Do you?"

Hmm tough one, I would probably say no as what would his mum think if she saw him watching that(heheh shift the blame), but seriously there is a time and place and he would not really be old enough I don't think.

Well that is enough from me I think, some pretty tough questions this week I like.
Peace out all.

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