Thursday, January 29, 2004

Must post...Must possst

I sit here at work bored and playing a game of get the wad of paper in the bin with Gavin and I look over and there is Fiona writing a post... I can't be left behind.

Who said competition is a bad thing

So yeah were competing somewhat in our post.. well sort of. She is checking out hits to my site, and checking out hits to hers. All the while our PC's are running folding at home. I am winning btw :P
Here are her stats. As you can see she is close on my heals despite me running it on R2D2 the web server that is a dual 1.3ghz and on spidey the same pc as her Alfa, and i am running it on Kittmk2 a 2ghz celeron... so yeah it is a little unfair... I am going to switch over KittMk2 to her login, and probably if stu ever gets up and running it will be running on her login 24/7 so that should even it up a bit...
Get into folding people it is for a good cause just have it running so when your PC instead of your PC sitting there doing nothing it can do some good. I don't agree with people who build specific folding boxes and have a tumultuit amount of pc's all setup and on making they're power bill astronomical all in the name of folding, that's just silly...
Peace out all it is home time.
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