Thursday, January 01, 2004

Happy new year
There are some changes going on around here, a new year and some changes being made.
You may remember a while back I said I read an old article saying how frames are bad and how I said that I used to think the same thing well after finding out most bots that find sites can't read frames, and that older browsers can't and that they take longer to render for the computer that is looking at it and well can just make things look nasty I have taken the time to remove them at the moment there maybe some downtime while other parts of this page are updated to conform :P
On another note my company is up and running with its own website, not much there yet been too busy, have a look
Oh yeah went and saw Return of The King at "La Premier" Yesterday, movie was awesome, La Premier was ok... popcorn, drink machine and toilets should have all been closer though and the seats weren't uber comfortable, next time definitely going to Greater union gold class.
Anyway bed time now before it is the 2nd...
Peace out all.
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