Thursday, January 22, 2004

Sorry this post would have come sooner/been better had a customer not wanted to get some dodgy site that crashed my ie :(

Notice anything wrong in the previous post's picture

The thing wrong which well I found funny was the little R with the star in the top right those of you who are addicted will know this as Rockstar, the esteemed creators of Grand Theft Auto... A game where you drive round the city running over pedestrians and completing crime jobs... rather funny really that a site that gives you directions and a map on where to find your quarry. heheh.
Oooh onto the rest of the post.

Geek Section

So I was reading through some sites today, not feeling to well at work, and peeling (I got badly sun-burnt on the weekend). I was reminiscing my old wardriving days, Anyway I eventually came upon this site. Of course I have been doing this for a while, all geeks say that when something comes into fashion in our world, but it is true: a post ages ago I spoke about doing it at cebits while eating lunch. My idea was though slightly differently I only attempted to pair with peoples bluetooth devices from afar, really ineffectual. Now these guys, they send an inflammatory contact because you see you can send some things via Bluetooth without paring, such as my contact that I sent to one Nokia 6310 today; Name: Bluejacked by a SE
Mobile: 1337
email: blah@domain deleted to stop spam
Goddamn I am lame, but it was fun... Maybe going to see underworld tonight with my mates ew fun more in cinema opportunities to Bluejack...YAY
Of course after i sent the business card to the victim I saw him, he saw me I ran away like a frightened school girl... that and my break was up...(oh yeah and simpler minds watch on :P). PS I so gotta get me a camera phone with BT now :)
Peace out all.
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